Norway funds WHO with US${esc.dollar} 1.4 million to bring medical supplies into Libya

by World Health Organisation | World Health Organisation
Thursday, 31 March 2011 14:54 GMT

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31 March 2011 | Geneva, Oslo - The Government of Norway decided to provide emergency funding in order to ensure urgently required medical supplies reach the vulnerable population in Libya.

WHO, in coordination with other UN agencies and partners, will use US${esc.dollar} 1.4 million to purchase and to transport medical supplies as well as water and sanitation material to critical locations inside Libya.

'The medical supply chain is interrupted and we know that supplies for medical facilities need to be replenished sooner rather than later. Supplies that WHO had earlier donated to medical facilities in the Benghazi sector have all been used' said Jules Pieters of WHO's Health Action in Crises team.

The supplies will be pre-positioned at the Libyan borders with both Egypt and Tunisia. WHO's logistics staff on site will ensure the proper handling and distribution of the supplies inside Libya as soon as access is established.

Basic medical and surgical kits, blood transfusion bags, tents for mobile clinics and water and sanitation equipment will be included in the material provided.

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