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Loss and damage

Extreme weather and sea level rise related to climate change are leading to worsening losses and damages, financial and otherwise. What might be done to address these?

Climate damage to Pakistan's cotton crop ripples through economy Imran Mukhtar
Climate change could put development goals beyond reach Laurie Goering
Climate-menaced nations say survival depends on strong 2020 action Megan Rowling
Green Climate Fund stepping up on 'loss and damage', head says Megan Rowling
Pressure grows at COP26 talks for new climate damage funding Megan Rowling
New Zealand makes first donation to Fiji climate relocation fund Laurie Goering
As flood waters recede, Jakarta residents sue governor Rina Chandran
Demands grow for 'global justice' on climate damage at UN talks Megan Rowling
Egypt's 'history of humanity' monuments face climate change threat Menna A. Farouk
Scientists paint Australia fires as red alert on climate change Laurie Goering
'We can't close our eyes' to climate change-Marshall Isles ex-pres Nicola Milne
'A sly thief': Rising heat steals jobs and lives in eastern India Manipadma Jena
Floods predicted to uproot 50 mln a year as climate heats up Megan Rowling
Wealth alone won't save countries from climate change Matthew Lavietes
Climate change threatens one in three Bangladeshi children Naimul Karim
Salty soil sends U.S. farmers, officials scrambling Carey L. Biron
UN loss & damage mechanism needs reboot to protect climate victims Harjeet Singh and Harpeet Kaur Paul
'Now I'm nothing': Zimbabwe floods leave local traders destitute Ray Mwareya
'Not just a small-island problem': Warming losses mount for all Laurie Goering
Insurance not enough to offset financial risks of climate change Laurie Goering
Rich and poor struggle to shoulder losses from devastating storms Megan Rowling
Rising seas will swallow 14,000 U.S. historic sites Sebastien Malo
At '5 minutes to midnight', rights group takes on climate change Laurie Goering
After flood, tourism in India's Kerala left mud-bound Reuters
After Nate, Costa Rica looks to measure mental health damage too Sebastian Rodriguez
Rising temperatures to carry big price tag in steamy Sri Lanka Amantha Perera
Poor countries face $168 billion interest bill for climate change Umberto Bacchi
Study hikes Puerto Rico's Hurricane Maria death toll to 4,645 Reuters
Insurance industry nurses wounds inflicted by costly disasters Laurie Goering
Kashmir's embattled apple growers buried by wild weather Ashutosh Sharma
For survivors of Fiji's deadly cyclone, mental scars linger Laurie Goering
As climate disasters surge, world puzzles over who will pay Laurie Goering
As wild weather worsens, Filipino migration takes on a female face Rina Chandran
Climate-hit nations ask: Who will pay rising costs of disasters? Alex Whiting
Mali's erratic weather pushes girls into risky jobs as maids Soumaila Diarra
As drought fuels Indian migration, 'those left behind suffer most' Roli Srivastava
Portuguese protest at deadly forest fires, government pledges aid Reuters
Poor nations suffer most deaths, economic pain from wild weather Laurie Goering
In the mountains of Puerto Rico, hurricane recovery is slower Reuters
Puerto Rico's fragile economy dealt new blow by Maria Reuters
Silent killer: Sweltering planet braces for deadly heat shocks Laurie Goering
UN gathering on Irma brings "loss and damage" to world stage Thoriq Ibrahim
As climate losses mount, it's time to talk about compensation Saleemul Huq
Innovative finance needed for $300 bln a year in climate losses Laurie Goering
As climate change uproots communities, innovation rescues culture Laurie Goering
Thorny issue of who will pay for climate damage simmers at talks Megan Rowling
As disaster losses mount, Sri Lanka develops tool to track them Amantha Perera
Bangladesh river eats up land and homes, trapping poor villagers Rafiqul Islam
Risk of landslides drives migration - and mental health worries Ashutosh Sharma
The Paris deal doesn’t offer much comfort to the climate-hit - yet Teresa Anderson, ActionAid
Disaster loss estimates ignore higher cost to poor - World Bank Megan Rowling
Climate deal could bar poor from seeking compensation for losses Laurie Goering
Could an African become the new U.N. climate chief? Laurie Goering
'Loss and damage' creeps in from the cold at UN climate talks Megan Rowling
Amid Typhoon Haiyan recovery, some feel they are left behind Astrid Zweynert
'Loss and damage': a core ingredient for a new climate deal Sven Harmeling
South Asia "at front lines" of mounting climate costs - bank Amantha Perera
As floods hit, Pakistan's Kalasha fear for their way of life Rina Saeed Khan
Rising tide of loss and damage advances cause in UN climate deal Megan Rowling
Poorest states urge action on climate damage in Paris deal Megan Rowling
As world warms, Paris climate deal must tackle loss and damage Harjeet Singh
Facing the storm after the storm in Vanuatu Solomon Hsiang and Amir Jina
Solving the climate crisis means tackling global inequality Harjeet Singh
Vanuatu needs compensation, not charity Harjeet Singh
Crop-loss Indian farmers sell their children to survive- officials Shuriah Niazi
Disaster damage expected to hit $300 bln yearly, insurance key Chris Arsenault
Rich nations urged to compensate poor for climate damage Thin Lei Win
Study aims to price social, cultural costs of climate damage Thin Lei Win
World unprepared for climate damage to food security - Oxfam Megan Rowling
Climate change to cut South Asia's growth 9 pct by 2100 - ADB Reuters
Atlas of death and loss shows global disasters are on the rise Megan Rowling
Natural disaster costs down so far in 2014 - Munich Re Reuters
Flood-hit Caribbean island moves to battle the deluge, cut losses Alison Kentish
Bumpy start for UN mechanism on climate 'loss and damage' Sven Harmeling, CARE
Strong storms, rising seas cost China $2.6 bln in 2013 Reuters
Costs of natural disasters in China surge to $69 billion Reuters
2013 disaster losses lower than decade average - reinsurers Megan Rowling
'Loss and damage mechanism' born amid rising climate costs Megan Rowling
Insurance could cut climate risks, ease 'loss and damage' Laurie Goering
Warsaw climate talks leave much work to do for 2015 deal Megan Rowling
Losses from extreme weather rise to $200 bln a year Reuters
Loss and damage is a reality today Kees van der Geest and Koko Warner, UN University
'Landing zone' in sight for loss and damage? Megan Rowling
Climate loss and damage talks in disarray as G77 walks out Megan Rowling
Green groups urge rich to allow climate loss mechanism Megan Rowling
Countries split on how to deal with rising climate losses Laurie Goering
Hard slog ahead for loss and damage at climate talks Laurie Goering
Typhoon Haiyan shows why COP19 must deliver on loss & damage Saleemul Huq, IIED
Philippines urges loss and damage progress at climate talks Laurie Goering
Obama order aims to prepare communities for severe weather Reuters
Climate talks expected to deliver loss and damage mechanism Megan Rowling
Marking a win on 'loss and damage' Haseeb Md. Irfanullah
Neglected 'everyday' disasters fuel rising losses for poor Megan Rowling
Economic losses from disasters 'out of control'- UN Megan Rowling
Pacific islanders face major losses from climate change Megan Rowling
Climate policy inaction fuels new era of loss and damage - report Megan Rowling
Small island states need action on climate loss and damage Malia Talakai
Talks on climate loss and damage build up steam Climate & Development Knowledge Network
Countries clash over loss and damage at UN climate talks Megan Rowling
Disaster losses set to outpace economic growth - study Megan Rowling
Can non-economic losses from climate impacts be quantified? Kashmala Shahab Kakakhel
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