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Coronavirus and climate change

A global coronavirus pandemic will have significant implications for climate change action, from potential temporary reductions in emissions to delays or cancellations of key negotiations and impacts on climate activism movements. What's its impact?

Next pandemic? Amazon deforestation may spark new diseases Fabio Zuker
Pandemic hikes concern over much-needed climate finance for poor Megan Rowling
Rising heat and snow-bare peaks chill Nepal's mountain economy Aadesh Subedi
UN climate chief urges world 'in a tough spot' to keep fighting Laurie Goering
Slow rollout of COVID vaccine in Brazil leaves indigenous at risk Fabio Zuker
Debt swaps could free cash to tame climate, nature & virus threats Laurie Goering
Kashmir bike sellers outpaced by pandemic demand for pedal power Athar Parvaiz
Brazil's hospitals at risk as climate change brings more floods Meghie Rodrigues
As climate summit delayed, youth 'Mock COP' takes (virtual) floor Laurie Goering
'Cooling gap' widens, despite rising heat, as virus hikes poverty Laurie Goering
Virus-idled Indian workers offered jobs boosting water security Shuriah Niazi
Hot but want to stop the virus? Japan keeps mask-wearing cool Beh Lih Yi
Facing COVID-19 and climate risks, Nairobi ramps up green efforts Wesley Langat
Lockdown emissions dip won't curb warming - but green recovery can Megan Rowling
Weather alerts at risk as Kenyan local radio struggles amid virus Kagondu Njagi
Cameroon tomato farmers count losses to wild weather and lockdown Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Solar keeps lights, phones on for rural Kenyans in virus blackouts Kagondu Njagi
COVID-19 fears grow for isolated indigenous people in Brazil Mauricio Angelo
Triple threat: Pakistan's mango growers face a sticky season Peer Muhammad
From Seattle to Seoul:10 cities going green amid COVID-19 Anastasia Moloney
Shrinking water supplies threaten to put Iraq 'on the edge' Laurie Goering
Green champion Lisbon backs city-centre living after tourism dive Laurie Goering
Communities get bigger role running Pakistan's national parks Rina Saeed Khan
After drought, Kenya's herders hammered by coronavirus curbs Wesley Langat
No jobs, few crops: COVID-19 and pests leave Nepal fearing hunger Aadesh Subedi
UK govt advised to harness pandemic to speed zero-carbon aims Laurie Goering
Hit by coronavirus and wild weather, Italy now battles locusts Thin Lei Win
Hit the brakes on reform, say Kampala's transport workers Liam Taylor
Pandemic sparks push to keep green energy-access firms switched on Megan Rowling
UK citizens' assembly backs climate-friendly virus recovery Megan Rowling
Ugandans melt plastic waste into coronavirus face shields John Okot
As Mali fights COVID-19, cotton farmers fear loss of climate aid Soumaila Diarra
Pandemic lockdown lands new blow on India’s struggling herders Soumya Sarkar
Afghanistan hires lockdown jobless to boost Kabul's water, trees Shadi Khan Saif
As pandemic kicks tourism, islands seek to mend ties with nature Nellie Peyton
Awnings to aircon: Heat threat drives innovation in pandemic year Laurie Goering
'Care for nature' to keep people safe and well, leaders urge Megan Rowling
COVID-19 shows urgent need for cities to prepare for pandemics Mami Mizutori and Maimunah Mohd Sharif
Post-virus green reset urged for divided, ailing economies Laurie Goering
Indigenous leaders fear Amazon port could be conduit for COVID-19 Mauricio Angelo
COVID-19: What lessons can we apply to battling climate change? Laurie Goering
Coronavirus shocks to fuel years of unrest and hunger Sonia Elks
Coronavirus lockdown spurs cycling momentum in South America Anastasia Moloney
Pandemic piles pressure on world's shrinking forests Thin Lei Win
Solar pumps, migrant homes help shield post-COVID world Rina Chandran
As lockdown clears the air, Cairo looks to keep pollution low Menna A. Farouk
With climate change, conflict and COVID, stresses grow in Mali Laurie Goering
Pests in a pandemic? India's plant doctors will see you online now Anuradha Nagaraj
Coronavirus threatens to suffocate U.S. hurricane response Matthew Lavietes
How coronavirus is affecting climate change Martha Holeyman and Valeria Cardi
'Perfect storm': Haiti COVID-19 peak to collide with hurricanes Anastasia Moloney
Weakened by war and floods, Yemen fights twin health threat Saeed Al-Batati
Global push urged for COVID-19 vaccine could help climate too Laurie Goering
Can virus stimulus vaccinate the poor against future crises? Laurie Goering
Colombia's Medellin pushes 'eco-city' aims in coronavirus recovery Anastasia Moloney
Cities hastily add pandemics to list of 21st-century threats Megan Rowling
Future shock: COVID-19 shows need to prep for climate threats Laurie Goering
As Milan eases lockdown, mayor says city is ready for green change Laurie Goering
Kenya's herb farmers crushed by virus blow to exports Caroline Wambui
Beat the heat? India struggles to keep cool during lockdown Annie Banerji
Between climate and virus threats, migrants have no place to go Megan Rowling
Next risk? Coronavirus pandemic underscores climate health threats Laurie Goering
Green stimulus: Pakistan sets virus-idled to work planting trees Rina Saeed Khan
Climate-smart cassava gets new use in Zambia: hand sanitiser Danstan Kaunda
Kenya floods uproot families, complicating coronavirus fight Wesley Langat
Climate-smart vegetables keep Kashmir fed in coronavirus crisis Athar Parvaiz
Health envoy warns of unrest risk in virus-slammed poor nations Laurie Goering
In parched southern Africa, coronavirus spurs action on water Kim Harrisberg and Lungelo Ndlovu
Environment ministers seek fair, green coronavirus recovery Megan Rowling
Lack of water leaves Brazil indigenous reserve exposed to virus Mauricio Angelo
Doubling up: Could coronavirus bailouts make economies greener? Laurie Goering
In Sierra Leone, Freetown's mayor is preparing for COVID-19 Laurie Goering
Virus-hit rich nations urged to keep climate-cash promises to poor Megan Rowling
Young climate activists vow to #FightEveryCrisis in online strike Megan Rowling
Boost for Kenya farmers as children lend a hand during coronavirus Wesley Langat
Coronavirus crisis risks cutting off clean power lifeline to poor Megan Rowling
Under the cover of lockdown, illegal logging surges in Tunisia Layli Foroudi
Global push for clean cooking under fire from virus slowdown Laurie Goering
Kashmir fells trees in effort to fight coronavirus panic Ashutosh Sharma
Climate activists to emerge stronger from virus crisis, says Greta Megan Rowling
As Amazon fire season looms, smoke and virus could be 'a disaster' Mauricio Angelo
Drought-hit Argentina faces water woes amid coronavirus pandemic Marcela Valente
Has India's 'airpocalypse' put poor more at risk from coronavirus? Annie Bannerji and Thin Lei Win
Can coronavirus spur new low-carbon habits? Laurie Goering
Coronavirus spotlights risks of swelling slums in Africa's cities Laurie Goering
Chile charts path to greener, fairer future after coronavirus John Bartlett
Zimbabwe reopens produce markets after farmer protests Farai Shawn Matiashe
Health experts call pandemic a window into future climate threats Laurie Goering
Virus-hit Asian nations brace for double disasters as storms loom Thin Lei Win
Brazil indigenous village banishes miners to cut coronavirus risk Mauricio Angelo
Pacific cyclone and coronavirus create 'perfect storm' of worry Laurie Goering
Kenya's water harvest push has a new payoff: battling coronavirus Kagondu Njagi
Climate stress and coronavirus gang up on world's vulnerable Thin Lei Win and Michael Taylor
Governments urged not to shirk climate action after summit delay Megan Rowling
Climate summit in Glasgow postponed to 2021 because of coronavirus Reuters
Deforestation risks rise as coronavirus hinders SE Asia protection Michael Taylor
As coronavirus limits climate protests, activists go online Laurie Goering
Coronavirus lockdowns make cities more walkable Rina Chandran
Our chance for a just recovery after coronavirus May Boeve
Power in a pandemic: Why energy access matters during coronavirus Damilola Ogunbiyi
What coronavirus can teach us about tackling climate change Laurie Goering
Greta Thunberg says virus shows world can 'act fast' on crises Laurie Goering
Coronavirus tops 'perfect storm' of climate challenges - prince Laurie Goering
Coronavirus sparks soul-search on travel-heavy climate diplomacy Megan Rowling
Bringing climate justice thinking to the COVID-19 pandemic Teresa Anderson & Niclas Hällström
Water shortage fears jump in Jordan amid coronavirus lockdown Ban Barkawi
Don't let coronavirus stall climate action, Paris architect says Reuters
Coronavirus prompts Thunberg to move Friday climate rallies online Reuters
Coronavirus creating solar industry 'crisis': US trade group Reuters
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