Climate change and cities

With more than half of the world's population now living in cities - and many more set to live there by mid-century - urban efforts to cut emissions and adapt to climate change will determine not just the comfort of future residents but whether global efforts to curb climate change will work

Green champion Lisbon backs city-centre living after tourism dive Laurie Goering
Eat or stay cool? Cities test ways to protect poor from heat Laurie Goering
Colombia's Medellin pushes 'eco-city' aims in coronavirus recovery Anastasia Moloney
U.S. mayors eye redoubled climate role as Biden preps new policy Carey L. Biron
U.S. tree-planting push to curb warming, boost jobs Carey L. Biron
As Milan eases lockdown, mayor says city is ready for green change Laurie Goering
Pedal power: In lockdown, Tunisia's cyclists fight for space Layli Foroudi
Cities hastily add pandemics to list of 21st-century threats Megan Rowling
As Cape Town races to save water, 'Day Zero' draws closer Kim Harrisberg
Nature boost for Berlin as Amazon funds city climate protection Megan Rowling
As supplies run low, Mexico City seeks durable fix for water woes Christine Murray
'This is not a drill,' says Barcelona, declaring climate emergency Megan Rowling
Cities experiment with big ideas to confront 'climate emergency' Megan Rowling
As lockdown clears the air, Cairo looks to keep pollution low Menna A. Farouk
Zimbabwe's parched Bulawayo rations to save dwindling water Lungelo Ndhlovu
Families sleep in water lines as drought grips Zimbabwe's Bulawayo Lungelo Ndhlovu
Youth activists leave little room for climate inaction, mayors say Umberto Bacchi
Coronavirus lockdowns make cities more walkable Rina Chandran
As climate impacts hit, cities are still struggling to prepare Anna Scholz-Carlson
Tokyo Olympics to go green, help other cities strike gold Rina Chandran
Tech route to greener cities only 'smart' if residents follow Megan Rowling
Minnesota city ponders new boom as a climate migrant destination Sebastien Malo
Stay or go? Asian nations mull options as seas rise, cities sink Rina Chandran
Can Dubai go green with flying taxis and 'rooms on wheels'? Umberto Bacchi
In Helsinki, low-carbon ratings aim to make choosing green easier Anna Scholz-Carlson
Trees alone can't win fight against soaring heat, cities warned Zoe Tabary
Cool U.S. cities prepare as future 'havens' for climate migrants Sebastien Malo
South American cities harness tech and nature to tackle floods Anastasia Moloney
Plan to move Indonesian capital may require $30 bln - minister Reuters
Paris builds a zero-carbon future - with a social conscience Zoe Tabary
Chennai needs more water? Try saving it at home, official urges Megan Rowling
National governments told to back cities to win climate fight Megan Rowling
From roads to water, Nairobi slum upgrades bear fruit for locals Wesley Langat
With drones and e-vehicles, China crafts green-tech megalopolis Marianne Bray
As sea levels rise, U.N. climbs aboard floating-cities push Sebastien Malo
Rio de Janeiro hits the gas in push toward its zero carbon goal Karla Mendes
Major cities can fight climate change and make billions - study Michael Taylor
Drowning in data? Cities develop code for smarter future Megan Rowling
Many U.S. cities cannot measure climate emissions progress Sebastien Malo
Despite funding cut, cities vow to continue resilience push Megan Rowling
Fast-growing African cities at 'extreme risk' from climate change Megan Rowling
Accra tackles floods, waste, pollution with resilience plan Nellie Peyton
Bangkok fights floods with thirsty landscaping Rina Chandran
Green mosques and schools help Amman push for zero emissions Adela Suliman
'Silent emergency' as heat risks rise in Hong Kong - and globally Marianne Bray
Can Qatar's low-carbon city show a greener Middle East future? Heba Kanso
On the road to zero carbon, Portland pinches off fossil fuels Gregory Scruggs
As groundwater runs short, water battles grow in parched Chennai Anuradha Nagaraj
Homes build cohesion between Syrian refugees and Jordanians Adela Suliman
Shopping by kayak in Denmark's greenest neighbourhoods Lin Taylor
In traffic-tied Nairobi, the way forward may be on foot Kagondu Njagi
In bid for healthy cities, Ethiopia aims to boost urban green Elias Gebreselassie
Battered by climate change, U.S. cities discuss 'managed retreat' Carey L. Biron
Zero carbon at sea? Rotterdam port eyes a greener future Isabelle Gerretsen
Vancouver mayor departs with 'Greenest City' goal uncertain Gregory Scruggs
Philippine resort city chooses 'morally correct' low-carbon path Rina Chandran
Cycling city Copenhagen sprints to be first carbon-neutral capital Lin Taylor
Boomtown Seattle aims to add jobs - and subtract emissions Gregory Scruggs
As groundwater levels plunge, Lahore begins turning off taps Waqar Mustafa
Heatwave threats rarely an urban priority, even as risks rise Laurie Goering
Fearing tourist drought, Cape Town charts a new water relationship Laurie Goering
Cities face big rise in heat, flood risks by 2050 - researchers Laurie Goering
Nairobi looks for new water to ease its growing thirst Kagondu Njagi
South Africa aims for 'zero carbon' buildings in green push Munyaradzi Makoni
African cities pledge to cut emissions to zero by 2050 Eromo Egbejule
Falling Freetown Nicky Milne and Timothy Moss
Climate battle will be won or lost in cities Adela Suliman
Five ways to make parched cities cooler Adela Suliman
Carbon cuts could help 15 cities each avoid 1 mln early deaths Sebastien Malo
In the rush to develop, Asia's cities advised to think green Kieran Guilbert
Water rationing in Brazil's capital to end by December Karla Mendes
Nature calling: Crammed cities go green for climate, health Sophie Davies
Look at consumption when assigning blame for global warming -study Sebastien Malo
Cities, scientists unite against climate change at U.N. summit Sebastien Malo
LA makes plans for sudden shocks, long-term calamity Ellen Wulfhorst
With pumps and canals, Sri Lanka’s capital moves to cut flood risk Amantha Perera
Search for new urban water sparks conflict in parched Malawi Charles Pensulo
European cities need to adapt now to future drought, floods Alex Whiting
Montreal mayor pins climate hopes on public transport boost Sophie Hares
Researchers team up with cities to make resilience a reality Michael Taylor
Women are an "unstoppable" force for climate action Anne Hidalgo
Parched Cape Town, flood-prone Miami help confront water risks Megan Rowling
Hotter summer highs means cities face increasingly deadly risks Laurie Goering
Financing sustainable infrastructure: a tale of two cities Sarah Colenbrander & Denise Chan
Climate-resilient, migrant-friendly cities could bail out Dhaka Saleemul Huq
With Irma - and power cut - Miami gets taste of deadly heat Adriana Brasileiro
Poorest bear brunt of climate shocks in cities Zoe Tabary
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