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Sea level rise

Climate change is warming seas and melting glaciers, slowing raising sea level around the world. That is threatening everything from low-lying islands to coastal communities, which are being hit with worsening flooding and storm surges. What can be done to help them adapt and lower the risks?

Stay or go? Asian nations mull options as seas rise, cities sink Rina Chandran
US announces $30 mln to bolster coasts from flooding, rising seas Ellen Wulfhorst
Protect coastal, island communities now as seas rise - scientists Laurie Goering
Salty soil sends U.S. farmers, officials scrambling Carey L. Biron
'Sandscaping' first for UK in bid to save coastal homes Adela Suliman
As sea levels rise, U.N. climbs aboard floating-cities push Sebastien Malo
Seawalls and forests aim to save the living-and dead-in Tanzania Hannah McNeish
Thai death penalty threat over floating home sparks debate Rina Chandran
Rising sea, falling price? Climate change hits Florida home values Adriana Brasileiro
Cut emissions to avert catastrophic sea-level rise: UN report Reuters
Senegal city races to move families as sea swallows homes Nellie Peyton
Mental stress on rise as coastal towns face surging climate threat Sebastien Malo
Battered by climate change, U.S. cities discuss 'managed retreat' Carey L. Biron
'The water's not going anywhere' - Louisiana faces climate threats Nicky Milne
Louisiana 'islanders' find a new home beyond the water Nicky Milne
Seas to rise about a metre even if climate goals are met-study Reuters
Can governments keep their people safe as temperatures rise? Alex Whiting
In flood-prone Jakarta, will "Giant Sea Wall" sink or swim? Thin Lei Win
Concrete reefs come to the rescue of sinking islands Rina Chandran
In Miami, battling sea level rise may mean surrendering land Adriana Brasileiro
'I don't have no plan': Louisiana shrimpers fear stormy future Ellen Wulfhorst
Youth hope to stay in sinking Louisiana delta if business looks up Ellen Wulfhorst
Fight or flee? Locals face hard choices as Louisiana coast recedes Ellen Wulfhorst
'Our culture is dying': Rising waters menace Louisiana traditions Ellen Wulfhorst
FACTBOX-A $50 bln wish list to keep Louisiana coast above water Ellen Wulfhorst
As Senegal's coast crumbles, residents ponder move to safer ground Nellie Peyton
Hawaii faces more flooding with possible record high tides Reuters
Next 50 years will determine humans' outcome "for 10,000 years" Alex Whiting
As seas rise, French Polynesia ponders floating islands Sebastien Malo
Caribbean islands count on coral to build up coastal resilience Sophie Hares
Micronesia hopes Trump reconsiders stand on climate change Reuters
Obama joins other world leaders to create new ocean sanctuaries Reuters
Coastal land expands as construction outpaces sea level rise Reuters
Film links melting glaciers, land loss in Bangladesh Sebastien Malo
Rising seas submerge five Pacific islands, researchers find Sebastien Malo
Walls to protect Zanzibar resorts threaten fishing communities Mohamed Issa
First U.S. coastal community relocates as sea levels rise Sebastien Malo
Sea level rise projected to displace 13 million in US by 2100 Reuters
As sea levels rise, economic damage piles up even faster: study Reuters
Faster sea level rise sharpens need to curb global warming Megan Rowling
Slide of north Greenland glacier quickens, raising sea levels Reuters
Rising seas to displace millions of Americans if warming unchecked Chris Arsenault
Rising seas menace 280 mln people even with 2C warming Megan Rowling
Obama: Shrinking Exit Glacier a powerful sign of warming climate Reuters
Global sea levels climbed 3 inches since 1992: NASA Reuters
Seas could rise 6 metres even if governments curb warming - study Reuters
Antarctic glaciers once thought stable now thawing fast - study Reuters
Political inertia must not strangle climate deal: island minister Laurie Goering
After storm, Kiribati leader sees growing threat to nation Megan Rowling
NASA finds Antarctic ice shelf a few years from disintegration Reuters
Sea level rise quickens threat to coasts more than thought Reuters
In Jakarta, that sinking feeling is all too real Reuters
Zanzibar plans relocation of coastal families Mohamed issa
Flirting with retreat along Britain's battered shores Reuters
Robot "dolphins" give clues to Antarctic melt in data revolution Reuters
Indonesia to build $263 mln sea wall to protect capital Reuters
US scientists urge 'national vision' to curb coastal risks Reuters
Why metro Houston fears the next big storm Reuters
As sea level rises, an Alaska village faces an existential dilemma Duff Wilson
Rising seas seen causing routine floods in US cities: study Reuters
As seas rise, a slow-motion disaster gnaws at U.S. shores Ryan McNeill, Deborah J. Nelson and Duff Wilson
Coastal flooding has surged in U.S., analysis finds Reuters
Small island states, facing rising seas, seek economic overhaul Reuters
'Mission Blue' film charts scientist's quest to save oceans Reuters
Sea-level rise could reverse Africa's development gains Richard Munang and Julie Hval, UNEP
Atlantic Ocean temperatures provide Amazon drought clues Barbara Fraser
Acid oceans will cut food and jobs for poor - scientists Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Business urged to do more to save oceans -World Bank study Reuters
Oceans face "deadly trio" of threats, study says Reuters
2013 is seventh hottest year, rising seas worsen typhoon Reuters
Ill-prepared Suriname faces worsening flooding Marvin Hokstam
Tide of humanity, as well as rising seas, lap at Kiribati's future Reuters
Guyana must invest against sea level rise - expert Johann Earle
Pacific islanders face major losses from climate change Megan Rowling
Developing cities must protect against climate risks -study Reuters
Outlawing sea level rise? Tom Mitchell
West Antarctica warming fast, may quicken sea level rise-study Reuters
Rising sea forces Panamanian islanders to move to mainland Reuters
Saving mangroves cheaper than building coastal protection Johann Earle
Rising tides threaten Tanzania's coastal towns Kizito Makoye
Migration to low-lying coastal cities putting lives at risk -... Laurie Goering
Floods spurred by rising seas threaten 5 million in US Reuters
Climate change heightens coastal erosion risk in Sri Lanka Amantha Perera
Climate change heightens coastal erosion threat in Sri Lanka Amantha Perera
Rise in sea level can't be stopped, scientists say Reuters
Guyana struggles to invest in climate defences Johann Earle
Cities must tackle rising flood risk - World Bank Megan Rowling
Ghana's coast dwellers flee encroaching seas Suleiman Mustapha
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