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Coronavirus and its impact on people, cities and economy

From cities under lockdown to most affected communities, we look at how the outbreak of the deadly virus COVID-19 affects lives around the world.

Mexican president denies rising violence against women in lockdown Oscar Lopez and Christine Murray
Creative ideas to protect world's most vulnerable from coronavirus Sonia Elks
Rescued from Indian sex slavery, denied home by coronavirus Roli Srivastava
Job cut fears in Bangladesh as coronavirus bites fashion industry Naimul Karim
Refugees go online to cope with Italy's coronavirus lockdown Thin Lei Win
Gin makers bottle sanitiser as coronavirus spreads Emma Batha
7 initiatives to fight a coronavirus housing crisis Amber Milne
Teen pregnancy risk rises as Africa's schools shut for coronavirus Nellie Peyton
Dutch sex workers risk abuse, trafficking as coronavirus bites Karolin Schaps
Thai migrant workers exposed in coronavirus lockdown Rina Chandran
Coronavirus: LGBT+ events thrive online amid shutdowns Rachel Savage
Sex workers in Bangladesh appeal for funds due coronavirus Naimul Karim
Coronavirus sparks soul-search on travel-heavy climate diplomacy Megan Rowling
Water shortage fears jump in Jordan amid coronavirus lockdown Ban Barkawi
Celebrities call for help for Navajo Nation to fight coronavirus Nellie Peyton
South America's indigenous lock down as coronavirus bites Anastasia Moloney and Fabio Teixeira
India's tourism workers count costs of coronavirus travel ban Annie Banerji
India's 'invisible' trans community struggles as coronavirus bites Annie Banerji
Americans divided as states postpone abortions over coronavirus Ellen Wulfhorst
UK's gender pay gap rules suspended due to coronavirus Amber Milne
Left jobless by coronavirus, Colombia's workers get aid Anastasia Moloney
Calls grow to lift bans on gay men giving blood amid coronavirus Matthew Lavietes and Enrique Anarte
Elton John launches fund for HIV/AIDS work amid coronavirus Sonia Elks
How coronavirus is affecting abortion access Sonia Elks
Conflict and COVID-19 are a deadly mix Mark Lowcock, Izumi Nakamitsu & Robert Mardini
Bangladeshi garment workers ordered home as factories stay closed Naimul Karim
Modern slaves in UK face increased risk in coronavirus epidemic Kieran Guilbert
Farmers fear hunger as floods worsen pandemic woes in west Nepal Aadesh Subedi
Sumatran forest people adapt ancient health rules for pandemic Harry Jacques
Medical respite tackles virus 'time bomb' among U.S. homeless Carey L. Biron
LGBT+ 'gaymers' in Mexico escape lockdown with virtual tournament Oscar Lopez
Farmers prosper in pandemic as Americans shop local Nellie Peyton
Charities team up on coronavirus lifeline for social entrepreneurs Sarah Shearman
Our chance for a just recovery after coronavirus May Boeve
Few major economies investing in nature-friendly COVID-19 recovery Megan Rowling
Coronavirus shocks to fuel years of unrest and hunger Sonia Elks
Pandemic may reverse development for first time in 30 years: UN Megan Rowling
Zimbabwe reopens produce markets after farmer protests Farai Shawn Matiashe
Health envoy warns of unrest risk in virus-slammed poor nations Laurie Goering
Post-virus green reset urged for divided, ailing economies Laurie Goering
UK govt advised to harness pandemic to speed zero-carbon aims Laurie Goering
Forced evictions leave Kenyan slum dwellers at risk of virus Nita Bhalla
From Seattle to Seoul:10 cities going green amid COVID-19 Anastasia Moloney
Doubling up: Could coronavirus bailouts make economies greener? Laurie Goering
Lack of water leaves Brazil indigenous reserve exposed to virus Mauricio Angelo
Indigenous leaders fear Amazon port could be conduit for COVID-19 Mauricio Angelo
Privacy debate heats up over Indian contact-tracing app Rina Chandran and Annie Banerji
'You wake up well': Amazon villagers take vine tea to treat COVID Lucas Landau
How Ethiopia's health minister is preparing for COVID-19 Emeline Wuilbercq
In Africa and Asia, coronavirus myths put most vulnerable at risk Amber Milne
Coronavirus spotlights risks of swelling slums in Africa's cities Laurie Goering
Lost 'libraries': Brazil's indigenous people lament COVID deaths Fabio Teixeira
Global push urged for COVID-19 vaccine could help climate too Laurie Goering
Hot but want to stop the virus? Japan keeps mask-wearing cool Beh Lih Yi
As coronavirus limits climate protests, activists go online Laurie Goering
Climate-smart vegetables keep Kashmir fed in coronavirus crisis Athar Parvaiz
Climate, COVID-19 and conflict drive 'alarming' rise in aid need Anastasia Moloney
Triple threat: Pakistan's mango growers face a sticky season Peer Muhammad
Can solar fridges help deliver a COVID-19 vaccine to Africans? Peyton Fleming
Geothermal clean energy projects in Europe stall during pandemic Arthur Neslen
Rising heat and snow-bare peaks chill Nepal's mountain economy Aadesh Subedi
African leaders warn COVID-19 crisis harming climate adaptation Laurie Goering
Greta Thunberg says virus shows world can 'act fast' on crises Laurie Goering
As clean energy jobs recover, can they lift U.S. communities? Jack Graham
Ugandans melt plastic waste into coronavirus face shields John Okot
Slow rollout of COVID vaccine in Brazil leaves indigenous at risk Fabio Zuker
From food to tech, coronavirus to spur urban planning rethink Rina Chandran
Future shock: COVID-19 shows need to prep for climate threats Laurie Goering
Pandemic hikes concern over much-needed climate finance for poor Megan Rowling
COVID-19 fears grow for isolated indigenous people in Brazil Mauricio Angelo
Communities get bigger role running Pakistan's national parks Rina Saeed Khan
Next pandemic? Amazon deforestation may spark new diseases Fabio Zuker
Cameroon tomato farmers count losses to wild weather and lockdown Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Pacific cyclone and coronavirus create 'perfect storm' of worry Laurie Goering
Awnings to aircon: Heat threat drives innovation in pandemic year Laurie Goering
Pandemic lockdown lands new blow on India’s struggling herders Soumya Sarkar
Boost for Kenya farmers as children lend a hand during coronavirus Wesley Langat
Invest in clean energy to tackle COVID jobs crisis, climate change Roli Srivastava
Virus-idled Indian workers offered jobs boosting water security Shuriah Niazi
Brazil indigenous village banishes miners to cut coronavirus risk Mauricio Angelo
As Amazon fire season looms, smoke and virus could be 'a disaster' Mauricio Angelo
Kenyan farmers tap apps to ride out COVID-19 and climate storm Wesley Langat
Green champion Lisbon backs city-centre living after tourism dive Laurie Goering
Brazil's hospitals at risk as climate change brings more floods Meghie Rodrigues
Queue-jumping? Global vaccine shortage imperils UN climate talks Laurie Goering
No jobs, few crops: COVID-19 and pests leave Nepal fearing hunger Aadesh Subedi
Kashmir bike sellers outpaced by pandemic demand for pedal power Athar Parvaiz
Solar pumps, migrant homes help shield post-COVID world Rina Chandran
Facing COVID-19 and climate risks, Nairobi ramps up green efforts Wesley Langat
Shrinking water supplies threaten to put Iraq 'on the edge' Laurie Goering
'Cooling gap' widens, despite rising heat, as virus hikes poverty Laurie Goering
Coronavirus disruption fears delay decision over .org domain Umberto Bacchi
COVID-19: What lessons can we apply to battling climate change? Laurie Goering
With climate change, conflict and COVID, stresses grow in Mali Laurie Goering
As post-COVID travel picks up, should we cut business flights? Emma Batha
Risk of online sex abuse grows as coronavirus prompts home working Sophie Davies
Debt swaps could free cash to tame climate, nature & virus threats Laurie Goering
Drag queens take their shows online as coronavirus shuts clubs Rachel Savage
Brazil halts group's anti-slavery operations due to coronavirus Fabio Teixeira
In slums and windowless flats, Asia poor bear brunt of coronavirus Rina Chandran
Dutch sex workers crowdfund as coronavirus closes brothels Karolin Schaps
How coronavirus is affecting the world's most vulnerable Sonia Elks
Poor nations may see higher coronavirus deaths, warns UN official Megan Rowling
Coronavirus sparks U.S. West Coast calls to halt evictions Gregory Scruggs
Asia school closures for coronavirus expose digital divide Rina Chandran
Gay dating apps Hornet and Scruff warn over coronavirus Hugo Greenhalgh
Bucharest Pride, Pride of the Americas postponed over coronavirus Rachel Savage
Can coronavirus spur new low-carbon habits? Laurie Goering
LGBT+ community at heightened risk of coronavirus, groups warn Oscar Lopez
Don't let impact of coronavirus breed hate: EU human rights agency Megan Rowling
Refugee women promote hygiene in camps amid coronavirus fears Naimul Karim
Help for Italy's refugees and migrants withers with virus lockdown Thin Lei Win
U.S. homeless shelters, programs ill-equipped for coronavirus Carey L. Biron
Hong Kong denies 'slavery' as prisoners work nights for face masks Beh Lih Yi
Coronavirus tops 'perfect storm' of climate challenges - prince Laurie Goering
Asia's rapid urbanisation, deforestation linked to deadly diseases Rina Chandran
U.S., Israeli religious figures blame LGBT+ people for coronavirus Hugo Greenhalgh
'Worse than the virus': Anxiety over coronavirus grips the U.S. Matt Lavietes
Coronavirus controls increase surveillance 'danger' Rina Chandran
China's coronavirus slowdown hits workers in India's diamond hub Roli Srivastava
Seven in 10 people back city lockdowns to contain coronavirus Sonia Elks
Why is coronavirus killing more men than women? Thomson Reuters Foundation
Driving in storm of coronavirus, U.S. gig workers at risk Ellen Wulfhorst
Family farms in Italy's coronavirus-hit regions fear collapse Thin Lei Win
U.N. gender equality meeting cut over coronavirus fears Ellen Wulfhorst
How Hong Kong’s social enterprises are tackling the coronavirus Marianne Bray and Beh Lih Yi
Unequal cities bear the brunt of deadly disease outbreaks Rina Chandran
Coronavirus to extreme weather: What happens in a city lockdown? Umberto Bacchi
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