COP26 climate summit

Britain hosts the pandemic-delayed COP26 U.N. climate talks in Glasgow from Oct. 31-Nov. 12, 2021.

Governments are under pressure to show how they will step up efforts to cut planet-heating emissions enough to limit global warming to 1.5C, while adapting to the extreme weather and rising seas already hitting vulnerable communities hard.

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Bangladeshi veteran of climate talks fears COP26 will fail poorest Laurie Goering
Ensuring indigenous rights key as forest carbon investments grow Alister Doyle
Vulnerable nations float 'emergency' timetable to cut emissions Megan Rowling
'Illusion' of climate action by big emitters clouds COP26 outlook Beh Lih Yi
If warming tops 1.5C, island nations are staring into the abyss Simon Stiell
Africans weigh green energy switch - and fossil fuel cash Kim Harrisberg and Nita Bhalla
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Gulf energy giants pledge net zero - but plan to stick with oil Maya Gebeily
World needs $5 tln in annual climate finance by 2030 to act fast Beh Lih Yi
Brazil seeks to burnish its climate credentials as COP26 nears Fabio Teixeira
Democrats fret over getting climate deal to Biden ahead of COP26 David Sherfinski
COVID-19 challenges 'disadvantage' smaller nations in COP26 talks Beh Lih Yi
U.N. biodiversity chief urges COP26 talks to prioritise nature Michael Taylor
'Shameful' failure to meet climate finance goal threatens COP26 Megan Rowling
EXPLAINER: What is 'net zero' and why does it matter? Megan Rowling
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Climate finance shortfall threatens global warming goals Beh Lih Yi and Megan Rowling
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COP26 summit urged to prioritise adaptation as climate risks rise Megan Rowling
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