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Migration and climate change

Around the world, climate impacts - from harsher droughts to worsening storms and sea level rise - are already driving migration. What can be done to help people remain in their homes - or to make life better for people in the places where they arrive?

New Indonesian capital excludes indigenous, poor Rina Chandran and Leo Galuh
Extreme weather the biggest reason people fled homes in 2020 Laurie Goering
Australia urged to offer migration safety valve to Pacific islands Laurie Goering
Small island states, UK warn of climate threats to security Laurie Goering
Cool U.S. cities prepare as future 'havens' for climate migrants Sebastien Malo
Worsened by tree loss, flooding forces migration in Afghanistan Stefanie Glinski
Future shock: COVID-19 shows need to prep for climate threats Laurie Goering
Climate woes growing for women, hit by displacement and migration Megan Rowling
Between climate and virus threats, migrants have no place to go Megan Rowling
'Follow the water': Drought dries up housing for rural Namibians Kim Harrisberg
In India's parched Bundelkhand, drought brings a tide of migration Shuriah Niazi
In Honduras, years of drought pressure farmers to leave land Anastasia Moloney
Minnesota city ponders new boom as a climate migrant destination Sebastien Malo
Poor nations pay price as millions flee 'climate chaos': Oxfam Laurie Goering
Strain on poor women as climate change pushes men to leave home Naimul Karim
Are water shortages driving migration? Researchers dispel myths Adela Suliman
Floods predicted to uproot 50 mln a year as climate heats up Megan Rowling
Damage to land feeds migration and conflict - UN official Laurie Goering
US Midwest floods prompting workers to move to safer ground Sebastien Malo
Hunger driving migration in drought-hit Central America Anastasia Moloney
Native American tribe displaced by sea gets land for relocation Sebastien Malo
Mental stress on rise as coastal towns face surging climate threat Sebastien Malo
As unusual drought hits eastern Nepal, farmers migrate to get by Aadesh Subedi
As water disappears, parched southern Pakistan farmers march north Zofeen T. Ebrahim
U.N. pact offers hope to world's climate migrants Lin Taylor
UN countries agree on pact to manage mass global migration Ellen Wulfhorst
Louisiana 'islanders' find a new home beyond the water Nicky Milne
Library helps 'left-behind' Nepali women gain cash, confidence Adela Suliman
As migration rises, finance can pave the way to benefits for all Laurie Goering
Land degradation drives mass migration, climate change Anastasia Moloney
For survivors of Fiji's deadly cyclone, mental scars linger Laurie Goering
As wild weather worsens, Filipino migration takes on a female face Rina Chandran
As drought fuels Indian migration, 'those left behind suffer most' Roli Srivastava
Climate migration to surge unless emissions are curbed - report Alex Whiting
Puerto Rico hurricane migrants may be wild card in U.S. elections Sebastien Malo and Adriana Brasileiro
Mali's erratic weather pushes girls into risky jobs as maids Soumaila Diarra
Urban nomads: Mongolian herders battle with a new future Max Baring
Puerto Ricans caught between eviction threat and devastation Reuters
Florida communities scramble to help displaced Puerto Ricans Reuters
Louisiana 'islanders' find a new home beyond the water Nicky Milne and Valeria Cardi
Climate change seen causing big rise in migrant flow to EU by 2100 Reuters
Stay or go? People under climate pressure must have choice Jan Kellett
Climate migration muddied by legal confusion in Pacific islands Laurie Goering
New Zealand considers climate 'refugees' visa Lin Taylor
Climate change-fueled drought drives Sri Lanka’s farmers to cities Amantha Perera
Fiji to move more than 40 villages inland as seas rise Reuters
As wild weather ups migration, Pacific islands seek ways to cope Laurie Goering
For Vanuatu islanders, fleeing climate disasters is uphill battle Lin Taylor
'Where is the justice?' ask climate 'refugees' sidelined from deal Lin Taylor
How climate change could affect African migration patterns Piers Forster, Priestly International Centre for Climate
Cities urged to 'embrace new reality' of mass migration Sophie Hares
Climate change may drive more migration in future, Europeans say J.D. Capelouto
"Coping" in Lake Chad crisis should not be mistaken for resilience Nellie Peyton
As climate change uproots communities, innovation rescues culture Laurie Goering
Peace brings home climate uncertainties in rural Sri Lanka Amantha Perera
Displacement during the Trump era: 4 priorities for policy-makers Alexandra Bilak
U.S. village votes to relocate due to climate change Sebastien Malo
Zimbabwe drought, hunger push farmers to seek greener pastures Tonderayi Mukeredzi
For climate migrants, dignity matters as much as safety Hari Krishna Nibanupudi
Bangladesh river eats up land and homes, trapping poor villagers Rafiqul Islam
Rising seas submerge five Pacific islands, researchers find Sebastien Malo
Rising tide of climate migrants spurs Dhaka to seek solutions Laurie Goering
Tuvalu PM urges new legal framework for climate migrants Megan Rowling
Trafficking risk rises amid India's worst drought in decades Rina Chandran
First U.S. coastal community relocates as sea levels rise Sebastien Malo
Dry winter leaves Pakistan's farmers looking for work in town Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Climate migrants could dwarf other refugee flows - experts Laurie Goering
As they abandon barren land, farmers take problems with them Megan Rowling
On climate frontlines, Pacific islanders consider moving Alister Doyle
As climate impacts hit, Pakistan faces migration surge - experts Aamir Saeed
Safe haven elusive for Africans fleeing conflict, climate stress Manipadma Jena
Migration tests governments as 3 million people throng to cities Chris Arsenault
States to boost protection for people fleeing disasters Megan Rowling
Climate change risks endemic conflict: defence think-tank chief Alistair Scrutton
Migration needs a home in global climate deal - UN experts Megan Rowling
PNG plans new home for islanders fleeing volcano, climate impacts Catherine Wilson
Hunger drives migration in Central America - study Anastasia Moloney
Syrian refugees and climate change: What is the link? Caitlin Werrell and Francesco Femia
Will climate change have an Aylan Kurdi? Conor Quinn
To help climate migrants, Bangladesh takes back land from the sea Rafiqul Islam
To stem migrant flow, Tanzania offers climate-stress farmers loans Kizito Makoye
Climate pressures lead to rise in 'new-age orphans' in India delta Aditya Ghosh
At Vatican conference, world mayors urge action on climate change Reuters
Patchwork solution on horizon for people fleeing disasters Megan Rowling
One good reason to speak of "climate refugees" François Gemenne
'Everyday disasters' driving flight from Sundarbans Aditya Ghosh
How do you leave a sinking island? Max Martin
Climate change "refugees" off the agenda, but problem persists Megan Rowling
Pakistan's coastal villagers retreat as seas gobble land Rina Saeed Khan
Experts warn governments to plan for climate change migrants Alister Doyle
Vulnerable nations urged to craft climate migration policy Megan Rowling
Climate-driven migration increasing disease burden in Ethiopia Kagondu Njagi
Solomons town to relocate to escape climate change, tsunamis Megan Rowling
PNG woman leads relocation of islanders hit by climate change Thin Lei Win
How a flood-prone village in the U.S. moved to drier ground Alisa Tang
FACTBOX - Communities that uprooted and relocated after disasters Alisa Tang
Did climate change contribute to the Rana Plaza disaster? Laurie Goering
Slow response to famine claiming lives in Pakistan's Sindh Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
A hungry river eats away at Assam's villages Rohan Singh
UN puts its weight behind human migration research SciDev.Net - Puneet Kollipara
Heat, not floods, pushes Pakistanis to migrate - study Megan Rowling
Typhoon victims flee as rains flood southern Philippines Reuters
Climate migration complex, but planning can help - experts Laurie Goering
Climate migration: Making the most of mobile phone data Max Martin, SciDev.Net
Climate-threatened Solomon Islanders prepare for evacuation Catherine Wilson
Migration, governance shape climate resilience in Tajikistan Janani Vivekananda
Migration worsening climate stresses on Tanzania's urbanites Kizito Makoye
Amazon urban migration not improving lives or environment Martha Cuba Cronkleton
Disasters displaced 32 mln in 2012, rising trend forecast Megan Rowling
Migration myths hold back successful climate adaptation Dominic Kniveton and Max Martin
Water storage efforts reverse migration in Pakistan Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
How can humanitarians help climate migrants? Megan Rowling
Lack of jobs slows migration to African cities Laurie Goering
West India drought fuels migration to cities Darryl D'Monte
Migration, militias, coups and climate change in Mali Caitlin Werrell and Francesco Femia
Migration to low-lying coastal cities putting lives at risk -... Laurie Goering
Climate-induced migration a growing humanitarian threat - report Thin Lei Win
Climate migrants cause baby boom in Bangladesh's urban slums Syful Islam
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