Water scarcity and conflict

Competition for water is growing around the world, particularly as climate change brings more erratic rainfall, harsher droughts and higher temperatures. Will that competition turn to violence - or are there ways to defuse the pressures?

City accused of seizing water as drought parches 'India's Detroit' Reuters
Climate change 'imminent' security threat: risk experts Laurie Goering
Water conflicts set to rise amid demand growth and climate impacts Anastasia Moloney
'Chaos map' charts deaths from water, food and fuel disruption Anna Scholz-Carlson
'Peace ambassadors' ease water conflicts in drought-prone Kenya Caroline Wambui
'Water from air' quenches threatened girls' thirst in Kenya Benson Rioba
More people, less water? Scientists see risks on upper Nile Laurie Goering
Water-stressed Pakistan looks for billions in donations for dams Roshan Din Shad
Hotels, firms cut back on water use as taps run dry in Chennai Reuters
'We want water' say residents as Abidjan grows drier Peter Yeung
As groundwater runs short, water battles grow in parched Chennai Anuradha Nagaraj
As water disappears, parched southern Pakistan farmers march north Zofeen T. Ebrahim
Virus-idled Indian workers offered jobs boosting water security Shuriah Niazi
Shrinking water supplies threaten to put Iraq 'on the edge' Laurie Goering
'Water women' quench thirst of central India's parched villages Annie Banerji
Climate threats now dominate long-term risks, survey finds Laurie Goering
Chennai needs more water? Try saving it at home, official urges Megan Rowling
Thirsty Singapore taps into innovation to secure its water future Michael Taylor
More work, less water: India's 'Silicon Valley' faces dry times Annie Banerji
Remote island off East Timor turns sunlight, air into water Michael Taylor
Phoenix mulls ways to quench thirst of sprawling suburbs Marcello Rossi
Kenya's water harvest push has a new payoff: battling coronavirus Kagondu Njagi
With water scarcer, Egypt pushes farmers to use much less Menna A. Farouk
As groundwater levels plunge, Lahore begins turning off taps Waqar Mustafa
Families sleep in water lines as drought grips Zimbabwe's Bulawayo Lungelo Ndhlovu
India's tribal farmers tap solar irrigation to cut migration Soumya Sarkar
Foreign ministers flag climate change as major spark for conflicts Laurie Goering
Rain-sodden England told to use less water or face drought Lin Taylor
As wells dry, Zambia regulates use of groundwater Danstan Kaunda
After eastern Zimbabwe floods, water shortages parch Harare Tonderayi Mukeredzi
In parched Sri Lanka, biggest shortage is of water policy Amantha Perera
Kenya takes a look into the unknown: Its underground water Isaiah Esipisu
In parched Afghanistan, drought sharpens water dispute with Iran Reuters
Future shock: COVID-19 shows need to prep for climate threats Laurie Goering
Water-smart agriculture could cut migration risk Nicole Hoey
As water shortages grow, 'Day Zero' becomes everyday in India Rina Chandran
As water bank runs dry, Uganda greens hills to soak up rain Frederick Mugira
Water, water everywhere - but for how much longer? Megan Rowling
Parched Kenya looks to a new water source: volcanoes Kagondu Njagi
Murders, violence on rise as dry central India battles for water Shuriah Niazi
Armed guards protect last water in drought-parched Indian city Shuriah Niazi
Water pressures rise in Pakistan with drought, population growth Rina Saeed Khan
Rhetoric heats up as old rivals Bolivia and Chile clash over water Reuters
Without rain, S.Africa's Cape Town may run out of water by April Reuters
Parched Zimbabwe faces dire water shortages as dry season nears Andrew Mambondiyani
As climate threats grow, Iraq battles a new enemy: Water shortages Laurie Goering
Straight talking calms rural water conflicts in Tanzania Kizito Makoye
Indian village beats drought, one raindrop at a time Roli Srivastava
Huge dam to boost Kenya's urban water but may threaten Maasai Mara Wesley Langat
As farmers pump more groundwater for crops, food prices risk surge J.D. Capelouto
Solar-power wells ease conflict over water in Kenya's Rift Valley Anthony Langat
Indian villagers blame Coca-Cola for water scarcity Nita Bhalla
As water falls short, conflict between herders and farmers grows Wesley Langat
A third of world's aquifers are being sucked dry - NASA data Chris Arsenault
China to unveil measures to fight water pollution Reuters
In Russia, a drying lake threatens an 'era of water wars' Angelina Davydova
World is not aware of water crisis caused by climate change Nita Bhalla
Tensions surge in Jordan as refugees compete for scarce water Shreya Mitra and Janani Vivekananda, International Alert
Ground water depletion driving global conflicts - NASA scientist Chris Arsenault
Could Modi's election ease South Asian water tensions? Laurie Goering
What water wars? 'Think water cooperation', expert says Anastasia Moloney
Water scarcity heightens caste tensions in India Ashutosh Sharma
Parched Jordan faces water crisis as Syria refugees flood in Sulafah Shami
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