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Race and Inequality

Global protests over the death of an unarmed black man in police custody in Minnesota coupled with the coronavirus have exposed the deep inequalities faced by many black men and women around the world.

We examine how racial inequality intersects with climate change, health, housing, technology, livelihoods and business.

We want to hear from you: what critical stories and perspectives are missing from our coverage of systemic racism around the world?

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Democrat Biden promises economic policies to fight racial inequity Reuters
Ethnic minorities hold less than 5% of Britain's top jobs Amber Milne
Campaigner's death fuels calls for UK to speed 'Windrush' payments Amber Milne
U.S. mothers stand up to federal agents at anti-racism protests Reuters
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Kenya museum, Mau Mau fighter shed light on British colonial abuse Reuters
Calls for removal of the world's largest Confederate Monument Reuters
U.S. Black and white unemployment rates gap is widest in 5 years Reuters
Doctor brings mobile COVID-19 testing to Black communities Anastasia Moloney
What should replace America's Confederate statues? Nellie Peyton
Hire women of colour and promote them, UK companies told Darnell Christie
Who owns the street? Seattle protest zone sparks debate Gregory Scruggs
Boston votes to remove statue of Lincoln and enslaved Black man Reuters
Nigeria's slave descendants hope race protests curb discrimination Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani
LGBT+ marches from London to New York call for end to racism Matthew Lavietes and Hugo Greenhalgh
LGBT+ Pride marches return to radical roots to support Black Lives Hugo Greenhalgh, Matthew Lavietes and Beh Lih Yi
Unilever to drop 'Fair & Lovely' skin lightening product name Reuters
Spanish footballer houses black migrant fruitpickers Sophie Davies
Black Arab women tackle racist beauty ideals and stereotypes Ban Barkawi
I'm a young Black man who used to oppose Black Lives Matter Johanan Sowah
U.S. more aware of racial inequality but still rejects reparations Reuters
Unilever faces calls to pull skin lightening products Annie Banerji
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Mapping police violence against Black people in the United States Nellie Peyton
One month on, what have the George Floyd protests achieved? Anastasia Moloney, Thin Lei Win and Nellie Peyton
Black Lives Matter protests spur calls for reparations Nellie Peyton and Christine Murray
Canada confronts racism in police in wake of indigenous deaths Jack Graham
Trump says will issue order on U.S. historical monuments Reuters
Pakistan's first Sheedi lawmaker targets 'scourge of racism' Zofeen T. Ebrahim
BLM can help us free slaves today, as well as condemning history Azim Kidwai
Spat on and abused: Coronavirus fuels racism in India Annie Banerji
Caribbean says British apologies for slavery is not enough Reuters
As U.S. lockdowns lift, evictions loom for poorest city dwellers Ellen Wulfhorst
U.N. sets up inquiry into racism after George Floyd death Reuters
In a U.S. first, California city set to ban predictive policing Avi Asher-Schapiro
Top women's rights group probes claims of racism by staff Sonia Elks
Defunding the police: Does Europe offer lessons for the U.S.? Thin Lei Win
'Your home is your castle' - unless police mount a 'no-knock' raid Carey L. Biron
Lloyd's of London to pay for 'shameful' Atlantic slave trade role Reuters
For Chile indigenous youth, U.S. race protests echo land struggle Anastasia Moloney
Ugandans join global push to rename colonial-era landmarks Nita Bhalla
On Twitter, indigenous Guatemalans recount everyday racism Anastasia Moloney
Dalit killings in Nepal spark outrage over caste discrimination Gopal Sharma
U.S. black domestic workers fear losing homes after losing jobs Christine Murray
Why black-owned U.S. businesses are hardest hit by coronavirus Reuters
South Africa's first black Miss Universe fights racism Kim Harrisberg
For U.S. blacks, Latinos, no sign of a broadly rising tide Reuters
Black actors, singers to headline livestream for global gay pride Matthew Lavietes
Black fashion professionals demand change in 'Vogue Challenge' Amber Milne
Knocked off their perch: protesters target empire builders Reuters
What changes are governments making in response to the protests? Reuters
Find better ways to depict history, says #RhodesMustFall activist Nita Bhalla
'It's time to raise our voice' - Mexican actors condemn racism Christine Murray
End racial injustice? Abolish prisons, some U.S. activists say Ellen Wulfhorst
Protests, pandemic pile pressure on U.S. public space Carey L. Biron
LGBT+ organisers team up with U.S. black activists for Gay Pride Reuters
Afghan artists paint mural on blast wall to George Floyd Reuters
'Treated like crap' - Black women march for equality Matthew Lavietes
U.S. towns see racism in streets, schools and more Nellie Peyton
U.S. protesters topple Columbus statue and throw it in a lake Reuters
Toppled statue of English slave trader to be moved to a museum Reuters
L'Oreal offers job to black trans model sacked over race remarks Umberto Bacchi
Should we remove Congo coloniser statues, Belgian councillor asks Reuters
Toppling of UK statue fuels debate on monuments to slave traders Sonia Elks
Calls to support black trans women rise amid U.S. protests Oscar Lopez
Tens of thousands join Black Lives Matter protest in London Reuters
Slave trader's statue torn down in UK amid global protests Amber Milne
Protests roll on against 'worldwide' racism Reuters
Bollywood protests racism while backing skin lightening Annie Banerji
Black girls and supporters surf to honor George Floyd Reuters
Indigenous chief says Canadian police beat him over licence plate Reuters
Creator of term 'misogynoir' sees power in #hashtag activism Ellen Wulfhorst
After indigenous death, Trudeau calls end to police discrimination Reuters
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Brazil's Supreme Court halts police raids in Rio's favelas Reuters
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Sweden urges protesters to take it online during pandemic Reuters
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Climate justice is racial justice Keya Chatterjee
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'One paycheck away' : housing inequality fuels U.S. protests Carey L. Biron
LGBT+ people should protest racist police brutality in Pride Month Jessica Stern
First-time young black women protesters are 'done being silent' Ellen Wulfhorst
Grindr, Hornet ditch ethnicity filters amid U.S. protests Hugo Greenhalgh
George Floyd: America's racial inequality in numbers Nellie Peyton and Anastasia Moloney
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