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Climate finance

Shifting the world to greener power sources and helping people adapt to and prepare for climate impacts takes cash. Where will it come from and will there be enough?

Africa's bank backs young 'agripreneurs' to beat climate change Megan Rowling
Kenyan county tackles water woes with its own climate fund Geoffrey Kamadi
Forest pact's 'good intentions' do little to protect Amazon Anastasia Moloney & Fabio Teixeira
Staff say sexism, racism and abuse are 'systemic' at climate fund Laurie Goering
How to halt deforestation? Trust indigenous groups, funders say Laurie Goering
Few major economies investing in nature-friendly COVID-19 recovery Megan Rowling
Virus-hit nations urged to hold nerve on climate finance for poor Megan Rowling
Will COP26 deforestation pledge be game-changer or broken promise? Michael Taylor
Norway hikes cash for rainforests, aiming to slow losses Alister Doyle
Virus-hit rich nations urged to keep climate-cash promises to poor Megan Rowling
Global finance must 'align' in climate change fight: UK minister Ellen Wulfhorst
Doubling up: Could coronavirus bailouts make economies greener? Laurie Goering
Climate threats now dominate long-term risks, survey finds Laurie Goering
Red Cross boosts disaster-prone communities with blockchain 'cash' Laurie Goering
Climate finance climbs but 'tectonic' shift urged to meet needs Megan Rowling
Green Climate Fund expands support to over 100 developing states Megan Rowling
Green Climate Fund attracts higher pledges, open for more Laurie Goering
Green Climate Fund asks donors to dig deeper in tough times Megan Rowling
Bangladesh families shoulder costs of coping with climate change Naimul Karim
Boost for global climate fund as rich states pledge fresh billions Megan Rowling
Climate woes growing for women, hit by displacement and migration Megan Rowling
Investment slow to adapt to climate change, hiking risks Laurie Goering
Green Climate Fund must take risks in warming fight: new head Megan Rowling
Development-bank climate funds seek new dollars amid competition Megan Rowling
Shunned by investors, poorer nations seek to climate-proof growth Megan Rowling
Africa needs cash, science for new green-development model Megan Rowling
Green Climate Fund says 'in great shape' to push for new cash Megan Rowling
Pay now for climate action to keep costs down, governments told Megan Rowling
Finance for climate action rising, but still 'far to go' Megan Rowling
Crowdfunded solar panels aim to supercharge business in Africa Maina Waruru
Developing nations say swifter climate action needs more cash Megan Rowling
Despite challenges, Green Climate Fund is key to global action Javier Manzanares
Indigenous rights boost as climate projects get $1bln Megan Rowling
For drought-hit farmers, changing old ways takes time - and cash Laurie Goering
Green Climate Fund meeting 'disappointing'; chief quits Reuters
Green Climate Fund may ask donors for a refill in 2019 Megan Rowling
With climate funding too low, world has 'umbrella in a hurricane' Alister Doyle and Laurie Goering
Zambia taps climate fund to battle worsening drought Charles Mkoka
US, Canadian provinces launch first cap-and-trade auction Sebastien Malo
From solar irons to shavers, power push aims to light up incomes Isaiah Esipisu
Frustrated indigenous leaders aim to start own climate fund Sebastian Rodriguez
At Davos, bosses paint climate change as an opportunity Alex Whiting
Climate finance needs a shared vision to entice investors Henri Waisman and David Levaï
EXPERT VIEWS-Paris summit sets scene for greener investment Thomson Reuters Foundation
France's Macron hunts for more money to slow climate change Reuters
Poor nations suffer most deaths, economic pain from wild weather Laurie Goering
Ratchet up spending to meet crucial climate goals - report Sophie Hares
As climate threats grow clear, risk-cutting investment is crucial Laurie Goering
Microsoft, Disney, companies calculating carbon footprints Sebastien Malo
BRICS summit: An opportunity to lead a more sustainable world Paul Steele
Crowdfunding restores ponds in drought-hit south India Rina Chandran
G20 issues framework for climate-related financial disclosure Reuters
Innovative finance needed for $300 bln a year in climate losses Laurie Goering
Make climate change economic - not green - issue: Maldives ex-head Laurie Goering
Cities must lure private dollars fast to meet climate goals Alex Whiting
Green Climate Fund urged to aid poorest amid Ethiopia drought row Megan Rowling
Can solar pumps give Nepal's women farmers a brighter future? Alina Paul-Bossuet
Under 10 percent of climate cash reaching local projects Laurie Goering
U.S. delivers $500 mln grant to global climate fund Reuters
It's time for adaptation cash to focus on girls Kimberly Junmookda
Green Climate Fund approves $745 mln for projects, lags 2016 goal Alister Doyle and Megan Rowling
Voices of poor are critical for Paris Agreement to deliver success Andrew Norton
Rich nations say on track for promised $100 bln climate finance Reuters
Drought-hit women struggle as compassion runs dry at climate talks Megan Rowling
Can global climate cash keep Senegal's salt collectors afloat? Megan Rowling
Green Climate Fund needs ideas with low-carbon wow factor: ex-head Megan Rowling
Green Climate Fund seeks new director, more ambitious projects Megan Rowling
New ways to lower investment risk seek to propel climate action Laurie Goering
Climate talks tangle over cash to ease impact on poor Megan Rowling
Finance can Trump the climate crisis Harjeet Singh
BoE's Carney warns of $7 trillion green infrastructure need Reuters
'Give us powers to raise climate change funds', say world's mayors Paola Totaro
Clean energy for poorest starved of investment - researchers Megan Rowling
Innovation needed to turn on climate cash tap for the poor Laurie Goering
To curb climate change, "we need to move everything" - investors Laurie Goering
EXCLUSIVE-EU weighs stress tests for banks' climate risk exposure Reuters
World Bank ramps up help for poor to adapt to climate change Megan Rowling
Can the Green Climate Fund defeat its teething troubles? Megan Rowling
Green Climate Fund clears way for $2.5 bln funding challenge Megan Rowling
ADB supports 1st climate bond in Asia in $225 mln Philippine deal Reuters
Help at hand for countries desperately seeking climate cash Alisa Tang
How to bridge the climate funding gap for developing nations? David Ciplet, University of Colorado Boulder
Climate change a risk for trillions in financial assets - study Reuters
Can the world clear up the confusion over climate finance? Kashmala Kakakhel
India's budget for climate adaptation inadequate - activists Sujit Chakraborty
After climate summit, 2016 green bond issuance could exceed $50bn Reuters
India calls on developed world to tax coal for climate fund Reuters
Green Climate Fund needs more staff to meet targets: director Megan Rowling and Alister Doyle
United States delivers first payment to global climate fund Reuters
Green Climate Fund seeks clear role in post-2020 climate aid Megan Rowling and Valerie Volcovici
Canada's Alberta to introduce economy-wide carbon tax in 2017 Reuters
Climate change investment up 18 pct in 2014 as clean energy surges Megan Rowling
UN climate fund approves first projects ahead of Paris summit Reuters
Poor nations struggle to spend climate aid billions - charity Magdalena Mis
Green Climate Fund aims to fund first projects in November Megan Rowling
World took step towards greener GDP in 2014; more needed - PwC Reuters
New climate-financing pledges at IMF talks closer to $100 bln/yr Reuters
Can new climate finance numbers clear fog around $100bln goal? Megan Rowling
U.S. climate finance in limbo, risking 'trust gap' before Paris Reuters
EBRD to raise financing for climate projects to 18 bln euros Reuters
Rich countries two-thirds of way to $100 bln climate finance goal Reuters
Pressure grows for global climate cash to help hard-hit poor Megan Rowling
Climate finance in Paris: a reason to hope? Kashmala Kakakhel
End in sight to crystal-ball gazing on 2020 climate aid goal? Megan Rowling
U.S. private sector vows to ante up on climate finance Reuters
Climate projects in poorest nations lose out in battle for funds Megan Rowling
Investors could pour billions into farm, forest protection Laurie Goering
New UN climate fund to take risks to promote green tech Reuters
Green Climate Fund ready to help vulnerable fight climate change Héla Cheikhrouhou
Rich states can't meet 2020 climate aid goal alone - researchers Megan Rowling
Financial markets ignore climate impacts at their peril - experts Megan Rowling
Global schemes to price emissions worth almost $50 bln: World Bank Reuters
UN climate fund gears up to deploy cash after Japan inks pledge Megan Rowling
No Paris climate deal without finance for poor nations - France Megan Rowling
Should the Green Climate Fund finance "less dirty" energy? Karen Orenstein
Paris climate deal must swell new UN fund: director Megan Rowling and Alister Doyle
US and Japan miss deadline on cash for UN green climate fund Megan Rowling and Alister Doyle
To sustain climate adaptation, integrate it with economies -expert Kathryn Werntz
Green bonds sell big in 2014 as finance bids to help climate Ross Kerber and Hilary Russ
Developing states left in dark on 2020 climate finance goal Megan Rowling
UN climate talks: lost and damaged? Megan Rowling
INTERVIEW-Green Climate Fund to back energy "paradigm shift" -head Megan Rowling
Can climate finance be a policy game changer? Dennis Taenzler, adelphi
Disaster-hit South Asia needs climate cash, know-how – experts Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Green Climate Fund plans to turn on money tap in 2015 - director Megan Rowling
Small-scale farmers deserve big share of climate funds - IFAD Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Carbon jitters push Kenya toward conservation payments Kagondu Njagi
Bangladesh moves to clean up dirty climate spending Syful Islam
Pacific island states pushed aside in race for UN funds Reuters
Corruption stalls Cameroon's efforts to fight climate change Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Can carbon finance take agroforestry to the next level? Eskil Mattsson, Matilda Palm & Marion Davis
Microsoft buys carbon credits from Madagascar rainforest Megan Rowling
Danish pension funds invest in developing-state climate fund Nina Chestney
Climate finance pledges to international funds drop 70 pct Megan Rowling
Africa faces sharp rise in climate adaption costs - UNEP Megan Rowling
Adaptation Fund meets $100 mln goal at climate talks Megan Rowling
New fund to build climate resilience in Asian cities Thin Lei Win
Watchdog finds malpractice in Bangladesh climate finance Syful Islam
Green Climate Fund sidesteps firm date for donor pledges Megan Rowling
Africans seek clarity on climate finance at Warsaw talks Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Don't lump together apples and oranges Nannette Lindenberg and Pieter Pauw, German Development Institute
Is climate finance supporting the most vulnerable? Not yet Neil Bird, ODI
African states need grassroots help to track climate funds Marko Phiri
How transparent will the Green Climate Fund be? Alice Harrison, Transparency International
Drawing in US, China critical to climate deal - S. Africa Laurie Goering
Private investors seek access to UN Green Climate Fund Reuters Point Carbon
Green Climate Fund must keep gender equality promises NO_AUTHOR
Researchers to track adaptation finance for poorest Megan Rowling
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