Property Rights news

UN charts new territory with project to track all Myanmar's forest
How many children are victims of child labour worldwide?
U.N. warns coronavirus may push millions of children into labor
Australia debates risks of logging fire-damaged forests
From a Romanian castle to a planetarium, unlikely quarantine sites
Logging and climate shifts slash forest carbon storage
Merkel bemoans lack of rain as Germany fears for its forests
Fears of farmers, herders in Somaliland as a plague looms
Looser rules on Indonesia timber exports spark forest fears
Nestle to plant 3 million trees in Mexico, Brazil to offset carbon
Rainforest role as climate protector shrinks on hotter planet
Canada and indigenous group reach tentative deal
Apache tribe marches to protect sacred Arizona site from mine
Indigenous leader killed in Costa Rica, second in a year
PepsiCo adopts stricter, greener rules for palm oil in products
Quake in Turkey-Iran border region kills 9, injures more than 100
New Mexico AG sues Google for collecting school kids' data
Netanyahu announces plans for 3,000 new settler homes
'Feels like prison': Palestinian family cut off by Israeli barrier
Money trees: U.S. cities find new ways of valuing urban forests
Google plans to move UK users' accounts outside EU jurisdiction
Irish regulator readies draft decisions in big tech privacy probes
California to make state buildings available to house homeless
Austrian privacy activist Schrems files complaint against Amazon
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