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Harnessing water - from tapping the power of waves to using dams to drive turbines - is a way to create energy without driving climate change. As worsening drought threatens hydropower dams, can innovative new ways of tapping water power come to rival solar and wind as a green power source?

Cambodia PM stands by hydropower, dismisses critics as 'extremists Reuters
Congo opens hydroelectric plant in east to jumpstart economy Reuters
Crippling power cuts fuel Zimbabwe's illegal logging trade Jeffrey Gogo
Electricity blackouts darken prospects for Zimbabwe's students Ray Mwareya
Low rainfall and crippling power shortages hit Zambia's economy Danstan Kaunda
Malawi's hydropower dries up as river runs low, menacing forests Karen Sanje
As the need for power surges, are small -or big- dams the answer? Stella Paul
On the road to zero emissions, Bhutan hits a few bumps Saraswati Sundas
Dam waste: planning chaos drains China's hydro ambitions Reuters
Are watermills in Kashmir a solution to Pakistan's energy crisis? Roshan Din Shad
Brazil bets on rain, rules out power rationing in 2015 Adriana Brasileiro
Ethiopia to step up role as regional clean power exporter Elias Gebreselassie
Zambia, Zimbabwe hydro plant plan expanded by 800 MW: study Reuters
Ethiopia dam project could start power generation by June Reuters
Mega-dams economically unviable - Oxford report Samuel Mintz
Imran Khan pushes Pakistan to unlock hydropower potential Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Water shortages growing in Myanmar - activist Thin Lei Win
Opponents seek to halt dams on SE Asia's second longest river Thin Lei Win
As hydropower struggles, Tanzania turns to natural gas Kizito Makoye
Pakistan opens the tap on hydropower projects Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Drought parches Sri Lanka's farms, threatens hydropower Amantha Perera
West Africa hopes new dams will cut poverty, climate risk Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Cambodian fury over planned dam tempered by fear of govt Thin Lei Win
Pakistan's first CDM project kindles hopes for hydropower Roshan Din Shad
Ethiopia plans to power East Africa with hydro E.G. Woldegebriel
Proposed Malaysia dams raise transparency, livelihood fears Thin Lei Win
Kashmiris fear hydro scheme could leave city high and dry Roshan Din Shad
Thai villagers to fight Lao Mekong dam in court Thin Lei Win
Nile dam project a hydropower hope, but regional sore point E.G. Woldegebriel
Zimbabwe looks to the sun as drought hits hydropower Andrew Mambondiyani
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