Wildfires and climate change

As climate change brings stronger droughts and hotter temperatures, wildfires are becoming a bigger threat around the world - including in places they have not been seen previously

Mental health at risk as California wildfire threat grows Ellen Wulfhorst
Wildfire threat darkens California dream, residents say Ellen Wulfhorst
Climate-fueled US wildfires take toll on those who fight them Ellen Wulfhorst
As wildfires worsen, Californians harness tech for help Ellen Wulfhorst
Spanish coders harness tech to track health risks for firefighters Megan Rowling
Hit by wildfires and heat, Tunisia's youth join climate protests Layli Foroudi
Extreme 'devil winds' may worsen deadly California fires Reuters
Zimbabwe's farmers feel the heat of fires - and of price hikes Marko Phiri
Fight fires with indigenous knowledge, researchers say Isabelle Gerretsen
As far-north temperatures rise, Alaska tundra fires proliferate Reuters
Wildfire fix will take 'a period of years' to protect U.S. forests Gregory Scruggs
LA makes plans for sudden shocks, long-term calamity Ellen Wulfhorst
Forest fires stoke record loss in world tree cover Reuters
As Europe scorches, goats fight wildfires one bite at a time Lin Taylor
Cartoons and calendars help Bolivian farmers dampen fire risk Sophie Hares
Tinder-dry Zimbabwe seeks jail terms for arsonists Busani Bafana
Anger flares as wildfire-hit Canadian city struggles to rebuild Reuters
Forest fires and logging threaten Indian progress on climate goals Athar Parvaiz
Indonesia warns of fire risk in haze-prone regions in March-April Reuters
Drought adds fuel to fire as Zambia loses battle to save forests Tendai Marima
Malaysian Borneo's air quality hits hazardous levels as fires rage Reuters
Indonesia sets up peatland restoration agency after fires Reuters
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