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Female genital mutilation

Female genital mutilation (FGM), which dates back over 2,000 years and is practised across many cultures and religions, typically involves the partial or total removal of the external genitalia. In some cases the vaginal opening is sewn up. 

The ritual, often justified for cultural or religious reasons, is underpinned by the desire to control female sexuality.

It can cause longlasting mental and physical health problems including chronic infections, menstrual problems, infertility, pregnancy and childbirth complications.

World leaders have pledged to eradicate FGM by 2030, but campaigners say the ancient ritual remains deeply entrenched in many places.

Coronavirus threatens Kenya goal to end female genital mutilation Nita Bhalla
Somalia sees "massive" rise in FGM during lockdown and Ramadan Emma Batha
Egypt to prosecute doctor over genital cutting of three girls Menna A. Farouk
Sudan makes female genital cutting a crime in 'new era' for women' Nita Bhalla
World 'woefully' underestimating FGM numbers Emma Batha
Kenyan chiefs go door-to-door to stop FGM amid coronavirus Nita Bhalla
Witchcraft beliefs hinder bid to end FGM in Guinea Emma Batha
Egypt doctors launch anti-genital cutting campaign after girl dies Menna A. Farouk
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Better pay would end female genital mutilation - survivor Nellie Peyton
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Female genital mutilation hurts economies, says WHO Emma Batha
Egypt detains doctor, parents as girl dies after genital cutting Menna A. Farouk
Sudan's midwives told to stop genital mutilation on mothers Emma Batha
Kenya pledges to end FGM by 2022 - ahead of global target Nita Bhalla
Somali refugee's fight to end 'silent killer' of FGM inspires film Emma Batha
Anti-FGM campaigner Nimco Ali launches global bid to protect girls Belinda Goldsmith
Village by village, the quest to stop FGM in Somaliland Belinda Goldsmith
Seeking to save money, Sierra Leone village gives up FGM Nellie Peyton
African survivors of FGM call for help with mental trauma Nellie Peyton
New dresses, youth action: ending female circumcision in Africa Nellie Peyton
Sierra Leone's first lady confronted over FGM controversy Emma Batha
World urged to make female circumcision a priority like HIV Emma Batha
Mother gets 11 years for mutilating daughter in landmark FGM trial Emma Batha
Model-activist Waris Dirie says world is ignoring crime of FGM Reuters
Egyptian babies get blue ribbons as parents say 'no' to FGM Heba Kanso
London mum guilty of mutilating daughter in landmark FGM trial Emma Batha
Islam must never be used to justify FGM Reyhana Patel
Sierra Leone bans FGM in clampdown on secret societies Emma Batha and Nellie Peyton
Kenya says no schoolgirls being screened for FGM after backlash Nita Bhalla
U.N. investigating 'surge' in female genital mutilation in Uganda Nita Bhalla
Judge voids U.S. female genital mutilation law Reuters
Girl, 10, dies after genital cutting in Sierra Leone Nellie Peyton
Girls taken to Uganda, Tanzania for FGM as Kenya cracks down Nita Bhalla
African countries urged to toughen laws on FGM Emma Batha
Somalia announces first prosecution for FGM Emma Batha
British children learn ABCs of FGM to help end harmful practice Lin Taylor
Kenya's president vows to push for more women in power and end FGM Emma Batha
Schools act as havens for girls fleeing FGM, marriage in Uganda Sally Hayden
'Heartwrenching' study shows FGM prevalent among India's Bohra Emma Batha
Doctors must immediately stop mutilating girls Natalia Kanem
Survivors of female genital mutilation say #MeToo Emma Batha
Sierra Leone bans FGM during election season Nellie Peyton
Liberia bans female genital mutilation - but only for a year Emma Batha
With newfound democracy, Gambia sees return of FGM, child marriage Nellie Peyton and Lamin Jahateh
Kenyan doctor goes to court to legalise FGM Nita Bhalla
No evidence of FGM, India government tells court Rina Chandran
Blunt or sharp knife? Either way, FGM survivors want it to stop Smriti Daniel
Kenyan girls to fly to Google HQ after inventing app to end FGM Daniel Wesangula
India women's commission chief backs ban on "barbaric" FGM Nita Bhalla
Female genital mutilation falls sharply in northern Iraq Emma Batha
"Medicalisation" of female genital mutilation is serious threat Emma Batha
FGM cutters in Benin become health counsellors Anne Mireille Nzouankeu
Kenya's Kuria to halt FGM in "unlucky" 2017 Emma Batha
First ladies vow to fight genital mutilation in West Africa Emma Batha
In parts of Asia and Middle East, FGM a hidden ritual Emma Batha
West African communities declare end to female genital mutilation Kieran Guilbert
FACTBOX - The hidden cut: female genital mutilation in Asia Emma Batha
Egypt approves tougher jail terms for FGM Reuters
Anthropologist reveals FGM practised in Iran Emma Batha
British FGM survivor hopes memoir will end 'this barbaric abuse' Emma Batha
Girls in Guinea cut at earlier age as female support for FGM rises Kieran Guilbert
Female genital mutilation is a men's issue, say African activists Emma Batha
Men join campaigns in India against FGM rituals among the Bohra Rina Chandran
More women face genital mutilation than earlier estimated - UN Emma Batha
Replace FGM with new rites of passage, says UN chief Sebastien Malo
India urged to ban FGM as women break silence on secret ritual Emma Batha
Gambia FGM ban could drive practice underground, campaigners warn Louise Hunt
Gambia president bans FGM, activists demand law Kieran Guilbert
Britain's teachers, doctors must report FGM or risk being fired Magdalena Mis
Maasai cricketers and England's top bowler unite against HIV, FGM Thomson Reuters Foundation
Britain to crack down on travel for FGM before school holidays Joseph D'Urso and Emma Batha
Western girls holiday in Kenya to undergo FGM in secret Katy Migiro
INTERVIEW-UK minister says FGM can end as fast as footbinding Emma Batha
US women at risk of FGM more than doubles since 2000 Lisa Anderson
British doctor acquitted in landmark FGM trial Emma Batha
Egypt doctor convicted over girl's death in landmark FGM case Emma Batha
Anti-FGM campaigners mourn death of pioneer Efua Dorkenoo Emma Batha
Africa can end "child abuse" of FGM by 2035 - activists Thomson Reuters Foundation
"I was told I would die if I ever talked about FGM" - UK victim Emma Batha
In rural Kenya, traditions run deeper than law on cutting girls Reuters
Sister Fa: The rapper fighting FGM Emma Batha
EXCLUSIVE: Kenya launches FGM and child marriage hotline Katy Migiro
Kenyan, 16, bleeds to death giving birth days after FGM-report Katy Migiro
English hospitals' first data on FGM a "major milestone"-minister Kieran Guilbert
"No time to lose" in tackling FGM and child marriage - UNICEF Emma Batha
FACTBOX: Latest facts and figures on FGM, child marriage Lisa Anderson
Britain must act now to tackle "national FGM scandal" - report Emma Batha
FACTBOX: How prevalent is FGM? Emma Batha
Thirty million girls at risk of FGM but support drops - UN Emma Batha
VIDEO: Jay’s story – Londoner speaks out on FGM Chiara Ceolin
Surgery offers hope to Senegal FGM victims, questions remain Misha Hussain
Secret societies make it very hard to end FGM in Liberia Emma Batha
Senegal rap star says stop 'cutting' our girls Emma Batha
From prisoner to hero: Activist persuades Gambia to ban FGM Emma Batha
The Maasai woman saving vaginas, one girl at a time katy-migiro
Niger villagers take mass public vow to end FGM Reuters
Baby girls cut in secret as Burkina Faso cracks down on FGM Emma Batha
"FGM is bad, but it’s not child abuse," says London-born victim Emma Batha and Chiara Ceolin
Fighting female mutilation among Kenya's Maasai Thomson Reuters Foundation
"I was robbed of my life" - survivor of genital cutting Emma Batha
Female genital mutilation: Malians speak their mind NO_AUTHOR
New laws and ancient beliefs: How do we wipe out FGM? emma-batha
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