Child Marriage

Tanzania launches crackdown on child marriage with 30-yr jail term Kizito Makoye
Mozambique launches national plan to end child marriage Emma Batha
Zimbabwe court bans child marriage Emma Batha
Disasters lead to "dramatic" increase in child marriages - group Magda Mis
Sex camps, ceremonies prepare girls to marry in Zambia, Mozambiqe Emma Batha
Boko Haram crisis could fuel rise in child marriages - activists Emma Batha
Child marriage a form of slavery, says AU goodwill ambassador Thomson Reuters Foundation
Morocco's Islamic women preachers lead social revolution Emma Batha
Child marriages, trafficking will soar after Nepal quake - charity Emma Batha
Malawi's forced sex camps hurt girls as much as child marriage Astrid Zweynert
Fight to end child marriage must be scaled up - experts Lisa Anderson
Malawi bans child marriage, lifts minimum age to 18 Emma Batha
UK urges world to end “preventable evils” of FGM, child marriage Emma Batha
Want to end child marriage? Educate girls, Malala says Emma Batha
Zambia chieftainess stands up against old custom of child marriage Magda Mis
Kenya teenage sex plight: school dropout, no condoms, poverty Katy Migiro
Child marriage could increase as youth population grows Maria Caspani
Child brides abducted, raped, married to appease gods, settle debt Katy Migiro
Child marriage rising among Syrian refugees in Jordan – UNICEF Magda Mis
What links hyenas, shaved heads and child marriage in Malawi? Emma Batha
UK outlaws 'cruel, unacceptable' forced marriage Katie Nguyen
Pakistan province passes law against child marriage - report Nita Bhalla
Pakistan lawmaker wants higher penalties for child marriage Reuters
Malawi: From child bride to sex worker Katy Migiro
Polls, polygamy derail Malawi’s plans to end child marriage Katy Migiro
UK urges world to tackle child marriage in same way as FGM Emma Batha
INTERVIEW: Yemen minister pushes for child marriage ban Emma Batha
World must make ending child marriage a priority – report Emma Batha
Mauritania must ban force feeding of child brides - report Emma Batha
How to keep a girl from skipping school,marrying?Give her a toilet Magdalena Mis
Tanzania: Father charged with marrying off underage daughter Kizito Makoye
Indian girl kills baby after secret birth in hostel -report Nita Bhalla
Sudan worst in Africa with legal marriage at age 10 Katy Migiro
Culture of impunity surrounds South Asia's child marriages Nita Bhalla
Yemen must ban child marriage in new constitution - HRW Emma Batha
Iranian judges are sanctioning child rape - activists Emma Batha
World told to focus on younger girls to end teen pregnancies Maria Caspani and Anastasia Moloney
New Tanzanian constitution may ban child marriage Kizito Makoye
Pregnant at 13, Tanzania's child mothers Emma Batha
ANIMATION: Child marriage around the world TrustLaw/Amelia Wong
Fatou's story: Child bride to rights campaigner TrustLaw/George Fominyen
Cherie Blair talks to TrustLaw about child marriage TrustLaw/Rebekah Curtis
Child brides face 'silent health emergency'-experts Lisa Anderson
Child 'drought brides' sold secretly in Kenya Katy Migiro
Teenage brides suffer pain and shame of fistula Katy Migiro
India schoolgirl defies tradition to reject child marriage Nita Bhalla
From child bride to Senegal rights crusader George Fominyen
Child marriage persists in progressive Malaysia Thin Lei Win
Q+A: Why does child marriage happen? Alex Whiting
Child marriage: further reading Astrid Zweynert
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