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Thomson Reuters Foundation Appoints Tim Large as Director of Programme for the Training of Journalists and Media Professionals

by Thomson Reuters Foundation
Thursday, 1 May 2014 15:18 GMT

LONDON (1 May 2014)—Monique Villa, CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, today named award-winning journalist Tim Large as the new director of the Foundation’s programme for the training of journalists and media professionals.

As former Editor-in-Chief of the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global news service, Tim Large brings to the new post two decades of experience as a journalist, reporting from numerous countries and managing a global team of 27 staff journalists and a network of over 100 stringers worldwide. Large has led journalism training courses all over the world, including in China, Vietnam, Kenya, India, Portugal, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Bhutan.

“Over the past six years, Tim Large has been instrumental in shaping the editorial coverage of the Foundation, looking into those often under reported stories which are still extremely important. His journalistic integrity and passion are reflected in the quality of the news produced by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and by the growing size and scope of the editorial team. I’m confident Tim will bring the same passion and his valuable know-how to drive our training programme into new fields,” said Villa.

As Editor-in-Chief of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Tim Large has been responsible for the Foundation's global news services covering the world’s under reported stories, including women rights, anti-corruption and the human impact of climate change. In 2010, Large led the creation of the Foundation’s Emergency Information Service for disaster-affected populations, which first deployed immediately after the devastating Haiti earthquake to provide life-saving information in local languages to those affected by the catastrophe. For the past two years, Large has also been in charge of the editorial content for the annual Trust Women Conference, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s global event dedicated to putting the rule of law behind women's rights through concrete action.

“For over 30 years, the Foundation has promoted the highest standards of journalism worldwide. From training more than 12,000 local reporters to setting up independent news agencies in Iraq, Egypt and Zimbabwe, it has put core Reuters values of speed, accuracy and impartiality at the heart of its programmes. That's an amazing legacy to build on, and I'm excited about taking things to the next level at this critical time for the news industry,” said Tim Large.

In his new capacity, Tim Large will drive the programme’s strategic initiatives to enhance journalism excellence around the world through the training of journalists, and the creation of news platforms to support and promote independent media. Under the leadership of Large, the programme will also increase the capacity currently dedicated to providing media communications training for corporations and other international organisations. Large will also provide strategic direction for the Foundation’s news platforms around the world, including Aswat Masriya, the Foundation’s Arabic and English news service in Egypt, and the Source, a website providing business and economic news from Zimbabwe.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation’s training programmes for journalists are currently available in seven languages and across 112 countries.

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