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Small islands and climate change

Small islands face some of the biggest threats from climate change, including stronger storms and sea level rise that are making it harder for people to remain in their homes and earn a living. What is ahead for islands as climate change strengthens - and what can they do to lower the risks?

Protect coastal, island communities now as seas rise - scientists Laurie Goering
Colombia's island fishermen dive into battle to protect coral reef Anastasia Moloney
Caribbean states kick off green defense against disasters Sebastien Malo
From smarter energy to less plastic, Caribbean resorts go green Jewel Fraser
Climate change 'imminent' security threat: risk experts Laurie Goering
For survivors of Fiji's deadly cyclone, mental scars linger Laurie Goering
As warming threatens reefs, Fiji explores inland tourism Aileen Torres-Bennett
African islands call for help as climate change worsens health Nellie Peyton
Marshall Islands marches toward zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 Sebastien Malo
Puerto Ricans caught between eviction threat and devastation Reuters
Insurance turns to coral reefs and mangroves as ocean risks surge Emma Farge
Rising disaster risk but little insurance interest in Pacific Jared Ferrie
Islands comb own shores for solutions to environment stress Megan Rowling
Tiny Marshall Islands wields outsized clout for climate action Laurie Goering
Hawaii campus joins U.S. trend to go all green Sebastien Malo
Mexican coral reef and beach get unique hurricane insurance Sophie Hares
Small islands look to cities for climate change ideas Sebastien Malo
Warming oceans could scupper marine food system - scientists Thin Lei Win
"We are ready": Fijian villagers prepare for climate disasters Lin Taylor
The silver lining of disasters in Fiji? Improving women's lives Lin Taylor
For Vanuatu islanders, fleeing climate disasters is uphill battle Lin Taylor
Pacific children bear mental scars of climate disasters Lin Taylor
'Where is the justice?' ask climate 'refugees' sidelined from deal Lin Taylor
As wild weather ups migration, Pacific islands seek ways to cope Laurie Goering
Climate migration muddied by legal confusion in Pacific islands Laurie Goering
UN talks offer little help for soaring losses - climate-hit states Megan Rowling
"Apocalyptic" storms threaten to overwhelm island states Alex Whiting
Fiji to move more than 40 villages inland as seas rise Reuters
As climate disasters quicken, urgent action - and cash - needed Alex Whiting
Wealthy nations responsible to help rebuild storm-hit Barbuda:PM Sebastien Malo
Solomon Islands churches preach climate action Catherine Wilson
Caribbean life "as we know it" at serious risk - expert Anastasia Moloney
Sustainable development won't happen without climate change action Thoriq Ibrahim
Fiji villagers plant mangroves in race against rising seas Lin Taylor
New Zealand considers climate 'refugees' visa Lin Taylor
In storm-hit St. Lucia, insurance creates a buzz Laurie Goering
Caribbean islands count on coral to build up coastal resilience Sophie Hares
Branson setting up green energy fund to rebuild Caribbean Sebastien Malo
Iconic Jamaican beach vanishing as pollution, climate take toll Rebekah Kebede
As seas rise, French Polynesia ponders floating islands Sebastien Malo
Rising seas submerge five Pacific islands, researchers find Sebastien Malo
Fiji devastation shows 'urgent need' to adopt new climate deal Priya Dadlani
Pacific island poet marshals youth against climate threats Laurie Goering
EU doubles aid to drought-hit Papua New Guinea to tackle hunger Alisa Tang
On climate frontlines, Pacific islanders consider moving Alister Doyle
Small island states ditch diesel for cheaper, cleaner energy Megan Rowling
PNG plans new home for islanders fleeing volcano, climate impacts Catherine Wilson
Paris climate agreement must guarantee our island survival Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak and Kiribati President Anote Tong
Severe drought, floods destroy crops in Papua New Guinea highlands Catherine Wilson
Flood-hit Caribbean island moves to battle the deluge, cut losses Alison Kentish
Political inertia must not strangle climate deal: island minister Laurie Goering
After storm, Kiribati leader sees growing threat to nation Megan Rowling
Vanuatu risks long-term food insecurity after monster cyclone: UN Alisa Tang
President of cyclone-hit Vanuatu urges global action on disasters Megan Rowling
Migration stripping Pacific Islands of climate change know-how Catherine Wilson
Pacific protesters in canoes, kayaks target Australian coal port Reuters
Pacific islanders draw a line on coal - and climate change Arianne Kassman
Is it time to abandon 2 degrees? Robert Watson and Amb. Marlene Moses
'In the end, we all share the same island' Charmaine Scotty and Jean-Paul Adam, AOSIS
PNG woman leads relocation of islanders hit by climate change Thin Lei Win
With 'even the fish confused', Solomons seek new weather data Dana MacLean
Young island poet to address Ban Ki-moon climate summit Megan Rowling
Small island states, facing rising seas, seek economic overhaul Reuters
John Kerry raises climate change in brief Solomons stop Reuters
Solomons town to relocate to escape climate change, tsunamis Megan Rowling
Population, climate pressures imperil Solomon Islands' fish Catherine Wilson
Turtle eggs to hornets, traditional know-how feeds into resilience Catherine Wilson
‘We are at ground zero’ Laurie Goering
Climate-threatened Solomon Islanders prepare for evacuation Catherine Wilson
Solomon Islanders battle illegal logging Catherine Wilson
Older people bear the brunt of Pacific island disasters Catherine Wilson
Pacific states seek to lead on climate change Megan Rowling
Caribbean island of Dominica bets on geothermal energy Alison Kentish
Marshall Islands drought puts thousands at risk - IOM Thin Lei Win
Pacific islanders face major losses from climate change Megan Rowling
Pacific islands drop diesel for 100 percent solar power Peter Madden
Small island states seek to end dependence on imported oil Linda Hutchinson-Jafar
Zanzibar pushes to join island alliance to confront climate change Mohamed Issa
Helping Pacific island women speak up on climate change Thin Lei Win
Palau islanders band together to protect threatened water supply Thin Lei Win
Pacific island states top disaster risk index Megan Rowling
Caribbean islands fear climate change threat to tourism Linda Hutchinson-Jafar
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