Climate-resilient crops

As extreme weather worsens, growing crops that are resistant to drought, flooding and unexpected changes in weather will be key to protecting world food security. How effective is it proving so far?

Malnutrition a threat with use of climate-resilient crops -experts Isaiah Esipisu
Middle East conflicts threaten crop ancestors key to food security Megan Rowling
New African academy to nurture nutritious "orphan" crops Maina Waruru
Biotech, farmer groups key for climate adaptation - panel Jake Lucas
As wheat yields fall in Kenya, farmers turn to beans Kagondu Njagi
Climate-hit Zimbabwe farmers opt for traditional crops Busani Bafana
Climate-smart Kenyan crop hits a setback - hungry birds Isaiah Esipisu
Nepali farmers abandon rice as monsoon shifts Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Seed diversity key to weathering the storms ahead Teresa Anderson, Gaia Foundation
Small farmers hold key to tackling climate change Frank Rijsberman, CEO, CGIAR
Millet for our bread in 2050? Jerome Bossuet
Cassava cushions Tanzanian farmers from climate impacts Kizito Makoye
Argentina seeks climate benefits in traditional maize varieties Ana Belluscio
Water-efficient maize boosts harvests for drought-hit Tanzanian ... Kizito Makoye
The rice story Thin Lei Win/AlertNet
Resistant seed helps Mali farmers battling climate change Soumaila T. Diarra
'Extended life' rice could quadruple yields, cut costs Syful Islam
Bringing back millet to cope with climate change, empower women Teresa Rehman
Sago championed as green alternative to Indonesia's appetite for ... Veby Mega Indah
Mali farmers adopt short-season crop as rainfall shifts Soumaila T Diarra
Zimbabwe turns to drought-resistant crops Madalitso Mwando
Traditional crops can end hunger in Kenya Katy Migiro
Drought-tolerant rice variety to help farmers in northern ... Syful Islam
Kenya's farmers, brewers raise a toast to sorghum David Njagi
Nepali farmers abandon rice as monsoon shifts Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Cassava comes to the table Neil Palmer
Africa flirts with GM technology in rush for climate-ready crops Megan Rowling
GM crops, industrialisation, crucial to African adaptation to ... Laurie Goering
Cassava could help African farmers cope with climate change - ... Megan Rowling
Should there be an alternative staple food to rice? thin-lei-win
Bangladesh resistant rice may not fill food gap - experts Syful Islam
Women changing gears to cassava in Kenya World Bank
Erratic rainfall driving switch from maize to potatoes in Kenya Geoffrey Kamadi
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