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Climate change and drought

As climate change brings more prolonged droughts, herders, farmers and other affected people are finding innovative ways to cope and try to prevent drought disasters

Up in smoke? Argentina delta blaze sparks worry - and legal action Marcela Valente
U.S. firefighters on climate frontlines sound alarm over staffing David Sherfinski and Avi Asher -Schapiro
Drought displaces hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians Emeline Wuibercq
Drought-hit Argentina faces water woes amid coronavirus pandemic Marcela Valente
Land disputes, climate change pressure Turkish nomads to settle Liz Cookman
Nepal chokes on smoke and ash as drought-worsened wildfires rage Aadesh Subedi
As Cape Town races to save water, 'Day Zero' draws closer Kim Harrisberg
Zimbabwe solar-irrigated farms face a new threat: hungry elephants Lungelo Ndhlovu
As taps run dry, Mexican drought fuels anger over water inequality Diana Baptista
Guatemala's children bear brunt of prolonged drought, rising heat Anastasia Moloney
After drought, Kenya's herders hammered by coronavirus curbs Wesley Langat
More deforestation and less rain threaten Brazilian agribusiness Mauricio Angelo
Red tape, conflict add to Ugandan herders' growing climate woes Liam Taylor
Iraq's farmers pushed off land as drought and heat cripple crops Tessa Fox
As Amazon losses continue, Brazil faces future of floods, drought Fabio Zuker
Amazon losses help drive growing wildfires elsewhere in Brazil Fabio Zuker
Satellite data shows hunger looming in Senegal, Mauritania Nellie Peyton
Who wins, who loses from the boom in climate prediction startups? Avi Asher-Schapiro
Hit by wilder weather, Botswana's farmers seek welfare payments Sharon Tshipa
Cacti and credit throw Brazil's drought-parched farmers a lifeline Laurie Goering
As large herds struggle, some Maasai try a swap to dairy cattle Caroline Wambui
Climate stress drove wave of Arab Spring refugees Megan Rowling
New drought insurance plan for Senegal to free up aid, save lives Nellie Peyton
Climate shocks threaten gains against HIV in Africa Inna Lazareva
With scratch-card savings, Senegal farmers dodge drought Nellie Peyton
After eastern Zimbabwe floods, water shortages parch Harare Tonderayi Mukeredzi
In Ethiopia, climate change leads herders to retrain as farmers Sebastien Malo
Quandary for drought-threatened Zimbabwe: Grow maize or not? Lungelo Ndhlovu
As unusual drought hits eastern Nepal, farmers migrate to get by Aadesh Subedi
In India's parched Bundelkhand, drought brings a tide of migration Shuriah Niazi
Displaced by worst Afghan drought in years fear harsh winter Reuters
Desert-fringed Middle East, North Africa put on drought warning Lin Taylor
As drought fuels Indian migration, 'those left behind suffer most' Roli Srivastava
Hit by extreme weather, Zimbabwe rolls out triple climate policy Tonderayi Mukeredzi
Rain-sodden England told to use less water or face drought Lin Taylor
Drought threatens millions of Afghans with hunger - UN Jared Ferrie
Water pressures rise in Pakistan with drought, population growth Rina Saeed Khan
Burkinabe farmer wins 'alternative Nobel' for anti-drought fight Nellie Peyton
Drought-hit Kenyan herders fire up a hot new crop: chilli peppers Caroline Wambui
Drought drives desperate Afghans to marry off children for money Jared Ferrie
As drought keeps men on the road, Mauritania's women take charge Zoe Tabary
Hike in record-dry months for Africa's Sahel worries scientists Laurie Goering
As drought saps hydropower, steam may keep Kenya boiling along Maina Waruru
With an eye on the sky, Costa Rica's farmers harvest rain Sebastian Rodriguez
Experts: Change policy to boost climate-smart farming in Africa Isaiah Esipisu
Forced to walk miles, India water crisis hits rural women hardest Rina Chandran
Mali's erratic weather pushes girls into risky jobs as maids Soumaila Diarra
In southern Ethiopia, herders join forces to revive rangelands Kizito Makoye
As fruit trees fall, a hunger threat looms in Kenya Caroline Wambui
In parched Afghanistan, drought sharpens water dispute with Iran Reuters
Harnessing the enemy: as crops dry, Malawi tries solar irrigation Charles Mkoka
Kenyan herders turn to grazing app to cut drought risks Anthony Langat
Poor farmers need better protection from costly disasters - UN Michael Taylor
African nations to get profiles of drought and flood risk Nicole Hoey
Zambia taps climate fund to battle worsening drought Charles Mkoka
Drought-hit Malawi farmers use sugar and fish soup to battle pests Charles Mkoka
Fearing tourist drought, Cape Town charts a new water relationship Laurie Goering
Drought-hit Cape Town learns resilience lessons the hard way Megan Rowling
Search for new urban water sparks conflict in parched Malawi Charles Pensulo
As droughts surge and traditions wane, nature in Kenya struggles Wesley Langat
Without rain, S.Africa's Cape Town may run out of water by April Reuters
As droughts lengthen, Zimbabwe’s medicinal plants disappear Andrew Mambondiyani
Droughts wipe out enough to feed 81 mln people - World Bank Alex Whiting
Drought-hit and hungry Sri Lankans struggle for a harvest –or work Amantha Perera
Countries awarded for combating crisis of desertification Matthew Ponsford
Drought-hit Nairobi looks to filthy dam to keep business flowing Kagondu Njagi
Indian village beats drought, one raindrop at a time Roli Srivastava
On an overheating planet, parched nations look to the clouds Adela Suliman
As wild weather worsens, Malawi forecasts get a $16 mln makeover Charles Mkoka
Sahel herders facing harshest dry season in years Nellie Peyton
NATO lawmakers warn climate change may worsen Middle East security Alex Whiting
In Italy's Po River valley, climate change threatens the future Marcello Rossi
Left with "chocolate water", Madagascar's dry south grows hungrier Sally Hayden
As drought hits harvests, Kenya’s farmers mull a seed change Justus Wanzala
For Algeria's struggling herders, "drought stops everything" Yasmin Bendaas
Heat and drought drive south India farmers from fields to cities Rina Chandran
Malawi cracks down on food smugglers seeking more profit Karen Sanje
Kenya's herders swap livestock for chillies as drought bites Isaiah Esipisu
South India's scorching drought forces farmers into debt bondage Anuradha Nagaraj
Somaliland drought a "nightmare" and security threat Laurie Goering
Treating droughts like hurricanes would aid vulnerable areas J.D. Capelouto
As drought slashes rice harvest, 900,000 face hunger in Sri Lanka Amantha Perera
In Peru, droughts give way to floods as climate change looms Reuters
Drought stokes battle for pastures in Kenya's northern regions Reuters
With drought looming, Sri Lanka tries something new: preparing Amantha Perera
Could "resurrection" crops feed a hungry planet? Peter Lykke Lind
From beans to ancient plants, drought-busting crops take root Anastasia Moloney
Solar borehole protects Kenyan herders' children from drought Isaiah Esipisu
From seeds to markets, maize alternatives face battles in Zimbabwe Tonderayi Mukeredzi
Huge dam to boost Kenya's urban water but may threaten Maasai Mara Wesley Langat
Drought worsens deadly West Nile virus epidemics in U.S. Alex Whiting
Erratic rains, rising costs trigger crisis for "champagne of teas" Athar Parvaiz
East Africa food prices reach record levels due to drought - U.N. Magdalena Mis
In drought-hit Kenya, slaughtering goats is a way to save herders Anthony Lang'at
Farmers in Sahel learn ways to avoid drought disaster Nellie Peyton
Insurance vital, but no magic bullet to fight drought in Africa Alex Whiting
Phones and radios lead way to water for Niger's herders Kieran Guilbert
New law a glimmer of hope for women's land rights in Mali Soumaila Diarra
In drought-hit Zimbabwe, women's "second shift" burden grows Andrew Mambondiyani
Drought in Kenya brings a surprise: More girls in school Isaiah Esipisu
U.N. tool uses satellite data to help farmers save water Umberto Bacchi
Kenyan irrigation app aims to cut water waste, crop losses Caroline Wambui
Disaster recovery loans help Kenyans beat weather shocks Kagondu Njagi
Islamic finance provides Kenyans with cushion against drought Zoe Tabary
As drought hits, livestock insurance aids pastoralists in Ethiopia Elias Gebreselassie
Sand dams protect water for drought-hit pastoralists in Kenya Benson Rioba
Kenya's parched farmers stop ploughing but harvest more food, jobs Isaiah Esipisu
Drought-hit Ethiopia moves to protect its dwindling forests Elias Gebreselassie
Armed with caterpillars, entrepreneur dishes up a hunger solution Morgane Le Cam
Zambia tries new way to beat drought: solar grain mills Danstan Kaunda
Used to whizzing bullets, Kashmir border farmers now face drought Ashutosh Sharma
With water short, Zimbabwe's farmers turn to capturing rain Andrew Mambondiyani
Climate forecasts could help parched herders make smarter moves Sophie Mbugua
In Kenya, organic macadamia nuts provide a cushion against drought Caroline Wambui
Early warning helps Pakistan's farmers prepare for drought season Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Bolivia declares state of emergency due to drought Reuters
Drought-hit women struggle as compassion runs dry at climate talks Megan Rowling
Waning fortunes of Mali's Fulani herders play into Islamist hands Reuters
Olive business roots young farmers in drying rural Morocco Megan Rowling
Cattle shortage leaves Zimbabwe's fields unploughed as rains fall Andrew Mambondiyani
Zimbabwe drought, hunger push farmers to seek greener pastures Tonderayi Mukeredzi
As temperatures soar, Zimbabwe's farmers test maize that can cope Busani Bafana
Solar irrigation cuts drought risk, emissions for Kenya's farmers Benson Rioba
Crickets, birds, weather data combine to guide African farmers Munyaradzi Makoni
Southern Indian villagers battle reservoir that will drown homes Rina Chandran
Smarter farming could cut hunger in drought-hit southern Africa Busani Bafana
Irrigation on rise in Africa as farmers face erratic weather Justus Wanzala
As drought hits Zambian harvests, food prices are on the rise Danstan Kaunda
South Africa's drought recovery could be stalled by uncertain rain Reuters
Parched Zimbabwe faces dire water shortages as dry season nears Andrew Mambondiyani
Drought-hit Kenyan herders turn to new money-maker: hay Anthony Langat
Innovative water storage helps Kenyans thrive in drought Isaiah Esipisu
Amid drought, mystery disease kills Zimbabwe's baobabs Andrew Mambondiyani
India's suicide farmers' widows face "living death" Rina Chandran
How to grow food in drought-hit Zimbabwe? Add irrigation Andrew Mambondiyani
As drought parches reserves, Zimbabwe puts wildlife on the block Jeffrey Moyo
Drought-parched Zambia turns to the sun to keep water flowing Danstan Kaunda
As droughts worsen, Kenyan herders revive ancient grazing system Anthony Langat
Forest fires and logging threaten Indian progress on climate goals Athar Parvaiz
Fickle rains torture Madagascar's drought-stricken south Katie Nguyen
Extreme weather increases level of toxins in food, scientists warn Kagondu Njagi
Kenya in a froth as drought spurs switch to 'camelcinos' Hannah McNeish
Tinder-dry Zimbabwe seeks jail terms for arsonists Busani Bafana
Armed guards protect last water in drought-parched Indian city Shuriah Niazi
Zimbabwe's tobacco revenue up in smoke due to El Nino Jeffrey Moyo
In drought-hit Burkina Faso, the (plant) doctor is in Zoe Tabary
Philippine rice farmer killed as drought protest turns violent Reuters
Amid drought, fish disappear from Zimbabwe's markets Marko Phiri
Zimbabwean 'wizard' bewitches a bumper crop amid drought Busani Bafana
Dry winter leaves Pakistan's farmers looking for work in town Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Drought adds fuel to fire as Zambia loses battle to save forests Tendai Marima
Droughts dominate disasters in record-hot 2015, storm deaths low Megan Rowling
Bottled water is 'the new gold' in drought-hit Harare Ray Mwareya
Drought tests a changed Ethiopia Reuters
Thailand scrambles to drill wells amid drought, water shortages Alisa Tang
Food aid, baobab on menu as Zimbabwe struggles with drought Andrew Mambondiyani
Latin America to tackle dual problems of hunger and obesity - UN Anastasia Moloney
El Nino and drought take a toll on Zimbabwe's cattle Marko Phiri
Drought damage to cereal production worsens - researchers Megan Rowling
As hydropower dries up, Tanzania moves toward fossil fuels Kizito Makoye
Child marriage on rise in drought-hit Ethiopia Katy Migiro
Drought threatens water-truck lifeline in parched NE Brazil Nádia Pontes
School dropout rate rising as drought boosts hunger in Zimbabwe Marko Phiri
From Libya to El Nino, U.N. experts warn: there's worse to come Reuters
Crippling power cuts fuel Zimbabwe's illegal logging trade Jeffrey Gogo
Electricity blackouts darken prospects for Zimbabwe's students Ray Mwareya
To arm against drought, Kenya maps its water resources Maina Waruru
New NASA data shows Brazil's drought deeper than thought Chris Arsenault
Hunger looms over Ethiopia as El Nino drives drought Magda Mis
Scientists predict drier Horn of Africa as climate warms Megan Rowling
Severe drought, floods destroy crops in Papua New Guinea highlands Catherine Wilson
Drought-hit Indian village looks to 'water wives' to quench thirst Reuters
Sanctions, higher costs considered under California drought plan Reuters
Farming plan aims to help north Mali despite drought, conflict Chris Arsenault
Drip by drip, Tanzania farmers learn to cope with drought Kizito Makoye
Drought-hit Pakistan turns to solar water treatment Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Sao Paulo running out of water as rain-making Amazon vanishes Adriana Brasileiro
Drought threatens more than 500,000 in Honduras -Red Cross Reuters
Climate change to trigger longer, fiercer 'megadroughts' Chris Arsenault
Drought-hit Kenyan farmers bank on goats as new currency Isaiah Esipisu
Drought puts spotlight on Central American climate change woes Anastasia Moloney
As risk of drought rises, Australian farmers struggle to invest Reuters
Central America braces for drought-linked food crisis Anastasia Moloney
Sri Lanka launches drought relief measures for farmers Amantha Perera
Colombia braces for El Nino-related drought Anastasia Moloney
Extreme weather leaves conflict-hit communities more vulnerable Amantha Perera
Climate change and desertification threaten social stability Monique Barbut, Executive Secretary, UNCCD
Climate-hit Zimbabweans smell success in geranium oil Busani Bafana
Reservoirs needed to cut deaths in drought-hit Pakistan Aamir Saeed
Drought-hit East African farmers turn to growing twine Pius Sawa
Tanzania opens up more grazing land to drought-hit herders Kizito Makoye
Drought parches Sri Lanka's farms, threatens hydropower Amantha Perera
Preparing for drought cheaper than waiting for it - UN agencies Megan Rowling
SMS weather advice cushions Tanzanian farmers from drought Kizito Makoye
Kenya's urban poor feel the rural pull as insurance makes farming ... Kagondu Njagi
Tanzanian officials, farmers exchange blame for crop failure Kizito Makoye
Resilient agriculture, water reservoirs crucial for Pakistan - ... Waqar Mustafa
To deal with worsening drought, Pakistan turns to olives Aamir Saeed
India's small farmers turn hydrologists to battle drought Stella Paul
'Sand dams' bank water for dry season in semi-arid Kenya Isaiah Esipisu
Worsening drought drives Tanzania's youth to the cities Kizito Makoye
Water-efficient maize boosts harvests for drought-hit Tanzanian ... Kizito Makoye
Bhoo Chetana helps farmers tackle drought Alina Paul-Bossuet
Drought farming lessons join reading and writing at Kenyan schools Isaiah Esipisu
Zimbabwe turns to drought-resistant crops Madalitso Mwando
West India drought fuels migration to cities Darryl D'Monte
Weather extremes push Sri Lanka to adopt crop insurance Amantha Perera
Bangladesh to trial weather index-based crop insurance Syful Islam
Reverting to pastoralism, East Africa's herders innovate to cope ... Pius Sawa
Water monitoring system aids Kenyan herders Geoffrey Kamadi
Tanzanian farmers look to science - and tradition - to resist ... Felix Mwakyembe
Weather insurance protects smallholder farmers in Tanzania World Vision
"Solid rain" brings relief to drought-stricken Mexico REUTERS/Tara Cleary
Drought-tolerant rice variety to help farmers in northern ... Syful Islam
Kenyan herders switch to farming as droughts worsen Gitonga Njeru
Solar weather stations alert Kenyan farmers to drought David Njagi
Women take on drought and pests with virtual science academy Alina Paul-Bossuet
Drought-hit Kenya turns to cloud seeding for rain Gitonga Njeru
Can India teach Europe to deal with drought? Alina Paul-Bossuet
Drought insurance falls short for some Kenyan herders Abjata Khalif
Kenyan drought puts traditional weather forecasters on the ... Abjata Khalif
Drought-hit Kenya develops a taste for camel Gitonga Njeru
Faced with drought, Peru's highlanders revive ancient water Erik Struyf Palacios
Small seed packets, big policies tackle Horn of Africa drought Alina Paul-Bossuet
Kenyan farmers beat drought - and then battle pests David Njagi
Insurance aims to help herders avoid 'downward spiral' from ... Laurie Goering
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