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Pastoralists and climate change

Is pastoralism a lifestyle on the verge of extinction or one well-placed to adapt to changing conditions? As climate change brings more extreme weather, particularly droughts, pastoralists are experimenting with everything from crop farming to livestock insurance to training as solar technicians to try to adapt, while some groups are returning to traditional systems of managing scarce grazing land and water

South Asian herders fight to roam as pressure to settle grows Rina Chandran
Drought displaces hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians Emeline Wuibercq
Dried-up pastures push Kenya's Maasai to mix cattle with crops Benson Rioba
Mobile phone warnings set to aid climate-vulnerable Somali nomads Rosa Furneaux
Urban nomads: Mongolian herders battle with a new future Max Baring
In southern Ethiopia, herders join forces to revive rangelands Kizito Makoye
As large herds struggle, some Maasai try a swap to dairy cattle Caroline Wambui
Kenya's Maasai herders swap to goats as drought fells cattle Isaiah Esipisu
As drought keeps men on the road, Mauritania's women take charge Zoe Tabary
Weather forecasts help Ethiopian herders fight climate extremes Elias Gebreselassie
Don’t wait for peace to fight climate change Laurie Goering
Sahel herders facing harshest dry season in years Nellie Peyton
For Algeria's struggling herders, "drought stops everything" Yasmin Bendaas
Nigeria's warring herdsmen and farmers find common ground Kieran Guilbert
As drought hits, livestock insurance aids pastoralists in Ethiopia Elias Gebreselassie
Hotline tackles violence against girls in drought-hit Kenya Zoe Tabary
Phones and radios lead way to water for Niger's herders Kieran Guilbert
Eco-huts attract tourists to Kenyan herding communities Benson Rioba
Conflict between Kenya farmers drives bid to improve water, fodder Anthony Langat
Climate forecasts could help parched herders make smarter moves Sophie Mbugua
Chad pastoralist made to sit on floor now stands for her community Fabiola Ortiz
Drought-hit Tanzanian herders trade firewood for food Kagondu Njagi
Drought-hit Kenyan herders turn to new money-maker: hay Anthony Langat
As droughts worsen, Kenyan herders revive ancient grazing system Anthony Langat
Kenya in a froth as drought spurs switch to 'camelcinos' Hannah McNeish
Subsidised insurance bolsters Kenyan herders against drought Anthony Langat
Straight talking calms rural water conflicts in Tanzania Kizito Makoye
Pastoralism can pay - but you wouldn't know it Megan Rowling
As water falls short, conflict between herders and farmers grows Wesley Langat
Sand dams quench the thirst of water-short Kenyans Sophie Mbugua
As Kenyan droughts worsen, joined-up adaptations build resilience Sophie Mbugua
Boko Haram threat shifting African pastoralist movements Andualem Sisay Gessesse
Kenyan festival drums up appetite for climate adaptation Isaiah Esipisu
Cash aid feeds business surge in northern Kenya Isaiah Esipisu
Kenyan pastoralist women find new economic freedom - from pawpaws Kagondu Njagi
Drought, expanding deserts and food for jihad drive Mali conflict Chris Arsenault
Kenya's drought-hit herders lose out in cut-price land sales Kagondu Njagi
Baling hay helps drought-hit Kenyan pastoralists cut losses Kagondu Njagi
In pasture-scarce North Kenya, feuding herders seek peace James Pattison, IIED
Insurance for Ethiopian herders aims to combat drought, conflict Elias Gebreselassie
After animals die, northern Kenyan pastoralists turn to farming Sophie Mbugua
Traditional herders face uncertain future Barbara Fraser, CIFOR
Mobile data helps Tanzanian herders get ahead of markets Kizito Makoye
In search for power, Ethiopia turns to growing sugar Elias Gebreselassie
Insurance for Muslim herders makes first payout in Kenya Samuel Mintz
Tanzania opens up more grazing land to drought-hit herders Kizito Makoye
With their forests vanished, Kenya's Maasai adapt Pius Sawa
Ethiopia's pastoralists struggle with harsher weather E.G. Woldegebriel
Maasai herders breed fewer, stronger cattle to tackle climate ... Lucas Liganga
Kenya's Maasai herders train as solar technicians Maina Waruru
As extreme weather drives rustling, pastoralists turn to farming Isaiah Esipisu
Mali conflict ups pressure on climate-stressed herders Soumaila T. Diarra
Oxfam calls for climate insurance for West African pastoralists george-fominyen
Tanzania allows Maasai to stay in disputed wildlife corridor Kizito Makoye
Kenyan herders switch to farming as droughts worsen Gitonga Njeru
Tanzanian herders fight state plan to lease land Kizito Makoye
Tanzanian herders get free cows to cope with drought Kizito Makoye
Kenya's pastoralists reach out for carbon cash David Njagi
Drought drives Tanzanian herders into conflict with farmers Kizito Makoye
Reverting to pastoralism, East Africa's herders innovate to cope ... Pius Sawa
Water monitoring system aids Kenyan herders Geoffrey Kamadi
Kenyan pastoralists return to past for climate adaptation Isaiah Esipisu
Drought insurance falls short for some Kenyan herders Abjata Khalif
Herders receive first drought insurance payouts in Kenya Katy Migiro
Insurance aims to help herders avoid 'downward spiral' from ... Laurie Goering
Kenya herder doubts nomads' future Dekow Farah
Kenyan herders farm aloe as climate hits traditional income Branka Juran and Maria Caspani
Maasai pastoralists adopt new habits to cope with climate change Pius Sawa
Prolonged drought driving pastoralist conflict at Kenya-Somalia ... AlertNet correspondent
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