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Coal and climate change

To curb climate change, the world needs to rapidly phase out use of fossil fuels - and highly polluting coal is the priority. How is the effort going and where are the roadblocks?

Talks to reform energy pact blocking climate action face 'failure' Arthur Neslen
Pakistan faces an unexpected dilemma: too much electricity Zofeen T. Ebrahim
Game-changer? G7 climate pledge could shift Asia coal use Beh Lih Yi & Michael Taylor
Canadian country music star spurs unlikely coalition against coal Chris Arsenault
U.N. chief urges wealthy nations to phase out coal use by 2030 Megan Rowling
Winners of 'Green Nobel' fight deforestation, coal power Anastasia Moloney
China expected to favour green tech over coal in new 5-year plan Laurie Goering
Climate change: Are 'good' tipping points at hand? Laurie Goering
U.N. chief warns India over 'bad economics' of coal Annie Banerji
'Can I afford it?' Workers fear squeeze from green energy switch Laurie Goering
Bangladesh looks to cut future coal use as costs rise Naimul Karim
Pakistan pushes renewables - but coal expansion continues too Rina Saeed Khan
Dusty air, milky water: S. African captures coal-mining pollution Kim Harrisberg
Indian fishermen welcome U.S. top court power plant verdict Rina Chandran
Despite climate pledges, G20 coal subsidies rise Laurie Goering
Coal-reliant Philippines struggles to power up clean energy Alanah Torralba
Japan, China, S. Korea bankroll Indonesia coal expansion Thin Lei Win
Southern Asia urged to wind down coal to limit warming Michael Taylor
In coal-focused Pakistan, a wind power breeze is blowing Rina Saeed Khan
Europe's $6.9 bln coal subsidies better spent on energy solutions Alex Whiting
Asia's coal addiction puts chokehold on air-polluted cities Michael Taylor
Michael Bloomberg to spend $500 million to close coal plants Sebastien Malo
Pakistan ramps up coal power with Chinese-backed plants Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
New coal plants falling but not enough to meet Paris target Alex Whiting
Pakistan races to tap virgin coal fields to meet energy crunch Rina Saeed Khan
More coal plants will deepen - not cut - poverty, researchers warn Laurie Goering
In the Philippines, faith becomes a driving force against coal Purple Romero
Climate activists in NY, Washington state protest fossil fuels Reuters
To curb climate change, "we need to move everything" - investors Laurie Goering
US judge nixes lawsuit against World Bank over India power plant Sebastien Malo
Too early to hail dip in China's CO2, despite coal fall-study Reuters
Philippines should walk away from coal plant expansion: Gore Imelda V. Abano
Germany to set out climate action plan by mid-2016 Reuters
Missing climate goals, Dutch mull closing coal plants Reuters
Rich world struggles to resolve row over coal subsidies Reuters
How the UK can help kill coal Alison Doig, Christian Aid
China pledges to boost clean energy, industrial restructuring Reuters
China needs to cap coal use by 2020 to meet climate goals -experts Reuters
Coal to remain India's energy focus as country battles for jobs Manipadma Jena
Money speaks louder than words in climate change fight Astrid Zweynert
Pakistan surges into coal-fired power plants to meet energy demand Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Indian activist wins key prize for work against coal mining Nita Bhalla
Egyptian activists rally against coal imports Dina Zayed
Egypt to permit cement companies to use coal for energy Reuters
Coal energy push strains an already water-stressed China Erin Berger
Protests over coal-fired power plant near Sundarbans Syful Islam
South Africa adds renewables into coal-heavy energy mix Jocelyn Newmarch
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