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Farmers adapt to climate change

As climate change brings more drought, changing pest threats and warm conditions, farmers face new challenges  - but many are finding ways to adapt to the new conditions

Nicaraguan coffee farmers brew fresh plans as storms hit harvests Anna-Catherine Brigida
IMF head says faster emissions cuts can curb big adaptation needs Laurie Goering
For these ex-developers, data is key to climate-friendly farming Umberto Bacchi
More climate adaptation means 'we all benefit' in connected world Laurie Goering
African leaders warn COVID-19 crisis harming climate adaptation Laurie Goering
Africa's bank backs young 'agripreneurs' to beat climate change Megan Rowling
Pakistan pins big hopes on small dams to help farmers beat drought Imran Mukhtar
Smart weather app helps Kenya's herders brace for drought Kagondu Njagi
Climate adaptation no longer 'Cinderella' - but barriers remain Laurie Goering
Tropical farmers must grow more on less land, as policies shift Michael Taylor
With water scarce, Pakistan helps farmers grow more with less Imran Mukhtar
Bad apples: Extreme weather & COVID blight Kashmir's crops Athar Parvaiz
No trees, no crops: Burkina Faso's women fall back on hard labour Sam Mednick
EU net-zero aim 'in tatters' as lawmakers fail to shift farm rules Thin Lei Win
Weather alerts at risk as Kenyan local radio struggles amid virus Kagondu Njagi
Climate change and COVID land Nepal's tea production in hot water Aadesh Subedi
Boost for Kenya farmers as children lend a hand during coronavirus Wesley Langat
Climate-smart cassava gets new use in Zambia: hand sanitiser Danstan Kaunda
India's soybean farmers demand help as rains, pests wipe out crops Shuriah Niazi
With water scarcer, Egypt pushes farmers to use much less Menna A. Farouk
Climate shocks in just one nation could disrupt global food supply Thin Lei Win
Cameroon tomato farmers count losses to wild weather and lockdown Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Triple threat: Pakistan's mango growers face a sticky season Peer Muhammad
Rain-short Zimbabwe fights taboo on farming drought-hardy grain Andrew Mambondiyani
Kenya farmers brace for second onslaught of crop-devouring locusts Dominic Kirui
Kenyan farmers battle fruit-fly menace as climate warms Caroline Wambui
Tough livestock farmers touched by South Africa drought donations Petro Kotze
With climate change, conflict and COVID, stresses grow in Mali Laurie Goering
Zero-carbon water pumps turn Pakistan's barren mountains green Syed Muhammad Abubakar
Cooked for climate, UAE's high-tech food plan pays off in pandemic Rabiya Jaffery
No jobs, few crops: COVID-19 and pests leave Nepal fearing hunger Aadesh Subedi
Climate-smart vegetables keep Kashmir fed in coronavirus crisis Athar Parvaiz
Pakistan readies for second battle against crop-devouring locusts Zofeen T. Ebrahim
India's women seaweed divers swim against the climate tide Anuradha Nagaraj
Pests in a pandemic? India's plant doctors will see you online now Anuradha Nagaraj
Satellite data brings farming advice to remote areas of Zimbabwe Marko Phiri
Swapping grape varieties could keep wine flowing as climate warms Thin Lei Win
Attacked by climate change, Colombia's farmers befriend nature Anastasia Moloney
'Banana on steroids': life saver for warming world Emma Batha
Traditional crops puff hopes for climate resilience in Kenya Wesley Langat
Innovation rush aims to help climate-hit farmers, rich and poor Laurie Goering
Climate change linked to African locust invasion Nita Bhalla
Rising heat knocks the crown off Tunisia's 'queen of dates' Layli Foroudi
Kenyan farmers find sweet spot with nutritious, drought-hardy crop Caroline Wambui
Climate change opens up 'frontier' farmland, but at what cost? Thin Lei Win
Egypt's farmers tackle climate change with comedy and community Menna A. Farouk
Senegal turns to eco-farming to protect food as climate changes Nellie Peyton
Drones help Ghana farmers ward off birds - and drought risks Kagondu Njagi
Ethnic Bangladeshis lose jobs as farm owners shun thirsty rice Rafiqul Islam
In rain-short Niger, wasps deployed in war on crop worm Sebastien Malo
Kenya maps first 'Climate Atlas' to battle future food losses Nita Bhalla
Guess the rain: Kenya gamifies climate change to help farmers Nita Bhalla
Costa Rica indigenous farmers change along with the climate Sebastian Rodriguez
India's women harvest new social status from climate-smart farming Roli Srivastava
As students map the weather, an Indian village bests its water woe Roli Srivastava
Drought - and economic woes - empty Zimbabwe's 'cattle bank' Busani Bafana
Gambia's farmers show why premature births may boom in a hot world Nellie Peyton
In Pakistan's warming mountains, farmers fish for a new living Peer Muhammad
Kenyan farmers abandon food crops to grow 'green gold' stimulant Kagondu Njagi
With drip irrigation, sun and solar, a desert in Colombia blooms Thin Lei Win
Heat-stricken French wine harvests sound climate alarm Sonia Elks
As rain grows patchier, Andaman & Nicobar island farmers adapt Colin Daileda
Zimbabwe farmers venture into vegetables to outsmart poor rains Busani Bafana
Falling coffee prices mean falling forests - US coffee czar Sebastien Malo
In fuel-short Mali, farmers find money in saving tree stumps Soumaila Diarra
Cambodians try out smartphones to track - and ease - climate woes Jeffrey Barbee
As rains falter, water harvesting eases Nepal's irrigation thirst Aadesh Subedi
Salty soil sends U.S. farmers, officials scrambling Carey L. Biron
Ugandan farmers test big-data solution to climate challenges Lydia Namubiru
From camel to cup: Camel milk froths hopes in drought-hit Kenya Adela Suliman
After brutal spring floods, US farmers face big losses Stephen Starr
Add cows, subtract chemicals: Climate-hit Indian farms go organic Moushumi Basu
Zimbabwe solar-irrigated farms face a new threat: hungry elephants Lungelo Ndhlovu
'We live in fear': Facing dry times, South Africans rethink water Kim Harrisberg
Kenyan farmers trust tradition over tech to predict the weather Caroline Wambui
'Water women' quench thirst of central India's parched villages Annie Banerji
From apples to honey, Tigray swaps famine image for resilience Thin Lei Win
In warming Mali, weather forecasts help cool flaring tempers Sebastien Malo
With scratch-card savings, Senegal farmers dodge drought Nellie Peyton
Milking it: solar coolers heat up earnings for Kenya's farmers Kagondu Njagi
In southern Ethiopia, herders join forces to revive rangelands Kizito Makoye
The tree helping Kenyan farmers beat drought and poverty Kagondu Njagi
Technology eases farm 'drudgery' and risk as climate threats grow Laurie Goering
Ethiopia aims to blast economy forward with satellite launch Elias Gebreselassie
In Ethiopia, climate change leads herders to retrain as farmers Sebastien Malo
Kashmir's embattled apple growers buried by wild weather Ashutosh Sharma
Cacti and credit throw Brazil's drought-parched farmers a lifeline Laurie Goering
As large herds struggle, some Maasai try a swap to dairy cattle Caroline Wambui
Forecasting trouble: How South Sudan's weather service is failing Hellen Toby
Too hot to bite: Tsetse flies dwindle as temperatures rise Andrew Mambondiyani
Quandary for drought-threatened Zimbabwe: Grow maize or not? Lungelo Ndhlovu
Cricket-farming hops ahead as Kenyans catch superfood bug Hannah McNeish
Rain or shine, grain banks help Kenyan farmers beat trade cartels Kagondu Njagi
Irrigation-short Africa may get $9 billion boost to spur harvests Isaiah Esipisu
Staying safe from climate risks makes financial sense - commission Laurie Goering
Africa's farmers need political support more than 'seeds, soil' Isaiah Esipisu
Fighting global warming, one cow belch at a time Thin Lei Win
When life gives you lemons: Sicily's farmers go tropical Thin Lei Win
Arid Niger a 'model for Africa' as desert blooms Thin Lei Win
Loss of bird species hampers forecasting for Zimbabwe's farmers Andrew Mambondiyani
In rain-short Mali, irrigation tapped to ward off extremism Sebastien Malo
Seeds of change: Mali farmers fight drought with hybrid crops Soumaila Diarra
Finding fakes: Phones help find counterfeit seeds in Kenya Wesley Langat
Can a hungry Mali turn rice into 'white gold'? Dieneba Deme
Pest-proof bags and bins slim Tanzania's 'lean season' Wesley Langat
Burkinabe farmer wins 'alternative Nobel' for anti-drought fight Nellie Peyton
Kenya's ground-down coffee farmers switch to avocado Caroline Wambui
From chickens to billy-billy, invasive worm threatens Cameroon Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Experts: Change policy to boost climate-smart farming in Africa Isaiah Esipisu
Algeria boosts fish farming in the Sahara Thin Lei Win
Tough times, tough birds: Kenyan farmers swap to hardy chickens Caroline Wambui
No water? Parched Kenyans take up an unlikely new crop: fish Caroline Wambui
For Malawi farmers facing harvest pests, the solution’s in the bag Charles Mkoka
Swap rice for maize and millet to save water, experts tell India Thin Lei Win
Plant-killing pests and diseases have an ally in climate change Thin Lei Win
Can bees battle climate losses? Harvests aren’t sweet, farmers say Moraa Obiria
Shorter, hotter, earlier: Shrinking spring cuts Pakistani harvests Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Harnessing the enemy: as crops dry, Malawi tries solar irrigation Charles Mkoka
Kenyan herders turn to grazing app to cut drought risks Anthony Langat
Caffeine high? Climate-hit Ethiopia shifts coffee uphill Elias Gebreselassie
Eco-farming can solve hunger and climate crises: experts Thin Lei Win
For drought-hit farmers, changing old ways takes time - and cash Laurie Goering
As Bangladesh floods worsen, crab farms help families tread water Manipadma Jena
Drought-hit Kenyan herders fire up a hot new crop: chilli peppers Caroline Wambui
Seed farms help Cameroon's climate-hit farmers shore up harvests Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Drought-hit Kenyans find gold in tea trees - but for how long? Moraa Obiria
Zambia taps climate fund to battle worsening drought Charles Mkoka
Drought-hit Malawi farmers use sugar and fish soup to battle pests Charles Mkoka
Without city jobs, tech-savvy Kenyan youth head back to the farm Caroline Wambui
Wild crops could save chickpeas from being blitzed, scientists say Thin Lei Win
Less water, no soil, more fodder: Kenya farmers beat drought Justus Wanzala
Pakistan's wheat farmers saved by timely weather forecast Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Make Latin America's farmers more tech-savvy to stop urban drift Sophie Hares
As cocoa and coffee wilt, Cameroon’s farmers spice up the harvest Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
With solar water, trees grow into a sturdy business in Kenya Isaiah Esipisu
In Kenya, struggling potato growers ink a new deal Kagondu Njagi
Zimbabwe's farmers brace for return of destructive new pests Andrew Mambondiyani
Homegrown African climate model predicts future rains - and risks Munyaradzi Makoni
Loans for storing crops help Niger's farmers absorb climate shocks Kieran Guilbert
As wild weather hits crops, Ethiopian women turn to savings Elias Gebreselassie
New crops, technology needed to help farmers adapt to rising heat Thin Lei Win
Smaller farms can cope better with climate change in India Rina Chandran
As rains grow erratic, Pakistan taps irrigation to protect crops Waqar Mustafa
Irrigation rehab channels life back into Zimbabwe’s parched fields Andrew Mambondiyani
In Canada, climate change could open new farmland to the plow Chris Arsenault
As drought hits harvests, Kenya’s farmers mull a seed change Justus Wanzala
Local crop seeds key to food security, Malawi admits Charles Mkoka
Poor farmers face uphill battle with Pakistan’s climate extremes Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Hot weather sweetens harvest for Kenya’s mango farmers Caroline Wambui
Early warning helps Pakistan's farmers prepare for drought season Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Africa’s vegetable evangelist takes on climate change Isaiah Esipisu
Weather forecasts help Ethiopian herders fight climate extremes Elias Gebreselassie
India's water-logged farmers try out revamped flood insurance Huizhong Wu
As climate threats grow, Solomon Islands hunts solutions Catherine Wilson
Text message network connects offline farmers in Kenya Caroline Wambui
Coffee lovers and farmers will be hurt by warming planet Alex Whiting
As tractors dig to green the land, Niger women lose out on work Boureima Balima
In storm-hit St. Lucia, insurance creates a buzz Laurie Goering
Climate extremes, policy confuse crop choices for Malawi farmers Busani Bafana
Kenya's herders swap livestock for chillies as drought bites Isaiah Esipisu
In Italy's Po River valley, climate change threatens the future Marcello Rossi
With a bit of 'time travel', Malians prepare farms of the future Zoe Tabary
Online cow shopping gathers pace among Kenyan farmers Caroline Wambui
Bootcamps, internships train 'climate champions' in Uganda Zoe Tabary
Indigenous knowledge crucial to tackling climate change - experts Zoe Tabary
Kenya's parched farmers stop ploughing but harvest more food, jobs Isaiah Esipisu
"When the cat catches the sun": Translated forecasts aid farmers Laurie Goering
As farmers chop maize for cattle feed, food security worries grow Caroline Wambui
Indian farmers beef up below sea-level system for climate fight Manipadma Jena
Kenyan farmers battle drought with growing appetite for baby corn Kagondu Njagi
Can solar pumps give Nepal's women farmers a brighter future? Alina Paul-Bossuet
As deluges threaten crops, Bangladesh’s hill farmers shift tactics Rafiqul Islam
As farms dry up, Kenyan women switch to clean energy businesses Kagondu Njagi
Catfish spawn climate solution for Kenya's dryland farmers Isaiah Esipisu
Tribal women corner the market on India's heat-hardy black goats K. Rajendran
Erratic rains, rising costs trigger crisis for "champagne of teas" Athar Parvaiz
From seeds to markets, maize alternatives face battles in Zimbabwe Tonderayi Mukeredzi
Kenyan irrigation app aims to cut water waste, crop losses Caroline Wambui
How to boost rural incomes in Africa? Plant more trees Nellie Peyton
New law a glimmer of hope for women's land rights in Mali Soumaila Diarra
Irrigation on rise in Africa as farmers face erratic weather Justus Wanzala
Kenyan farmers develop taste for insects as drought hits crops Kagondu Njagi
Ethiopia soil map arms climate-hit farmers with new fertilisers Pius Sawa
Traditional rainmaking ceremonies resurge in parched Zimbabwe Andrew Mambondiyani
Scientists hope new varieties can start Africa rice revolution Isaiah Esipisu
Climate forecasts could help parched herders make smarter moves Sophie Mbugua
Zimbabwe drought, hunger push farmers to seek greener pastures Tonderayi Mukeredzi
Conflict between Kenya farmers drives bid to improve water, fodder Anthony Langat
In Kenya, organic macadamia nuts provide a cushion against drought Caroline Wambui
Cattle shortage leaves Zimbabwe's fields unploughed as rains fall Andrew Mambondiyani
Kashmir saffron plan failing to revive water-starved crop Athar Parvaiz
Solar irrigation cuts drought risk, emissions for Kenya's farmers Benson Rioba
Olive business roots young farmers in drying rural Morocco Megan Rowling
Waning fortunes of Mali's Fulani herders play into Islamist hands Reuters
Taste for mushrooms helps Tanzanian farmers protect forest Kizito Makoye
As temperatures soar, Zimbabwe's farmers test maize that can cope Busani Bafana
Africa's farmers are among the most hurt by climate change Agnes Kalibata
Peace brings home climate uncertainties in rural Sri Lanka Amantha Perera
More global warming, more action to cope? Laurie Goering
As India's "granary" exhausts groundwater, farmers eye new crops Athar Parvaiz
How we saved climate-smart seeds from the war in Syria Mahmoud Solh
Kenyan farmers sow resistance to drought, boosting seed demand Anthony Langat
Smarter farming could cut hunger in drought-hit southern Africa Busani Bafana
Swap maize for millet? Zimbabwe's farmers just say no Marko Phiri
Crickets, birds, weather data combine to guide African farmers Munyaradzi Makoni
To fight hunger, Somali farmers turn to Ugandan roots Kagondu Njagi
Hidden data: the new weapon that could beat hunger Laurie Goering
As crop shrivels, Pakistan cotton industry faces $4 bln bill Aamir Saeed
It’s time to help communities adapt to climate change Kenny Hamilton
It’s time to help communities adapt to climate change Kenny Hamilton
Efficient cookstoves save trees - and chickens - in Kenya Moraa Obiria
Drought-hit Kenyan herders turn to new money-maker: hay Anthony Langat
Traditional irrigation keeps water flowing in drought-hit India Amajyoti Borah
"Mercedes" cocoa helps Ivorian farmers speed to better harvest Busani Bafana
Centuries-old African soil technique could combat climate change Kieran Guilbert
Dry winter leaves Pakistan's farmers looking for work in town Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
How to survive crop failure? Swap with the neighbours Kagondu Njagi
"Sweet business" of beekeeping helps protect Zimbabwe's forests Andrew Mambondiyani
Senegal's farmers adopt new tool to boost harvests: mobile phones Emmanuelle Landais
As droughts worsen, Kenyan herders revive ancient grazing system Anthony Langat
Innovative water storage helps Kenyans thrive in drought Isaiah Esipisu
Lack of water limits Madagascar's climate-smart agriculture Katie Nguyen
Fickle rains torture Madagascar's drought-stricken south Katie Nguyen
How to grow food in drought-hit Zimbabwe? Add irrigation Andrew Mambondiyani
Extreme weather increases level of toxins in food, scientists warn Kagondu Njagi
Tea tree success launches women's battle for cash in arid Kenya Caroline Wambui
Unusual heat bakes Sri Lanka's chicken industry Amantha Perera
Kenya in a froth as drought spurs switch to 'camelcinos' Hannah McNeish
As climate shifts, tradition threatens Sri Lanka's rice harvest Amantha Perera
Crop Trust boosts funds, urges business to help safeguard seeds Reuters
In drought-hit Burkina Faso, the (plant) doctor is in Zoe Tabary
As migration distracts donors, food security suffers - crop expert Laurie Goering
Ethiopia, UK met agencies join forces to battle weather extremes Fasika Tadesse
Zimbabwean 'wizard' bewitches a bumper crop amid drought Busani Bafana
Bali farmers insure rice fields in defense against El Nino Stella Paul
Thailand to spend $285 million to help drought-hit rice farmers Reuters
Indian farmers deep in debt, seek subsidies, help with insurance Rina Chandran
Phone app to forecast risk of crop failure in Brazil Nadia Pontes
Weather-weary Indian farmers resort to new cash crop: blood Shuriah Niazi
UN drive to lift up poor farmers must focus on climate: experts Magda Mis
Water-short Pakistani farmers test less thirsty way to grow rice Saleem Shaikh
After unusual weather, Cuba struggles to save prized tobacco crop Reuters
What's the weather in Burkina Faso? Megan Rowling
Drought-hit Indian farmers seek support in federal budget Reuters
As drought hits maize, Tanzania cooks up a sweet potato fix Kizito Makoye and Beatrice Rabachi
New seed varieties not reaching Africa's small farmers: study Chris Arsenault
Africa takes fresh look at GMO crops as drought blights continent Reuters
To stem migrant flow, Tanzania offers climate-stress farmers loans Kizito Makoye
As India reservoirs run low, farmers slash sugar cane planting Reuters
As climate change threatens coffee, a cocoa boom is born Reuters
Innovative adaptation cuts climate risks from Bolivia to Niger Laurie Goering
El Niño pushes Zambian farmers to question maize habit Whitney Mulobela
El Nino and drought take a toll on Zimbabwe's cattle Marko Phiri
Will a radical farming shift save drought-stricken Zimbabwe? Jerome Bossuet
Flattened by erratic rain, Pakistani farmers ditch crop farming Saleem Shaikh and Sughra Tunio
Assam's border farmers fenced in by changing climate conditions Amajyoti Borah
Businesses urged to help communities adapt to climate change Megan Rowling
As weather shifts, strawberries leave sour taste in NE India Amajyoti Borah
Can the Paris agreement protect poor farmers from climate change? Megan Rowling
Climate change sends Chile's wine industry southward Reuters
Poor nations need support to cut emissions from farming: experts Chris Arsenault
Turkey's plan to help farmers adapt to climate change? Ask an iPad Manipadma Jena
Ethiopia drought threatens baked bean supply, farmer incomes Georgina Smith
Drip by drip, Tanzania farmers learn to cope with drought Kizito Makoye
Cheap, off-the-shelf technology cuts Bangladesh climate losses Amantha Perera
Pakistan confronts the curse of potato success Aamir Saeed
As drought destroys maize, Zimbabwe tries out new staples Busani Bafana
Severe drought, floods destroy crops in Papua New Guinea highlands Catherine Wilson
Struggling Pakistani farmers reject state power subsidy Aamir Saeed
Latin America water security depends on curbing use by agriculture Magdalena Mis
Zimbabwe farmers fear winter of hunger after poor tobacco crop Andrew Mambondiyani
India's weapon against climate change: heat-tolerant dwarf cows K. Rajendran
Kenyan farmers back referendum push for more local aid Kagondu Njagi
Modi urges farmers to boost output, skirts issue of rural distress Reuters
SE Asia must help farmers adapt to mounting disasters - Oxfam Alisa Tang
Weather centres to arm C. Africa's farmers against climate shifts Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Hardy cattle beef up Zimbabwe farmers' incomes Busani Bafana
Zimbabwe seeks to water crops with irrigation investment Marko Phiri
Climate shifts threaten Pakistan's food and water security: report Waqar Mustafa
Erratic weather threatens India's poorest silk producers Stella Paul
India turns to 'satellite god' for crop mapping Reuters
Thirty new bean varieties bred to beat baking climate Chris Arsenault
Mali's women take up arms against 'miniyamba' Jerome Bossuet, ICRISAT
As official data dries up, Zimbabwe's farmers gauge rainfall Jeffrey Gogo
Go for sorghum, say climate-smart Kenyan farmers Christine Wangari
Millions of small farmers benefit from new type of insurance Chris Arsenault
Farmers need climate information services they can use Cecilia Schubert
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