VIDEO: Missing: The forgotten women in India’s climate plans


With a rapidly changing climate that is already having massive impacts on Indian people’s daily lives, the absence of policies and plans supporting millions of working women in their ability to deal with these new challenges needs to be addressed. Representing over half the workforce in farming, fishing and forest harvesting, Indian women have an essential role to play in climate adaptation and planning. Granting women greater access to ownership and representation, and giving them a voice to describe their situation and needs to policymakers, will help all Indians diminish their vulnerabilities in the face of climate change.

This new film directed by Krishnendu Bose and commissioned by CDKN, follows rural Indian women in their daily fight against climate change impacts. It shows how resourceful these women are in a context of high constraints and poverty. Supporting their local initiatives with adequate policies and laws could be a significant game changer in the way India manages to tackle climate change. ‘Missing' intends to convince policymakers of what can be achieved, were women to become integrated in climate change planning.