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Food security and climate change

As the world's population grows and climate change takes hold, the continued availability of affordable and nutritious food is becoming more uncertain. What can be done to reduce the risks and hold the line on hunger?

Extreme weather, more people drive Pakistan toward a wheat crisis Imran Mukhtar
Guatemala's children bear brunt of prolonged drought, rising heat Anastasia Moloney
Climate, COVID-19 and conflict drive 'alarming' rise in aid need Anastasia Moloney
'Food shocks' increasing in frequency over last five decades Kate Ryan
'Perfect storm' awaits food production if emissions surge Thin Lei Win
'Banana on steroids': life saver for warming world Emma Batha
Future of food under 'severe threat' as species disappear Lin Taylor
Foreign ministers flag climate change as major spark for conflicts Laurie Goering
Revamp hunger aid, urges risk chief for Nobel-winning food agency Laurie Goering
Warming oceans could scupper marine food system - scientists Thin Lei Win
Hunger stalks Asia's booming cities - UN Rina Chandran
As farmers pump more groundwater for crops, food prices risk surge J.D. Capelouto
U.S. faces big crop losses if temperatures keep rising -scientists Alex Whiting
Time short to protect Africa's food supply from climate change Megan Rowling
As migration distracts donors, food security suffers - crop expert Laurie Goering
Boko Haram violence, climate change drive hunger in north Cameroon Mbom Sixtus
Hidden data: the new weapon that could beat hunger Laurie Goering
Displaced by worst Afghan drought in years fear harsh winter Reuters
Climate change pushes fish toward poles, threatening food source Chris Arsenault
Zimbabwe reopens produce markets after farmer protests Farai Shawn Matiashe
Swap maize for millet? Zimbabwe's farmers just say no Marko Phiri
Rain or shine, grain banks help Kenyan farmers beat trade cartels Kagondu Njagi
Is cassava the key to tomorrow’s food security? Georgina Smith
Coronavirus shocks to fuel years of unrest and hunger Sonia Elks
Climate-smart vegetables keep Kashmir fed in coronavirus crisis Athar Parvaiz
Rapid groundwater depletion threatens Pakistan food security Aamir Saeed
Future shock: COVID-19 shows need to prep for climate threats Laurie Goering
Climate shifts threaten Pakistan's food and water security: report Waqar Mustafa
Food diversity under siege from global warming, UN says Thomson Reuters Foundation
Underground and on rooftops, farms set roots in big cities Shyamantha Asokan
More than 40 pct of China's arable land degraded - Xinhua Reuters
Gates Foundation refutes report it fails African farmers Karrie Kehoe
Africa's richest man targets Nigeria's rice deficit Reuters
INTERVIEW-Ghana's success in hunger fight can help others Chris Arsenault
Indonesia's new president targets food sustainability within 4 yrs Reuters
How do we feed the global family in the age of climate change? Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations & Thomson Reuters Foundation
A food system fit for the future? Marc Van Ameringen, Executive Director, GAIN
Burundi, Eritrea, East Timor top global hunger index Kieran Guilbert
How can we sustainably feed 9 billion people by 2050? Kenneth M. Quinn, World Food Prize, and Jonathan Wadsworth, CGIAR
Food crisis looms as Ebola rampages through West Africa Chris Arsenault and Misha Hussain
Food versus fuel in U.S. renewable energy showdown Chris Arsenault
Middle East conflicts threaten crop ancestors key to food security Megan Rowling
Central America braces for drought-linked food crisis Anastasia Moloney
Improved food systems could feed 3 billion more people: study Megan Rowling
An apple a day bodes ill for food security in Kashmir Athar Parvaiz
Climate change already reducing food security - experts Samuel Mintz
Global warming threatens India's economy, food security-IPCC Nita Bhalla
World unprepared for climate damage to food security - Oxfam Megan Rowling
World food security at risk as variety of crops shrinks Samuel Mintz
Zimbabwe explores non-GM biotech to boost food security Busani Bafana
Population, climate pressures imperil Solomon Islands' fish Catherine Wilson
World food security at risk as crop yields plateau Jake Lucas
Concerns growing over worsening food security in Sri Lanka Amantha Perera
Women and girls are key to ensuring food security - report Alisa Tang
Food security weakening "on a scale we haven't seen" Laurie Goering
Malians tune in for food security news Soumaila T. Diarra
Telling family farming fairy tales GRAIN
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