Peru to host 2014 U.N. climate meeting

by Ben Garside, Reuters Point Carbon | Reuters
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 16:30 GMT

LONDON, June 11 (Reuters Point Carbon) – The South American nation of Peru will host next year’s annual U.N. climate meeting, United Nations envoys said Tuesday.

Under the United Nation’s rotating policy, a nation from Latin America is scheduled to host the 2014 talks.

The talks will be one of the last formal gatherings of more than 150 energy and environment ministers before the 2015 Paris summit, where ministers and leaders are expected to sign a global climate deal to succeed the current patchwork of legal and voluntary pledges to cut emissions of heat trapping gases.

“We agreed that Peru would host the next COP and Venezuela would host the ministerial meeting prior to the COP,” said Claudia Salerno, Venezuela’s chief U.N. envoy at a press conference in Bonn, Germany.

Peru and Venezuela had both initially bid to host the meeting, officially known as the Conference of the Parties, Meeting of the Parties (COP/CMP).

Venezuela will now host a "social gathering" of ministers before the summit.

The U.N. meetings, which have occurred for the past 20 years, have come under fire over the past five years for making very little progress in cutting emissions of greenhouse gases that most scientists blame for warming the planet.

Often taking place in tourist destinations such as Bali in Indonesia, Cancun in Mexico and Durban in South Africa, the talks attract tens of thousands of government officials, campaign groups, business lobbyists and media.

Global emissions of carbon dioxide hit a record high last year, according to the International Energy Agency.

By Ben Garside, writing by Andrew Allan

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