Syrian forces, rebels battle for strategic border town

by Reuters

Under fire in Syria where rebels say government forces have launched an offensive to capture Qusair, which is strategically located on a weapons smuggling route between Homs and Lebanon.

Rebels took up several positions around a checkpoint recently commandeered by the army, each taking turns (shooting) at the outpost, according to this latest video posted to a social media website who content Reuters cannot indepedently verify. They say they've been on the move constantly here --- searching to exploit any weakness in the perimeter President Bashar al Assad's forces have set up to cut the town off.

This is some of the damage rebels claim the military, who are fighting alongside Hezbollah guerillas, have caused. To ease some of the pressure on their fellow opposition members fighting here,--- rebels have launched an attack on Rastan which they hope will compell President Bashar al Assad's forces to fight on two key fronts in the same area. And as they regrouped from another attack, one rebel vowed, "Despite the shelling and destruction, we are coming to get you Bashar."