Improving Afghan children's education

Source: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 14:15 PM
Author: Marco Niada
hum-aid wom-rig hum-peo hum-rig hum-aid
  • Arghosha, our first school: one mile north of the school a clinic has been built by New Zealand Government two years ago

  • After 9 years the school is still well maintained. The class (grad 4) is packed. The pupils have walked up to 2 hours to attend the lessons at 9am

  • Ghorab valley: villagers and authorities gather to the ceremony of laying down the first stone of a new school. Many pupils are forced to study under the tents (in the background)

  • A view of Bamiyan Village from the top of the small Buddha: agriculture is improving and there are plenty of new constructions

  • The Author in Bamiyan, town centre of the Buddha Valley> On the background what is left today of the gigantic statues of the Buddhas, a masterpiece of Gandhara art (V-VI Century AD) destroyed (dynamited and bombarded) by the Taliban in March 2001