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Rising heat

As climate change takes hold, temperature records are being broken around the world month by month. What does that look like - and how are people responding?

Climate-fueled heat hitting U.S. workers' pay and health David Sherfinski
What to know as climate change drives heatwave extremes David Sherfinski
Sierra Leone names Africa's first chief heat officer Kim Harrisberg
Extreme heat linked to more deaths in tropical forest communities Michael Taylor
Colombia's Medellin plants 'green corridors' to beat heat Anastasia Moloney
U.S. infrastructure bill aims to cool heat inequity in cities David Sherfinski
In fast-warming world, Tokyo is barometer for future Olympics Beh Lih Yi
Iraq's power cuts show privilege of staying cool in a heatwave Maya Gebeily
Who wins, who loses from the boom in climate prediction startups? Avi Asher-Schapiro
Canada heatwave: How can cities adapt to rising temperatures? Laurie Goering and Zoe Lieberman
In Nepal’s oldest park, rising heat fuels surge in invasive plants Pramod Acharya
City 'heat officers' take aim at climate change's 'silent killer' Carey L. Biron
Hydropower push leaves Pakistani Kashmir's capital hot, bothered Roshan Din Shad
'Cooling gap' widens, despite rising heat, as virus hikes poverty Laurie Goering
UK 'not prepared' for climate threats, from heat to food shortages Laurie Goering
Rising heat and snow-bare peaks chill Nepal's mountain economy Aadesh Subedi
As cities bake on a warmer planet, insurers cook up heatwave cover Laurie Goering
Heatwave Harry? As temps soar, naming the threat may save lives Laurie Goering
Much of West Africa faces Sahara-level heat within a century Nellie Peyton
'Life or death': Baking U.S. cities legislate for air conditioning Carey L. Biron
As workers sweat, pressure grows on employers to turn down heat Megan Rowling
Hot but want to stop the virus? Japan keeps mask-wearing cool Beh Lih Yi
Eat or stay cool? Cities test ways to protect poor from heat Laurie Goering
U.S. tree-planting push to curb warming, boost jobs Carey L. Biron
Awnings to aircon: Heat threat drives innovation in pandemic year Laurie Goering
Efficient cooling seen as key to managing climate change risks Thin Lei Win
Ice age: Off-grid ways to turn down rising heat for the poor Thin Lei Win
Scarcity of shade hurts Indian street vendors' income, health Rina Chandran
Cooler, greener: Egyptian architects seek antidotes to rising heat Menna A. Farouk
Beat the heat? India struggles to keep cool during lockdown Annie Banerji
Life-threatening extreme heat set to trap millions indoors by 2060 Thin Lei Win
It's official: India just experienced its hottest decade on record Annie Banerji
'A sly thief': Rising heat steals jobs and lives in eastern India Manipadma Jena
Climate change set to make extreme heat more common - and costly Laurie Goering
Trees alone can't win fight against soaring heat, cities warned Zoe Tabary
Planners urged to look beyond history to judge climate risks Megan Rowling
Extreme heat hitting rich and poor harder, climate index shows Megan Rowling
Baking cities advance 'slowly' in race against rising heat threat Laurie Goering
Europe's July heatwave 'extremely unlikely' without climate change Megan Rowling
Hotter but less deadly? Preparedness may cut Europe heatwave toll Megan Rowling
India's Kerala to give workers a siesta to help beat the heat Roli Srivastava
From tennis to cricket, climate change turns up heat on sports Lin Taylor
Rising heat stress could cost 80 mln jobs by 2030: UN Lin Taylor
Malawi court suspends wearing of wigs and gowns amid heatwave Charles Pensulo
Indian cities urged to develop heat action plans Rina Chandran
Rising heat scorches recovery efforts in cyclone-hit Indian state Anuradha Nagaraj
Cold comfort: Countries get help to cool down in a warming world Sonia Elks
Americans in cool states misjudge threat from rising heat waves Sebastien Malo
Heatwave threatens to slash harvests in drought-hit Zimbabwe Lungelo Ndhlovu
Warming waters heat up fishing costs along India’s Malabar Coast Colin Daileda
Heat wave brings Melbourne blackouts, halts tennis tournament Reuters
Climate change may zap male fertility, scientists find Laurie Goering
'Silent emergency' as heat risks rise in Hong Kong - and globally Marianne Bray
As far-north temperatures rise, Alaska tundra fires proliferate Reuters
Meeting climate goals would cut U.S. city heat deaths, Miami ahead Sebastien Malo
Too hot to bite: Tsetse flies dwindle as temperatures rise Andrew Mambondiyani
Scientists predict major increase in heatwave deaths Sebastien Malo
Fight fires with indigenous knowledge, researchers say Isabelle Gerretsen
Poor struggle to stay cool as planet's mercury rises Sophie Hares
Chinese most at risk of death from deadly heatwaves Isabelle Gerretsen
Red Cross warns of food crisis in N. Korea as crops fail in heat Reuters
Rising temperatures will mean more deaths globally Sophie Hares
Too hot to handle? Expect more heat waves with climate change Lin Taylor
Rising temperatures to carry big price tag in steamy Sri Lanka Amantha Perera
Rising heat linked to suicide spikes in U.S. and Mexico Lin Taylor
Cities face big rise in heat, flood risks by 2050 - researchers Laurie Goering
Heatwave blankets Japan, kills 14 people over long weekend Reuters
Over a billion people struggle to stay cool as Earth warms Reuters
Workers in summer heat need far better protections Sebastien Malo
Heatwave threats rarely an urban priority, even as risks rise Laurie Goering
Shinier cities - and fields - could cut heat risk: scientists Laurie Goering
Silent killer: Sweltering planet braces for deadly heat shocks Laurie Goering
None like it hot - warmer winters worry Arctic scientists Thin Lei Win
Five ways to make parched cities cooler Adela Suliman
Rural Kenyans beat rising heat with mud-brick homes Kagondu Njagi
Pakistan heatwave kills 65 people in Karachi - welfare group Reuters
Hotter summer highs means cities face increasingly deadly risks Laurie Goering
Pakistan’s strong spring heat drives up water use, health risks Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Shivering in the tropics: Southeast Asia faces "cooling crisis" Michael Taylor
Ocean warming threatens to drown Costa Rica’s whale tourism Sebastian Rodriguez
Shorter, hotter, earlier: Shrinking spring cuts Pakistani harvests Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
As slums face heat extremes, “I feel really scared,” residents say Kagondu Njagi
LA makes plans for sudden shocks, long-term calamity Ellen Wulfhorst
With early warning, Karachi cools a heatwave threat Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
New crops, technology needed to help farmers adapt to rising heat Thin Lei Win
Rising humidity can worsen impact of higher temperatures Rina Chandran
Blood clots to leaking guts - 27 ways to die from heatwaves Heba Kanso
Can governments keep their people safe as temperatures rise? Alex Whiting
For Algeria's struggling herders, "drought stops everything" Yasmin Bendaas
Climate change harms health worldwide as millions swelter Reuters
Frequency of excessive summertime heat seen rising across U.S. Reuters
Portuguese protest at deadly forest fires, government pledges aid Reuters
Qatar must protect workers from lethal heat, rights group says Reuters
With Irma - and power cut - Miami gets taste of deadly heat Adriana Brasileiro
Cooling vests aim to help migrant workers weather the Gulf's heat Heba Kanso
Sponges, forests and air corridors: how nature can cool cities Astrid Zweynert
Armed with wet sacks, India's poorest try to beat extreme heat Manipadma Jena
In Canada, climate change could open new farmland to the plow Chris Arsenault
On an overheating planet, parched nations look to the clouds Adela Suliman
Six ways to stay cool without air conditioning Megan Rowling
Move over malaria: Zika, dengue may thrive in warmer Africa Kieran Guilbert
Human frontiers: How much heat can body and mind take? Zoe Tabary
Extreme heat – an "unseen threat" – burns US urban poor Sebastien Malo
Iceland reaps riches from warming oceans as fish swim north Thin Lei Win
Heat and drought drive south India farmers from fields to cities Rina Chandran
As Europe scorches, goats fight wildfires one bite at a time Lin Taylor
Expect more 'Lucifer' heatwaves to scorch Europe, scientists say Lin Taylor
As heat rises, women risk death in South Asia Gulrez Shah Azhar
Dubai street cleaners beat the heat with 'cooling collars' Heba Kanso
Urban trees save megacities millions Anna Pujol-Mazzini
Wildfire-hit Portugal declares public calamity as braces for more Reuters
Much of South Asia could be too hot to live in by 2100 Chris Arsenault
Mongolia bans grain exports amid hottest temperatures in 56 years Reuters
Canada Yukon offers free land if you're willing to farm the north Chris Arsenault
Brazil risks Hantavirus rise due to sugarcane, climate change Sophie Hares
Asia faces disaster from heat if climate change unchecked Thin Lei Win
Floods, reef loss and migration: Asia's future on a hotter planet Thin Lei Win
Climate change may ground a third of aircraft in coming decades Sebastien Malo
With a touch of paint, India's slum women battle extreme heat Rina Chandran
Climate change played a role in Europe's scorching June - study Reuters
Killer heatwaves set for dramatic rise, researchers warn Manipadma Jena
Shifting weather in Pakistan forces changes in school holidays Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Deadly heatwaves surge in India, with worse ahead, researchers say Laurie Goering
Urban "heat islands" seen doubling city climate costs Reuters
Tribal women corner the market on India's heat-hardy black goats K. Rajendran
Britain records warmest September day since 1911 Reuters
Scientists surprised by record heat linked to climate change Zoe Tabary
Karachi opens heat relief centres in bid to cut death toll Aamir Saeed
Too hot to work: global warming to cost $2tn in lost productivity Beh Lih Yi
Thousands of heat deaths predicted as New York City heats up Sebastien Malo
Globalised economy more susceptible to extreme weather: scientists Megan Rowling
India braces for more heat after temperatures break records Reuters
Karachi readies graves, hospitals, in case heat wave hits again Reuters
Unusual heat bakes Sri Lanka's chicken industry Amantha Perera
Rising heat at work is major new climate threat - U.N. Alex Whiting
India's Odisha readies pioneering plan to combat deadly heat Manipadma Jena
Every year could bring a heat wave if climate change continues Megan Rowling
Atlantic, Caribbean storms more destructive as temperatures rise Sebastien Malo
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