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Climate change and a 'just transition'

Effectively shifting to a greener, climate-smarter economy will require ensuring those at risk in the transition - from coal miners to communities that rely on polluting industries - can find new jobs and aren't left behind. How is that happening around the world, and what are the risks when it's neglected?

Global aid deals to end coal urged to prioritise workers Megan Rowling
Brazil's charcoal industry fuels illegal deforestation and slavery Fabio Teixeira
Solar power projects see the light on former Appalachian coal land Carey L. Biron
Brazil extends coal use to 2040 under new 'just transition' law Fabio Teixeira
Indian engineering schools equip students for future beyond coal Roli Srivastava
US climate spending can help rural communities embrace green shift David Sherfinski
Climate action 'for our people, not to them', cities say Laurie Goering
Europe electric car revolution risks job loss backlash, unions say Arthur Neslen
Clean energy shift a chance to 'raise' people and economy: Biden Megan Rowling
UK regions want green transition 'by the people, for the people' Megan Rowling
High-carbon communities hope Biden relief eases green pain Carey L. Biron
'Can I afford it?' Workers fear squeeze from green energy switch Laurie Goering
Boost to clean energy investment could drive 10 mln new green jobs Megan Rowling
Invest in clean energy to tackle COVID jobs crisis, climate change Roli Srivastava
As clean energy jobs recover, can they lift U.S. communities? Jack Graham
Can South Africa be a model for other countries ditching coal? Kim Harrisberg
With solar power push, Los Angeles seeks green future for all Avi Asher-Schapiro
Incomes dip for South Asia's women home workers as heat rises Anuradha Nagaraj
Moldovan youth advisor lays out economic basis for climate action Laurie Goering
Canada's move away from fossil fuels threatens 450,000 jobs Jack Graham
UK citizens' assembly wants 'fair' path to 2050 net-zero emissions Laurie Goering
Environment ministers seek fair, green coronavirus recovery Megan Rowling
Chile charts path to greener, fairer future after coronavirus John Bartlett
'People's payout' gathers steam as fairer way to tax carbon Megan Rowling
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