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Food and climate change

Changing weather patterns and higher temperatures threaten food production around the world, particularly in the poorest countries that have fewest resources to adapt. But a range of innovations could help, including changes in farming practices, use of more resilient crops, water harvesting and early warning systems

Coronavirus shocks to fuel years of unrest and hunger Sonia Elks
Thousands of edible plants could feed us on a hotter planet Thin Lei Win
As coronavirus steals jobs, urban Kenyans look to rural families Caroline Wambui
India's women harvest new social status from climate-smart farming Roli Srivastava
Swimming in tomatoes, Kenyan farmers count cost of COVID Caroline Wambui
Silver lining in the health crisis? Less food waste Thin Lei Win
Future shock: COVID-19 shows need to prep for climate threats Laurie Goering
Climate threats now dominate long-term risks, survey finds Laurie Goering
Guatemala's children bear brunt of prolonged drought, rising heat Anastasia Moloney
Enough food, fewer climate threats: scientists cook up land recipe Megan Rowling
UK seed vault banks on wild crops to feed a warming world Kim Harrisberg
Simultaneous heatwaves could batter food-growing countries Thin Lei Win
Idris Elba launches UN coronavirus fund for poor farmers Megan Rowling
'Perfect storm' awaits food production if emissions surge Thin Lei Win
Moroccan scientist hunts for new plants for warming Middle East Thin Lei Win
UK university bans beef to combat 'climate emergency' Lin Taylor
'Banana on steroids': life saver for warming world Emma Batha
Vegetarian diets not always most climate-friendly: study Thin Lei Win
U.S. lawmakers tuck into juicy debate over meat substitutes Sebastien Malo
Arctic seed vault faces 'unprecedented' agricultural challenges Thin Lei Win
Future of food under 'severe threat' as species disappear Lin Taylor
'Community' refrigerators aim to freeze out food waste Shannon Larson
'Creeping silent crisis' seen menacing world's crops Thin Lei Win
Extreme weather, more people drive Pakistan toward a wheat crisis Imran Mukhtar
As drought stokes urban hunger, Ethiopia serves free school meals Dagim Terefe
Drought-hit Kenyan herders fire up a hot new crop: chilli peppers Caroline Wambui
Falling coffee prices mean falling forests - US coffee czar Sebastien Malo
Warming oceans could scupper marine food system - scientists Thin Lei Win
Hunger stalks Asia's booming cities - UN Rina Chandran
As millions go hungry, India eyes ways to stop wasting food Uzmi Athar
Climate change and protectionism could harm efforts to feed world Thin Lei Win
With urban grit and pink lights, London warehouse farms greens Lin Taylor
UK heatwave will hit food supplies, could worsen Brexit disruption Reuters
Ocean farmer hatches "nail salon of sea" plan to grow food cheaply Sophie Hares
Combatting climate change and malnutrition: a two-pronged solution Bev Postma
U.S. faces big crop losses if temperatures keep rising -scientists Alex Whiting
In threat to food security, Bangladesh to burn grain for fuel Syful Islam
Molson Coors steps up climate fight, even as heat drives thirst Reuters
As farmers pump more groundwater for crops, food prices risk surge J.D. Capelouto
East Africa food prices reach record levels due to drought - U.N. Magdalena Mis
Erratic rains, rising costs trigger crisis for "champagne of teas" Athar Parvaiz
U.N. tool uses satellite data to help farmers save water Umberto Bacchi
In Britain, chefs stir up food waste revolution in the kitchen Umberto Bacchi
Small farmers can overcome climate change - Zimbabwe farmer Alex Whiting
As fruit trees fall, a hunger threat looms in Kenya Caroline Wambui
Droughts wipe out enough to feed 81 mln people - World Bank Alex Whiting
Swap maize for millet? Zimbabwe's farmers just say no Marko Phiri
Hidden data: the new weapon that could beat hunger Laurie Goering
As Asia's rice crop shrivels, food security fears resurface Reuters
Failed spring rains worsen Ethiopia drought, malnutrition spreads Katy Migiro
As migration distracts donors, food security suffers - crop expert Laurie Goering
To climate-proof our food supply, go where the wild things are Geoff Hawtin, CIAT/Royal Botanic Gardens
A vegetarian world would be healthier, cooler and richer Megan Rowling
Time short to protect Africa's food supply from climate change Megan Rowling
Climate impact predicted to cause 500,000 extra deaths in 2050 Magdalena Mis
Hunger looms over Ethiopia as El Nino drives drought Magda Mis
Bug-tasting creates a buzz around low-carbon eating Laurie Goering
Extreme weather poses growing threat to food security: FAO Reuters
Famine forecasts on a smartphone? There's an app for that Magda Mis
Zimbabwe harvests shrivel as rains, government farm support dry up Marko Phiri
Climate pressures threaten political stability - security experts Laurie Goering
Investors could pour billions into farm, forest protection Laurie Goering
Food wastage an 'enormous' global concern, G20 says Reuters
Food diversity under siege from global warming, UN says Thomson Reuters Foundation
Humans push planet beyond boundaries towards "danger zone"- study Chris Arsenault
Wheat yields to fall more than expected in warmer world Reuters
Climate change could cut world food output 18 percent by 2050 Chris Arsenault
Eat less meat, dairy to slow climate change, study says Chris Arsenault
St. Lucia's fishermen peg hopes on common fisheries policy Alison Kentish
Climate change a "threat multiplier" for farming-dependent states Chris Arsenault
INTERVIEW-Ghana's success in hunger fight can help others Chris Arsenault
A food system fit for the future? Marc Van Ameringen, Executive Director, GAIN
Hunger is falling, but climate and conflict threaten progress Chris Arsenault
Our planet is changing, and so must our food system Paul Polman and Marc Van Ameringen
As wheat yields fall in Kenya, farmers turn to beans Kagondu Njagi
'Peak soil' threatens future global food security Reuters
Can Kenya tap its water to double its maize? Isaiah Esipisu
World food security at risk as variety of crops shrinks Samuel Mintz
Climate change already reducing food security - experts Samuel Mintz
Climate change to disrupt food supplies - UN draft Reuters
Scale up successes to eliminate hunger by 2025 - expert Sam Mintz
Dozens of Pakistani children die in drought-stricken region Reuters
World unprepared for climate damage to food security - Oxfam Megan Rowling
Climate change to leave India hot and hungry Vanita Suneja and Parvinder Singh, Oxfam India
Oxfam urges top food brands to cut supply-chain emissions Megan Rowling
Record low wheat output expected in Syria as drought looms Reuters
Is more hunger and malnutrition inevitable? Not necessarily Frank Rijsberman, CEO, CGIAR
Food prices soar in Cameroon's cities as water runs short Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Population, climate pressures imperil Solomon Islands' fish Catherine Wilson
World food security at risk as crop yields plateau Jake Lucas
Acid oceans will cut food and jobs for poor - scientists Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Zimbabwe explores non-GM biotech to boost food security Busani Bafana
Zimbabwe launches overdue plan to assist drought-hit farmers Marko Phiri
Climate change worsens urban hunger, new policies needed - IIED Megan Rowling
Freak frost pushes Nepalese farmers to insure crops Saleem Shaikh
Water-efficient maize boosts harvests for drought-hit Tanzanian ... Kizito Makoye
Hunger drives acceptance of new staples in Malawi Karen Sanje
Food processing curbs climate losses for Cameroon's women farmers Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Nepali farmers abandon rice as monsoon shifts Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Mali's farmers face uneven rainfall, rising food costs Soumaila T. Diarra
Mali farmers adopt short-season crop as rainfall shifts Soumaila T Diarra
Malian farmers abandon pearl millet as rainy season shortens Soumaila T. Diarra
Drought-tolerant rice variety to help farmers in northern ... Syful Islam
Kenyan farmers use SMS to beat climate-driven price uncertainty Isaiah Esipisu
Resistant seed helps Mali farmers battling climate change Soumaila T. Diarra
Hunger stalks villagers in drought-hit west India Nita Bhalla
Looking for clues to navigate climate uncertainty Georgina Smith, CIAT
Weather forecasting helps Mali farmers adapt to climate change Soumaila T. Diarra
Traditional crops can end hunger in Kenya Katy Migiro
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