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Palm oil and deforestation

Growing demand for palm oil is a major driver of deforestation, particularly in Asia and Africa. What can be done to change that?

Singapore set to become world's first sustainable palm oil nation Michael Taylor
No palm oil or green palm oil? Retailers face labelling dilemma Michael Taylor
PepsiCo adopts stricter, greener rules for palm oil in products Michael Taylor
Asian palm oil buyers lag behind in global green push: survey Michael Taylor
Palm oil industry urged to look beyond forests in climate fight Michael Taylor
Brands urged to think bigger on saving forests as 2020 goal looms Michael Taylor
As fires burn, can Indonesia avoid repeat of 2015 haze crisis? Michael Taylor
Palm oil body to wield stick to get consumer giants to go green Reuters
Indonesia urged to follow 'game-changer' Malaysia on palm oil maps Michael Taylor
Palm oil from 'orangutan capital' sold to big brands: forest group Michael Taylor
Green groups flag threat to reclaimed Indonesian forests Michael Taylor
Can global corporations meet 2020 no-deforestation pledge? Michael Taylor
Palm oil giants double down on deforestation with new radar system Michael Taylor
Catch 'em all: Pokemon-style app aims to save Indonesia's forests Michael Taylor
Sustainable oil, less smoke: Singapore student fights haze threat Athar Parvaiz
Slow replanting of palm a blow to Indonesia environment push Reuters
Can 'Big Brother' technology clean up palm oil's image? Reuters
Malaysia working to tighten laws on forest protection: minister Michael Taylor
Palm oil push leaves Liberians poorer: 'Green Nobel' winner Nellie Peyton
The world's most controversial vegetable oil Michael Taylor
Palm oil watchdog urged to take 'giant leap' to save forests Michael Taylor
Too late to plant green seed among forgotten palm oil farmers? Michael Taylor
Indonesia should not quit climate pact over palm-oil spat - UN Michael Taylor
Buy green palm oil or forests will suffer, industry warns Michael Taylor
Palm oil watchdog to create separate standards for smallholders Reuters
With deforestation rising, Colombia businesses join fightback Anastasia Moloney
Malaysian activists urge lawmakers to get tough on forests losses Michael Taylor
Indonesia dam burst raises alarm over unchecked forest clearing Ian Morse
"Borneo Atlas" to help palm oil buyers check on forest damage Michael Taylor
Indonesia warned about price of palm oil on environment Umberto Bacchi
Firms not yet doing enough to stop commodities destroying forest Megan Rowling
Palm oil industry watchdog lax on human rights: critics Reuters
As oil palm expands, African nations agree to protect forests Alex Whiting
Palm oil body promises revamp amid credibility doubts Reuters
Biggest threat beef lags in push to cut supply chain deforestation Megan Rowling
Land used for palm oil could double without damaging forests-study Chris Arsenault
New haze fears as palm oil firms ditch Indonesia pact Beh Lih Yi
Indonesia to issue a moratorium on new palm oil concessions Reuters
Activists unfurl banner on NYC Pepsi icon in palm oil protest Sebastien Malo
Palm oil industry body orders company to halt Peru planting Reuters
French assembly adopts softer tax on palm oil used in food Reuters
New standard aims to raise bar for ethical palm oil, boost demand Megan Rowling
Sierra Leone convicts six in land rights dispute Reuters
Efforts to stop Indonesian haze fires may not work for 2016 Megan Rowling
Palm oil firms try to balance forest protection and development Megan Rowling
Indonesia says forest fires could be back in weeks Reuters
Indonesia's action on haze won't stop burning: palm farmers group Reuters
Indonesia plans more detailed map to settle land use conflicts Reuters
Big palm oil's pledge to preserve forests vexes Indonesia Reuters
Lack of local land rights harms anti-poverty, climate change fight Megan Rowling
How to stop deforestation? Make 'good stuff' cheaper Megan Rowling
Peru says to crack down on palm oil-related Amazon deforestation Reuters
Sustainable palm oil body eyes broader approach to certification Astrid Zweynert
Tree loss slows, but covers area twice size of Portugal in 2014 Reuters
Can we save forests and produce palm oil? Scientists seek answer Megan Rowling
Palm giant Golden Agri renews green push after land use criticism Reuters
Burger giant McDonald's to end deforestation in supply chain Megan Rowling
Indonesia to extend ban on forest clearing - govt official Reuters
Crop-product giant ADM to end deforestation in supply chain Thomson Reuters Foundation
How can we stop EU consumption destroying forests? Fred Pearce
Indonesia defends deforestation for palm oil on economic grounds Stella Dawson
New online platform tracks corporate actions in tropical forests Chris Arsenault
Indonesia palm oil battle pits farmers against big plantations Chris Arsenault
Will sustainable palm oil surge exclude small farmers? Megan Rowling
Wilmar opens palm oil supplies to scrutiny to protect forests Reuters
Indonesia lax when illegal loggers clear forests for palm oil Chris Arsenault
Taxpayer funds save Congo plantation paying workers $1/day Chris Arsenault
Regulation rejig needed for multinationals' treehugger goals? Megan Rowling
Oil palm: development miracle or environmental disaster? Joan Baxter
Artisanal millers vs. industrial plantations in a palm oil paradox... Kate Evans
Deforested idle land identified as source of Indonesia fires Alisa Tang
Row erupts over magic number that could save forests from palm oil Megan Rowling
To cut emissions, give communities rights to forest land - study Megan Rowling
Europe's hidden hand in deforestation Fred Pearce
Palm oil industry struggles to build trust in rights pledges Megan Rowling
Is Liberia's president going cold on the palm oil industry? Mark Olden, FERN
Global fast food chains shun green palm oil Megan Rowling
Food giants pledge to make palm oil supplies greener Megan Rowling
Palm planters, politicians test Wilmar's new green strategy Reuters
Progress on forest community land rights slowing - report Laurie Goering
Indonesia's new forest agency head expected to speed reform Amantha Perera
Biggest palm oil trader agrees to greater forest protection Laurie Goering
'Zero deforestation' goals may harm natural forest - experts Laurie Goering
Palm oil companies failing to respect local rights - reports Jake Lucas
Cameroon forest people alarmed at US firm's palm oil shift Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Cameroon NGOs ask U.S. to investigate palm oil venture Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Cameroon lifts freeze on US company's palm oil venture Reuters
Largest Liberian palm oil project is failing locals - study Reuters
Norway drops Asian palm oil firms in show of green credentials Reuters
Palm oil expansion threatens Congo Basin forests - report Megan Rowling
Cameroon's forests pressured as leaders welcome palm oil investors Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Palm oil company and Indonesian police committed human rights ... Thin Lei Win
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