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Insurance and climate change

How will the world curb the financial risks of climate change, from stronger hurricanes to worsening drought? Insurance may play a key role

As cities bake on a warmer planet, insurers cook up heatwave cover Laurie Goering
Kenyan farmers snap crops with phones to improve insurance payouts Kagondu Njagi
Revamp hunger aid, urges risk chief for Nobel-winning food agency Laurie Goering
Real-time insurance for farm credit helps Kenyans weather drought Wesley Langat
Milking it? Ethiopian farmers fight drought with insured cows Andualem Sisay Gessesse
As climate risks rise, insurance needed to protect development Jan Kellett & Astrid Zwick
Costa Rica struggles to sell insurance to climate-hit farmers Sebastian Rodriguez
'Insurance gap' threatens disaster-vulnerable nations - Lloyd's Megan Rowling
Ethiopia aims to blast economy forward with satellite launch Elias Gebreselassie
Rising disaster risk but little insurance interest in Pacific Jared Ferrie
U.S. insurers unprepared for climate change disasters Sebastien Malo
Tailor climate insurance to needs of poorest - experts Alex Whiting
Throwing the dice on climate risk insurance Laurie Goering
In storm-hit St. Lucia, insurance creates a buzz Laurie Goering
Insurance turns to coral reefs and mangroves as ocean risks surge Emma Farge
Climate insurance scheme targets women farmers in Africa, Asia Alex Whiting
New drought insurance plan for Senegal to free up aid, save lives Nellie Peyton
Hurricane-hit Caribbean states target climate-safe future Sophie Hares
Unfettered construction raises U.S. hurricane costs Reuters
Insurance industry nurses wounds inflicted by costly disasters Laurie Goering
Global insurance partnership beefed up to protect climate-hit poor Megan Rowling
Time to rethink the future of global governance through games Pablo Suarez
India's water-logged farmers try out revamped flood insurance Huizhong Wu
Poor nations suffer most deaths, economic pain from wild weather Laurie Goering
In sunny Monte Carlo, insurers tally hurricane costs Reuters
Insurance for poor could protect the most disaster-vulnerable Alex Whiting
Insurance against disasters - who's it meant to help? Megan Rowling
Drought insurance 'an experiment that failed' in Malawi: report Adela Suliman
China looks to insurance to stem mounting disaster loss Thin Lei Win
Insurers paid out $50 bln for natural disasters in 2016 Reuters
Insured crabs, tea help China's farmers avoid harsh weather losses Coco Liu
As drought hits, livestock insurance aids pastoralists in Ethiopia Elias Gebreselassie
Kenya close to ending drought crises, says scientist Katy Migiro
Sri Lankan investment in disaster risk insurance gives fast payoff Amantha Perera
African Union insurance arm to boost disaster cover to $1.5 bln Reuters
Insurance vital, but no magic bullet to fight drought in Africa Alex Whiting
As disaster risks rise, 20 vulnerable nations get help to prepare Megan Rowling
Let’s move out of the Middle Ages in financing disaster response Stefan Dercon, University of Oxford and DFID
Subsidised insurance bolsters Kenyan herders against drought Anthony Langat
Bali farmers insure rice fields in defense against El Nino Stella Paul
Weather dominates insurance claims in 2015: Munich Re Reuters
India cabinet approves new crop insurance scheme - govt source Reuters
Insurers face bumper payouts as Britain braces for more floods Reuters
A plea from small islands: more insurance for climate change Reuters
Can mobile banking, insurance save the poor from climate losses? Laurie Goering
Obama unveils $30 mln for climate risk insurance to protect poor Megan Rowling
How to insure the poor against climate disasters? Jaime Aristotle B. Alip
Africa's climate insurance scheme expands, eyes aid agency clients Megan Rowling
Coffee insurance cuts bitterness of bad weather for Kenyan farmers Kagondu Njagi
Kashmir flood sparks wave of property insurance sales Athar Parvaiz
Insurance gains clout as climate change solution for the poor Megan Rowling
Mali's farmers count on national fund to expand climate insurance Soumaila T. Diarra
In Ethiopia, crop insurance takes root but changes needed -experts Elias Gebreselassie
G7 to support climate insurance for poor, finance disappoints Megan Rowling
Modi's income insurance idea may not win over angry Indian farmers Reuters
Insurance for Ethiopian herders aims to combat drought, conflict Elias Gebreselassie
US insurance firms failing to address climate change risk: report Reuters
Africa assumes onus on disaster relief with insurance pool Reuters
New catastrophe insurance for disaster-prone Caribbean Anastasia Moloney
Corruption and poor design threaten Pakistan crop insurance scheme Aamir Saeed
Insurance for Muslim herders makes first payout in Kenya Samuel Mintz
Crop insurance fails to ease climate woes of India's poorest Stella Paul
Philippines mulls disaster insurance for local governments Imelda V. Abano
Insurance could cut climate risks, ease 'loss and damage' Laurie Goering
Satellites boost new crop insurance programme in Rwanda Aimable Twahirwa
Kenya's urban poor feel the rural pull as insurance makes farming ... Kagondu Njagi
Freak frost pushes Nepalese farmers to insure crops Saleem Shaikh
Bangladesh launches community insurance for 2 million fishermen Syful Islam
Weather extremes push Sri Lanka to adopt crop insurance Amantha Perera
Flood-hit Pakistan moves toward disaster insurance Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Bangladesh to trial weather index-based crop insurance Syful Islam
Caribbean nations look to extend disaster insurance coverage Anastasia Moloney
Hit by growing disaster losses, insurers set limits on coverage Syful Islam
Insurance aims to help herders avoid 'downward spiral' from ... Laurie Goering
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