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Conflict and climate change

Growing competition for scarce resources as extreme weather worsens is driving conflict in many parts of the world. What can be done to curb it?

It's time for the U.N. Security Council to take on climate change Rep. Gregory Meeks & Michael Shank
Foreign ministers flag climate change as major spark for conflicts Laurie Goering
Water conflicts set to rise amid demand growth and climate impacts Anastasia Moloney
Future shock: COVID-19 shows need to prep for climate threats Laurie Goering
Prepare now for accelerating climate threats: military officials Laurie Goering
Should aid work stop when militants move in? Sebastien Malo
Violence flares in northern Kenya as pressure mounts on villagers Reuters
With climate change, conflict and COVID, stresses grow in Mali Laurie Goering
Shrinking water supplies threaten to put Iraq 'on the edge' Laurie Goering
Climate change seen posing threat to global peace in next decade Sonia Elks
Climate stress drove wave of Arab Spring refugees Megan Rowling
In warming Mali, weather forecasts help cool flaring tempers Sebastien Malo
French military enlists green group to fight climate change Sebastien Malo
Nigeria herders, farmers conflict highlights squeeze on land Kevin Mwanza
Ignoring conflict undercuts disaster protection efforts Zoe Tabary
Can you build resilience in Mali when the bullets are flying? Sebastien Malo
Sustaining peace in a climate of change Janani Vivekananda
More jobs key to dealing with Lake Chad crisis: UNESCO Nicole Hoey
As climate threats grow, Iraq battles a new enemy: Water shortages Laurie Goering
In Myanmar, the future of forests and people are closely tied Harriet Lamb and Robert Barclay
Don’t wait for peace to fight climate change Laurie Goering
Weather disasters raise conflict risk in multi-ethnic nations Reuters
It’s time to stop ignoring conflict in efforts to build resilience Zoe Tabary
Nigeria's warring herdsmen and farmers find common ground Kieran Guilbert
Climate change 'significant and direct' threat to US military Reuters
Murders, violence on rise as dry central India battles for water Shuriah Niazi
Time for the Nobel Peace Prize to divest from fossil fuels Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Armed guards protect last water in drought-parched Indian city Shuriah Niazi
US panel to integrate climate threats into foreign policy plans Reuters
As water falls short, conflict between herders and farmers grows Wesley Langat
Climate change lacks 'the immediacy of now' in conflict zones Rachel Stern
Climate change and security: When is action coming? Dan Smith
Can the World Humanitarian Summit create a new climate for peace? Janani Vivekananda, International Alert, and Lukas Rüttinger, adelphi
Resource pressures could spark conflicts with global impact Chris Arsenault
Climate stresses push Kashmir's poor into militancy - experts Roshan Din Shad
For Islamic State, wheat season sows seeds of discontent Reuters
Tensions surge in Jordan as refugees compete for scarce water Shreya Mitra and Janani Vivekananda, International Alert
Population growth far outpaces food supply in Sahel - study Chris Arsenault
Climate change a "threat multiplier" for farming-dependent states Chris Arsenault
Hunger is falling, but climate and conflict threaten progress Chris Arsenault
Middle East conflicts threaten crop ancestors key to food security Megan Rowling
Famine threatens South Sudan if conflict deepens - report Thomson Reuters Foundation
Climate change aid must get political to succeed Megan Rowling
Heavy rainfall worsening landmine peril for Kashmiri farmers Ashutosh Sharma
Mali conflict ups pressure on climate-stressed herders Soumaila T. Diarra
Water scarcity leads to conflict? Not a foregone conclusion steven-heywood
Politics may be real climate hazard - experts Laurie Goering
Security lens for climate change brings risks - academics Jon Christianson
Drought drives Tanzanian herders into conflict with farmers Kizito Makoye
Migration, militias, coups and climate change in Mali Caitlin Werrell and Francesco Femia
Climate-security as agent provocateur Katie Harris
Can regional organisations prevent future water conflicts? Thin Lei Win
Water scarcity to drive conflict, hit food and energy, experts say Laurie Goering
Iran's Lake Urmia drying up in volatile region Caitlin E. Werrell and Francesco Femia
U.S. intelligence sees global water conflict risks rising Reuters
Weak land rights in Africa fuel potential for conflicts -experts Astrid Zweynert
It's time to act on climate change and security Marcus Stephen
How does climate change fuel conflict? TrustMedia
World not prepared for climate conflicts - security experts Laurie Goering
Climate change growing threat to Asian food security laurie-goering
Why is debate standing still on averting climate conflict? Janani Vivekananda
Prolonged drought driving pastoralist conflict at Kenya-Somalia ... AlertNet correspondent
CORRECTED-Half a million Kenyans and Ethiopians face conflic Katy Migiro
Climate adaptation funds bypassing governments, conflict states - ... Laurie Goering
UNHCR chief Guterres warns of security, displacement threats from ... UNHCR
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