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Southern Africa drought

Droughts are becoming longer and harsher in southern Africa, threatening maize, the region's staple crop, as well as community water supplies and hydropower plants, one of the region's major sources of power. How are countries adapting?

Hit by extreme weather, Zimbabwe rolls out triple climate policy Tonderayi Mukeredzi
Fearing tourist drought, Cape Town charts a new water relationship Laurie Goering
Search for new urban water sparks conflict in parched Malawi Charles Pensulo
African nations to get profiles of drought and flood risk Nicole Hoey
Drought-hit Cape Town learns resilience lessons the hard way Megan Rowling
Zambia taps climate fund to battle worsening drought Charles Mkoka
Malawi cracks down on food smugglers seeking more profit Karen Sanje
Rains raise harvest hopes in Zimbabwe – but pest brings "misery" Busani Bafana
Quandary for drought-threatened Zimbabwe: Grow maize or not? Lungelo Ndhlovu
Heavy rains wash away Zimbabwe’s roads, leaving crops stranded Andrew Mambondiyani
In drought-hit Zimbabwe, women's "second shift" burden grows Andrew Mambondiyani
With water short, Zimbabwe's farmers turn to capturing rain Andrew Mambondiyani
Zambia tries new way to beat drought: solar grain mills Danstan Kaunda
As temperatures soar, Zimbabwe's farmers test maize that can cope Busani Bafana
Cattle shortage leaves Zimbabwe's fields unploughed as rains fall Andrew Mambondiyani
Drought-hit women struggle as compassion runs dry at climate talks Megan Rowling
Zimbabwe drought, hunger push farmers to seek greener pastures Tonderayi Mukeredzi
As droughts lengthen, Zimbabwe’s medicinal plants disappear Andrew Mambondiyani
Swap maize for millet? Zimbabwe's farmers just say no Marko Phiri
Insurance vital, but no magic bullet to fight drought in Africa Alex Whiting
From seeds to markets, maize alternatives face battles in Zimbabwe Tonderayi Mukeredzi
Could "resurrection" crops feed a hungry planet? Peter Lykke Lind
Crickets, birds, weather data combine to guide African farmers Munyaradzi Makoni
Smarter farming could cut hunger in drought-hit southern Africa Busani Bafana
As drought hits Zambian harvests, food prices are on the rise Danstan Kaunda
South Africa's drought recovery could be stalled by uncertain rain Reuters
Parched Zimbabwe faces dire water shortages as dry season nears Andrew Mambondiyani
Amid drought, mystery disease kills Zimbabwe's baobabs Andrew Mambondiyani
As drought parches reserves, Zimbabwe puts wildlife on the block Jeffrey Moyo
Drought-parched Zambia turns to the sun to keep water flowing Danstan Kaunda
Tinder-dry Zimbabwe seeks jail terms for arsonists Busani Bafana
Lack of water limits Madagascar's climate-smart agriculture Katie Nguyen
Fickle rains torture Madagascar's drought-stricken south Katie Nguyen
How to grow food in drought-hit Zimbabwe? Add irrigation Andrew Mambondiyani
Zimbabwe's tobacco revenue up in smoke due to El Nino Jeffrey Moyo
Amid drought, fish disappear from Zimbabwe's markets Marko Phiri
Zimbabwean 'wizard' bewitches a bumper crop amid drought Busani Bafana
Southern Africa drought needs swift response - aid agencies Luke Mintz
Zimbabwe says up to 4 mln need food aid after drought Reuters
Zimbabwe looks to the sun as drought hits hydropower Andrew Mambondiyani
Bottled water is 'the new gold' in drought-hit Harare Ray Mwareya
Refugees in Malawi face food aid cuts amid funding drought Megan Rowling
Food aid, baobab on menu as Zimbabwe struggles with drought Andrew Mambondiyani
Zambia and Zimbabwe's Kariba dam levels sink as drought scorches Reuters
El Niño pushes Zambian farmers to question maize habit Whitney Mulobela
South Africa's worst drought in memory adds to economic gloom Reuters
El Nino and drought take a toll on Zimbabwe's cattle Marko Phiri
Africa takes fresh look at GMO crops as drought blights continent Reuters
Drought damage to cereal production worsens - researchers Megan Rowling
Southern Africa faces food shortages as El Nino drought worsens Reuters
School dropout rate rising as drought boosts hunger in Zimbabwe Marko Phiri
Crippling power cuts fuel Zimbabwe's illegal logging trade Jeffrey Gogo
Electricity blackouts darken prospects for Zimbabwe's students Ray Mwareya
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