ACT Alliance Alert: Cyclone & floods threaten Tamil Nadu, India

by Elisabeth Gouel | | ACT Alliance - Switzerland
Monday, 9 November 2015 12:53 GMT

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Cyclone & floods threaten Tamil Nadu

Geneva, 9 November 2015

1.    Brief description of the emergency and impact

A depression forming over the Bay of Bengal, about 460 kilometres south east of Chennai, shows signs of developing into a strong cyclone by Monday evening (9 November 2015).  Heavy rains and winds on Sunday (8 November) caused the collapse of a two storey building under construction in Chennai, killing two young men.  Heavy rain and strong winds have been predicted for the next few days in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu.  

Roads are flooded, trees have been uprooted and electricity supplies in some areas have been cut.  The state Government has closed schools and colleges in Chennai, Kanchepuram and Tiruvallur districts on Monday (9 November 2015). The slum dwellers in Chennai and rural areas with thatched huts are the most severely affected by the heavy rains and wind.  Many have been unable to work since Sunday and most depend on their daily wage for survival.  

2.    Why is an ACT response needed?

Due to the heavy rains and flooding the employment situation is rapidly deteriorating, prices of food are rising drastically and homes have already been damaged by the flood water.  Many of the most vulnerable are living in unauthorised slums and in remote villages.  The civil and municipal administration will not provide relief items to unauthorized slum dwellers, hence they need assistance through other means.  ACT India members United Evangelical Church in India (UELCI) and Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) are operational in the areas and have been involved in past relief and rehabilitation work and hence are known and trusted by the communities.   

3.    National and international response

The district and municipal corporation civil administration along with emergency services are on the alert and assessing the situation for emergency rescue and provision of food.  

4.    ACT Alliance response

ACT India Forum members, UELCI and CASA are currently monitoring the situation in their operational areas.  The field staff are assessing the needs and should an intervention be necessary, will request an RRF or a Preliminary Appeal.  

5.    Planned activities

Currently, the needs are food (rice, dhal, cooking oil, salt, chilly powder, turmeric powder etc.) and non-food items such as clothes and daily household items.

6.    Constraints

Proper communication and transportation are the main challenges while organizing the relief programs in the affected areas.

Any funding indication or pledge should be communicated to the Head of Finance and Administration, Line Hempel (