Forests and climate change

Protecting forests, which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to curb climate change, and planting more trees can help. But forests are under threat around the world from agricultural expansion, timber cutting and other threats. What is being done to try and protect them?

Rainforest role as climate protector shrinks on hotter planet Michael Taylor
U.S. tree-planting push to curb warming, boost jobs Carey L. Biron
UN charts new territory with project to track all Myanmar's forest Michael Taylor
Machetes in hand, women fight logging in Solomon Islands John Beck
Forest loss seen slowing globally, but progress patchy Thin Lei Win
Ethical wood label to revive checks after pandemic forest fears Michael Taylor
Investing in nature-rich countries is 'insurance policy for all' Thin Lei Win
Ghanaian activists sue government to save forest from mine Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu
New platform matches funders, tree planters to protect forests Anastasia Moloney
'Party' ahead for loggers? Cuts threaten Mexico's national parks Oscar Lopez and Christine Murray
Rising pressure on land as India launches urban forest plan Rina Chandran
India's virus lockdown fuels timber-smuggling in Kashmir forests Athar Parvaiz
Under the cover of lockdown, illegal logging surges in Tunisia Layli Foroudi
Brazil's indigenous seed collectors in demand for forest revival Laurie Goering
Scientists warn forest fires could worsen coronavirus harm Megan Rowling
Colombia receives multi-million funding boost to protect forests Anastasia Moloney
Green stimulus: Pakistan sets virus-idled to work planting trees Rina Saeed Khan
Flying high: Brazilian tribe watches over forest with drones Fabio Teixeira
As Amazon fire season looms, smoke and virus could be 'a disaster' Mauricio Angelo
COVID-19: What lessons can we apply to battling climate change? Laurie Goering
Looser rules on Indonesia timber exports spark forest fears Michael Taylor
Indigenous leaders fear Amazon port could be conduit for COVID-19 Mauricio Angelo
Kashmir fells trees in effort to fight coronavirus panic Ashutosh Sharma
Brazil sees week of 'attacks' on indigenous rights - congresswoman Fabio Teixeira
Malaysia to crack down on illegal loggers in forest law reform Michael Taylor
Catch 'em all: Pokemon-style app aims to save Indonesia's forests Michael Taylor
Half of top businesses lack commitment to prevent deforestation Anastasia Moloney
Money trees: U.S. cities find new ways of valuing urban forests Carey L. Biron
Buzz off: Malawi communities scare away loggers with beehives Charles Pensulo
Deforestation risks rise as coronavirus hinders SE Asia protection Michael Taylor
Can planting trees really stop climate change? Thomson Reuters Foundation
Brazil indigenous village banishes miners to cut coronavirus risk Mauricio Angelo
Forest monitoring gets a boost from Japan space agency data Thin Lei Win
Trees alone can't win fight against soaring heat, cities warned Zoe Tabary
Tree planting extends an olive branch across the climate divide Matt Lavietes
Colombia's Amazon tribes tap into rainforest protection funds Anastasia Moloney
Wildlife-loving Gabon minister seeks to stamp out illegal logging Kim Harrisberg
Ugandan walkers plant trees to keep the climate fit John Okot
Drug trade damaging Central America's forests, researchers say Anastasia Moloney
Asian paper giants pressed to bury rivalry to save rainforest Michael Taylor
Protected status not enough to guard threatened nature reserves Rosa Furneaux
U.S. guitar firm tunes business to protect Cameroon ebony Elias Ntungwe Ngalame
Colombia's Amazon forest gets boost with $366 mln protection fund Anastasia Moloney
Indigenous people under threat from Indonesia plan to move capital Rina Chandran
From Madagascar to Brazil, researchers pick best spots to replant Michael Taylor
Malaysian activists urge lawmakers to get tough on forests losses Michael Taylor
World's forests 'in emergency room' after years of losses Adela Suliman
Chinese logging takes heavy toll on farmers in Guinea-Bissau Nellie Peyton
Indigenous and women's rights can boost climate fight: UN Megan Rowling
Private investors protect vast forests in U.S. coal country Carey L. Biron
Urbanisation, commercial farms threaten Asia's forests: UN Rina Chandran
Norway starts to pay Indonesia for cutting forest emissions Michael Taylor
Zimbabwe forests fall, tightening screws on wood-short carpenters Marko Phiri
Scientists to climate protesters: Save planet by planting trees Michael Taylor
Singaporeans head to fire hotspot in Indonesia to tackle haze Michael Taylor
Don't dismiss regenerated forests as 'green deserts': scientists Michael Taylor
As fuel prices rise, firewood rustlers vex rural Kenya Kagondu Njagi
Amid upheaval in South Sudan, the country's teak forests fall Hellen Toby
Prayer for trees: Kenyan tribes see saving forests as sacred duty Dominic Kirui
Indonesia's new green fund urged to protect rainforest Michael Taylor
'Cutting everything in sight': Ugandans vow to curb deforestation Liam Taylor
In battle with 'land mafia', Pakistan targets win for forests Rina Saeed Khan
Emissions from tropical forest loss underestimated: scientists Michael Taylor
Indonesia dam burst raises alarm over unchecked forest clearing Ian Morse
World 'losing battle' on 2020 goal to cut deforestation Megan Rowling
Colombia seen losing deforestation battle in war-hit areas Anastasia Moloney
Indigenous groups rally to protect Latin America's forests Megan Rowling
Ghana cocoa farmers harness the law to save forests Nellie Peyton
Cambodians try out smartphones to track - and ease - climate woes Jeffrey Barbee
Scientists question mass tree planting as climate change panacea Michael Taylor
Indonesia ramps up community fire brigades as forests burn Michael Taylor
California split over carbon trading plan for tropical forests Kimberley Brown
Enough food, fewer climate threats: scientists cook up land recipe Megan Rowling
Carbon emissions from Australian blazes near Amazon fire levels Michael Taylor
Instant forest? 'Tree hopping' takes off in Kenya Kagondu Njagi
Falling coffee prices mean falling forests - US coffee czar Sebastien Malo
Satellite tech offers near real-time view of deforestation Reuters
Diesel or solar: Could push to power Philippines be greener? Alanah Torralba
Inside Amazon reserve, high-end chocolate thrives with forest Chris Arsenault and Karla Mendes
Philanthropies pledge $450 million to save forests, climate Sebastien Malo
Branching out: greener charcoal takes root in eastern Kenya Isaiah Esipisu
Pakistan's incoming government pledges to plant billions of trees Rina Saeed Khan
Mozambique reforms timber sector to counter illegal logging  Emma Farge
Plant trees in refugee camps to stop forest loss and conflict: UN Thin Lei Win
Appetite for destruction: Soy boom devours Brazil's savanna Reuters
Zambia exports confiscated logs in controversial timber ban Danstan Kaunda
Kenya's forest people hope reforms will stem graft and evictions Kevin Mwanza
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