Women and climate change

How are women being affected by climate change - and how are they taking it on?

Fewer children? Niger ponders a controversial climate option Sebastien Malo
'Water women' quench thirst of central India's parched villages Annie Banerji
Women bring light to remote villages on islands of Zanzibar Nicky Milne
Gravity lightens load for Nepal's hard-working rural women Aadesh Subedi
From Antarctica to Costa Rica, women team up on climate change Megan Rowling
Women 'uniquely placed' to inspire climate action: mayors Zoe Tabary
Indian women weave their way out of climate change woes Moushumi Basu
Climate shocks threaten gains against HIV in Africa Inna Lazareva
Defying war and catcalls, Syria's women hop on climate-smart bikes Laurie Goering
Drought drives desperate Afghans to marry off children for money Jared Ferrie
Girl power! India's 'solar gal pals' light up rural homes Annie Banerji
Indonesian geothermal project energises women coffee growers Michael Taylor
Goats drink first: Women struggle as coastal India grows saltier Manipadma Jena
As wild weather worsens, Filipino migration takes on a female face Rina Chandran
Mali's erratic weather pushes girls into risky jobs as maids Soumaila Diarra
Forced to walk miles, India water crisis hits rural women hardest Rina Chandran
Violence against women hampers climate resilience efforts in Chad Laurie Goering
Climate disasters will hit women hardest: 'Handmaid's Tale' author Lin Taylor
Climate change a 'man-made problem with a feminist solution' Zoe Tabary
Listening to women's voices in Vietnam's energy debate Rina Chandran
Library helps 'left-behind' Nepali women gain cash, confidence Adela Suliman
With drums and clean-ups, women tame Indonesia disasters Michael Taylor
As drought keeps men on the road, Mauritania's women take charge Zoe Tabary
As Bangladesh floods worsen, crab farms help families tread water Manipadma Jena
With smart crops and cash, women tackle FGM in Kenya Caroline Wambui
Bangladeshi women to receive funding for climate protection Michael Taylor
Women, LGBT people 'invisible' victims of disasters – experts Zoe Tabary
Women at the front can help defeat global warming: leaders Sophie Hares
Women are an "unstoppable" force for climate action Anne Hidalgo
Montreal mayor pins climate hopes on public transport boost Sophie Hares
As wild weather hits crops, Ethiopian women turn to savings Elias Gebreselassie
Gender plan seeks to put women in driving seat of climate fight Megan Rowling
As water vanishes in Sri Lanka, baths - and snakes - present risks Amantha Perera
As tractors dig to green the land, Niger women lose out on work Boureima Balima
Climate threats drive India’s 'tiger widows' toward open jaws Sanjay Pandey
Gender must be at the heart of climate action Isabella Lövin and Howard Bamsey
As heat rises, women risk death in South Asia Gulrez Shah Azhar
As climate change drives child marriage, Bangladesh fights back Laurie Goering
Bootcamps, internships train 'climate champions' in Uganda Zoe Tabary
Faster data on disasters might help shield women and children Amantha Perera
Hotline tackles violence against girls in drought-hit Kenya Zoe Tabary
For women in Kenya's dry north, water is power Anthony Langat
In drought-stricken Mali, women manoeuvre for land - and a future Zoe Tabary
In drought-hit Niger, women’s savings could be route to resilience Kieran Guilbert
As farms dry up, Kenyan women switch to clean energy businesses Kagondu Njagi
Drought in Kenya brings a surprise: More girls in school Isaiah Esipisu
From royalty to smart buildings, Stockholm takes climate action Laurie Goering
Barcelona mayor declares war on "injustice" of private car use Megan Rowling
Despite city's new resident, Washington D.C. pushes climate action Laurie Goering
'No time for trial and error': Cape Town mayor in green push Laurie Goering
Tribal women corner the market on India's heat-hardy black goats K. Rajendran
New law a glimmer of hope for women's land rights in Mali Soumaila Diarra
In drought-hit Zimbabwe, women's "second shift" burden grows Andrew Mambondiyani
Songs and sanctions help regreen Sudan's desert villages Hannah McNeish
As crops fail, savings may stop women hitting the road in Myanmar Zoe Tabary
In Morocco's hills, tourist dollars could keep argan oil flowing Laurie Goering
Drought-hit women struggle as compassion runs dry at climate talks Megan Rowling
Can solar pumps give Nepal's women farmers a brighter future? Alina Paul-Bossuet
Chad pastoralist made to sit on floor now stands for her community Fabiola Ortiz
Poor women's voices still missing at U.N. climate talks Megan Rowling
Bangladesh girls pushed into marriage as disasters drive migration Liz Mermin and Mushfique Wadud
Women need big role in building climate resilience Tasfia Tasnim
With men gone, women shake up farming in rural Nepal Zoe Tabary
It's time for adaptation cash to focus on girls Kimberly Junmookda
Tea tree success launches women's battle for cash in arid Kenya Caroline Wambui
India's suicide farmers' widows face "living death" Rina Chandran
Push to ward off disasters in Dhaka slum deters early marriage Laurie Goering
Women's wisdom crucial to beating climate change, researchers say Laurie Goering
Hunger, child marriage, prostitution: India drought hurts women Rina Chandran
Pakistani women nurture trees and pride in forest drive Aamir Saeed
From rape to disasters, climate change a threat to women - funders Stella Paul
In rural Mali, women's climate work brings political prowess Soumaila T. Diarra
Adaptation in the Paris climate agreement: a matter of principle Sven Harmeling, CARE International & Soenke Kreft, Germanwatch
Commercial rice farming eases climate stress for Cameroon women Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Without women, African agriculture won't withstand climate change Sophia Huyer, CCAFS
Solar lamps turn Pakistani women into green energy entrepreneurs Aamir Saeed
Mobile schools acclimatise to educate girls in rural Kenya Kagondu Njagi
Kenyan women boost health and wealth by growing crops in sacks Caroline Wambui
From second jobs to new stinginess, women see warming differently Laurie Goering
National climate commitments must include gender equality Amy Lee
Toting panels on donkeys, Maasai women lead a solar revolution Leopold Obi
Green-fingered Burkinabe women protect shea "gold" Sophie Mbugua
Lured by marriage promises, climate victims fall into trafficking Aditya Ghosh
Cash aid feeds business surge in northern Kenya Isaiah Esipisu
Healthy profit for Kenyan women selling aloe to UK cosmetics firm Leopold Obi
Women take on floods and hunger in rural Pakistan Rina Saeed Khan
Guide aims to help donors push climate and disaster funds to women Amantha Perera
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