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Plastic bottles are seen on the shore of Ebrie Lagoon near Abidjan, Ivory Coast October 24, 2019. REUTERS/Luc Gnago

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Cutting plastic waste

Waste plastic is increasingly polluting the world, particularly its oceans. What can be done to cut the use of throw-away plastics - and clean up what's already out there?

'Water from air' aims to turn back Thailand's tide of plastic Marianne Bray
From smarter energy to less plastic, Caribbean resorts go green Jewel Fraser
Swamped with plastic: Malaysia struggles as global waste piles up Reuters
As tourists flock to Himalayas, women lead plastics clean-up Athar Parvaiz
Somali refugees turn plastic waste warriors in Kenya camp Nita Bhalla
Big brands pledge to turn tide on global plastic waste Isabelle Gerretsen
Zero waste shop wins award as 'Blue Planet' effect grows Lee Mannion
UN seeks to cut plastic pollution as recycling falls short Reuters
Southeast Asia's plastic "addiction" blights oceans Reuters
Dead whale spotlights Thailand’s losing battle against plastic Rina Chandran
Drastic plastic: Vietnam beach awash with tide of blue waste Reuters
EU moves to ban single-use plastics Reuters
London Zoo uses art to highlight plastic pollution scourge Chris Creegan
First 'plastic free' label to help shoppers curb pollution Lin Taylor
Bottled water producers seek to increase plastic recycling Reuters
Plastics mines? Europe struggles as pollution piles up Reuters
Over 40 companies pledge to cut UK plastic pollution Reuters
Hong Kong fish feeding on plastic pose possible toxic risk Reuters
Britain to ban sale of plastic straws in bid to fight waste Reuters
Plastic-eating enzyme holds promise in fighting pollution Reuters
Britain plans deposit return scheme to curb plastic waste Reuters
McDonald's says it's the final straw as cuts down on plastic Katherine Pennington
Nestle, Waitrose and KPMG join race to reduce plastic waste Umberto Bacchi
European efforts to curb plastic litter in oceans are working Alex Whiting
With 'unforgettable' bag, Malaysians paid to cut plastic Michael Taylor
Bottles linked to Flint's toxic water refashioned as clothing line Sebastien Malo
Campaigners call for plastic-free aisles in giant US grocery chain Sebastien Malo
Island of plastic debris in Pacific far bigger than thought Sebastien Malo
With bottle walls and a ship, Kenya’s coast takes on plastic waste Benson Rioba
"Paris of the oceans" pact crucial to save seas - WWF head Sophie Hares
Lego follows the green brick road to combat plastic waste Zoe Tabary
Despite state-level bans, plastic bags suffocate India's cities Athar Parvaiz
Rising tide of innovation at Davos to keep plastic out of sea Adela Suliman
Evian joins big brands in race to bin plastics Adela Suliman
Britain's plastic waste measures don't go far enough: campaigners Varsha Saraogi
As Britain bans microbeads, lawmakers urge more action on plastic Varsha Saraogi
Plastic recycling aims to cure turtle tummy-ache on Kenya's coast Manipadma Jena
British supermarkets look to bottle deposits to cut pollution Adela Suliman
Sturdier, cheaper: India urged to build more roads with plastic Rina Chandran
"Nobody is safe": Plastic found in drinking water globally Anna Pujol-Mazzini
Afghan women refugees resurrected as India plastic waste warriors Nita Bhalla
Plastic to outweigh fish in the sea if waste keeps flowing Adela Suliman
Kenya seeks to cure plastic bag addiction with blanket ban Moraa Obiria
Tanzanian start-up turns urban waste into "plastic lumber" Nellie Peyton
Entrepreneur turns plastic waste into a way to save trees in Kenya Benson Rioba
Cameroon fights flooding by turning plastic waste into jobs Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
In Bhutan, the road to green development is paved with plastic Saraswati Sundas
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