Youth action on climate change

Led by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg and many other activists around the world, young people are carrying out mounting protests and legal challenges in an effort to spur rapid action on climate change. Will it work?

Women key to solving climate crisis, says Ugandan school striker Sonia Elks
Young climate activists vow to #FightEveryCrisis in online strike Megan Rowling
Young people face 'altered world', say lawyers for climate case Laurie Goering
As coronavirus limits climate protests, activists go online Laurie Goering
Senegalese teen battles indifference to launch climate campaign Nellie Peyton
Young Ugandan climate activists join 'school strike' push Thomas Lewton and Alice McCool
Young climate activists seek step from streets to political table Laurie Goering
Young Thais battle seniority culture to raise climate awareness Nanchanok Wongsamuth
Fearing 'climate apartheid', Cape Town teen grows green business Kim Harrisberg
Youth activists leave little room for climate inaction, mayors say Umberto Bacchi
Despite strict laws, young Russians build a climate movement Angelina Davydova
Adults swell ranks of students in record global climate march Laurie Goering
Swipe right for climate action: Gen Z daters seek green love Sonia Elks
As youth anger rises, world leaders promise action at UN summit Reuters
On the ground at the Global Climate Strikes Thomson Reuters Foundation
Young climate activists accuse states of violating child rights Reuters
Inspired by Swedish teen, worldwide protest demands climate action Reuters
Climate strikers poised to kick off global wave of marches Laurie Goering
'This is our future' say students, as climate protests sweep globe Reuters
Greta Thunberg to U.S. Congress on climate change: 'Wake up' Reuters
Greta Thunberg arrives in New York by boat for U.N. summit Reuters
Australian students kick off global climate strike Reuters
US teen climate activist takes aim at textbooks - and debates Sebastien Malo
'It's a really powerful time to be a teenager': UK climate striker Laurie Goering
Civil disobedience rings climate alarm bell 'a little louder' Laurie Goering
Greta Thunberg to French MPs: you cannot ignore scientists Reuters
Schools and universities declare 'climate emergency' Kate Ryan
Sustainable oil, less smoke: Singapore student fights haze threat Athar Parvaiz
UK youth mow messages and march to protest Trump's climate stance Valeria Martinez
Human rights threats in warming world could speed climate action Laurie Goering
Nearly half a mln urge India govt to declare 'climate emergency' Annie Banerji
As climate protests mount, states urged to respect civil rights Megan Rowling
Could teen climate activist win the Nobel Peace Prize? You bet Lin Taylor
In Thunberg's footsteps: climate kids fighting for their future Reuters
Thunberg proved 'we are not alone', say young Indonesian planters Michael Taylor
Children may be parents' best climate-change teachers: study Sebastien Malo
'We won't stop here': European teens to keep up climate strikes Morgane Mounier
Activist Thunberg sparks climate action among young Europeans Thin Lei Win
London school-bag basics: books, lunch, air-pollution sensor Shannon Larson
Biggest global climate mobilisation should inspire grown-ups May Boeve
U.S. youth rally in Washington protests climate inaction Reuters
Deep in US oil country, students set to march for climate Sebastien Malo
Don't decide our planet's future without us: striking UK students Shannon Larson
New Zealand PM Ardern backs students striking for climate action Reuters
Swedish student Greta's climate 'school strike' goes global Reuters
German students walk out of school in climate change protest Reuters
'We are scared - listen to us!' London students demand at protest Laurie Goering
Young Colombians file landmark climate lawsuit Anastasia Moloney
Too young to vote, children strike and sue for climate action Lin Taylor
Why I am skipping school to protest for action on climate change Aisheeya Huq, 16, Australian student
"I'm afraid and angry", says 18-year-old leading climate lawsuit Alex Whiting
Young people take on older generations over 'messed-up planet' Megan Rowling
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